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Chapter 11

Nightfall had come. Gina, the only officer in the station, sat behind her desk hard at work, the most vibrant she’s looked in months. She told the nightshift patrollers to go home, preventing any eyes to be placed on Wally once he arrives. Although dedicated to helping he friend, she felt, however, that he wasn’t completely honest. What was his connection to the Spawns of Satan? Researching old files and criminal history records, Gina found a few culprits associated with the group, but nothing that led to their origin. First roadblock. Even if they had useful information to give her, all of these criminals had been sentenced to death many years ago.

Like most people today searching for intel, she surfed the internet and entered several keywords relating to the cult. She found nothing more than links leading to propaganda pages, aiming to get more followers. There were very

few addresses, however, serving as a copycat group actively recruiting new members. She bookmarked those pages, reminding herself to take down those wanna-be’s once this caper had closed.

Since there was no information currently available, Gina had to start from the beginning. Logging onto Wikipedia, she examined the history of the cult.

The Spawns of Satan’s prime purpose was to follow satanic laws in exchange for unlimited power. The group logo matched the ones spray-painted on the thug’s clothing. She scrolled down the page and dove into the origin. Who started this devilish movement?

Oh, my God! Her skepticism was brought to light. She was speechless. Betrayed. Heartbroken. Her direction toward this case had taken a major swerve

once she discovered who founded the group: Walter Nixon. Instantaneously, she conducted a background search on her old friend: Wally graduated from Stamford University with a master’s degree in Business. He then moved to Chicago and worked as an accountant, being the averaged workaholic. Two years later, after relocating to Nevada, Wally got arrested several times for

kidnapping, which was linked to several murders deemed as sacrifices. Since the evidence against him was minute, he had never been convicted. After months

of the same routine, Wally was finally arrested after he unknowingly recruited undercover officers from Nevada P.D. to join the group. FBI reports claim that Wally gave up his group in exchange for a full pardon. However, that recorded statement is tainted, claiming the sources were unreliable. Sadly, the case against Wally never went to trial as, strangely and coincidentally, the courts accused the Nevada P.D. of falsifying evidence. The case got thrown out of court and Wally was set free. The next day, he left Nevada and never returned.

“Oh Wally,” Gina sadly expressed. “Why’d you lie to me?” She picked

up her desk phone and dialed his house number. No answer. The store number. Nothing. His cell phone. Same result. Had he changed his mind about coming back to Eagle Nest? Maybe he was packing and didn’t hear the phone. No matter which, she had to stay put until he called back or drove up to the parking lot.

Returning from a highway accident, Veronica unlocked the doors of the station house and walked in like the president entering the White House. She holstered her Weatherby 12-Gauge Pump Shotgun back inside the armory closet. One accident report stood in the way before calling it a night. “Hey, Gi!” she shouted in surprise. “What are you doing here at this hour? You missed me so much that you couldn’t wait until tomorrow to come back?”

“Ha-ha,” Gina replied. “Just doing some research...on an ‘antique’ I found. Besides, I hate being in an empty house, ya know?”

“All too well, chica.”

“How ’bout you? Working overtime?”

“I thought I’d get a chance to leave on-time tonight, but then I got a call about a multiple car collision. Some piss-drunk guy drove on the wrong side

of the highway and crashed into an SUV - which then crashed into a bus. Ugh! Ugly sight. So, ya gonna be here for a while?”

“Yup. Wrapping up my search as we speak.”

“Wanna grab something to eat afterward?”

“Guess so ... it seems like my plans have been canceled.”

As Veronica walked back to her office, Gina heard a strange noise outside the station, sounding like a set of tires screeching on the street. “Did you hear something?” she hollered at Veronica.

“Like what?” Veronica answered back.

She then heard more screeches in the middle of the road. Creeping up toward the window, Gina kept her hand on the gun holstered on her hip. Bright lighting cracked through the window blinds. She split a few strands apart. Blinding her eyes were the high beam headlights of three black 4x4 vehicles. Tattooed-covered men ran toward the station wearing black trenches spray- painted with pentagram symbols. Each man was armed with an AK-47 machine gun. Half of them ran around the back of the building while the others covered the parking lot.

She heard several clicking sounds as if they came from inside the room. Her heart beated fast. Her inner voice spoke. Duck! Quickly, she ran out to the hall and yelled, “RONNIE, GET DOWN!! NOW!!”

Tenacious rounds of bullets tore through the station house. Gina dove behind her desk. Windows shattered off their frames. Ceiling lights dropped like rainfall. Bullet holes popped from the walls. Every corridor of the station

got struck. Smoking shells rattled along the waxed floors. Wooded furniture got remodeled to sawdust and mildew.

Army-crawling into an empty office, Gina stuffed the knife inside the back of a desk drawer and stacked a bunch of papers on top of it. She then ran out to the main hall and spotted Veronica ducked down by the front doors, armed and ready to fire back. “Who the hell are these guys?!” she hollered at Gina. “Did you get a look at them?”

“No,” Gina replied. “How many did you see?”

“Seven to say the least. Heard shots around back, too. There could be a hundred of these clowns for all I know. The whole damn place is surrounded!”

The Spawns of Satan have arrived! But how did they find her? Wally! They

got to him first. She could’ve saved him, had him arrested and then forced him to leave. But Wally acted like an old man who was ready to die. Perhaps that’s why she agreed to take the knife and run. “I should’ve seen this coming,” she murmured.

“What?! You know these psychos?!” asked Veronica. “Long story.”

“Christ, Gina! What the hell did you do that’s got them shooting up the whole damn building?!”

“I have something they want.”

With Wally gone, this was now Gina’s war. Outnumbered. Outgunned. No backup. They’ll both be killed in a firefight. They needed time to formulate a plan. She hated where this was going, but to leap two steps forward she had to take one step back. It had to work. “Listen, Ronnie,” the sheriff pleaded. “I have an idea. But, you’re not gonna like it. We must hide.”

“Say what?!” an appalled Veronica shouted. “Let them come in and take what they want.” “Hell no! I ain’t hiding from these punks!”

“If we engage with these guys and shoot ’em down, more will come. We’ll die if we do it this way! Let ’em think they’d won and then tail them back to their base, bring the war to their doorstep where they won’t see it coming.”

As much as it sickened Veronica to give in to criminals, she thought Gina’s plan was brilliant. Swallowing her pride, she hid behind the receptionist’s desk. Gina hid beneath the shadows in the farthest corner of the office. She sat on her heels with a weapon in hand.

Glass crackled from under their black army boots as five gunmen crept inside the dimmed lobby. “All clear!” one of them yelled out and waved in for the other members to follow.

Several men trotted down the hall and ransacked the offices, flipping over desks, throwing down cabinets and smashing holes through the walls. “I found

it!” someone shouted. The gunmen raced out of the building like roaches with the light on. Minutes later, engines roared, and tires screeched along the road as the trucks bolted out of town.

Once the close was clear, Gina sprinted outside to see which direction they drove. Veronica began stuffing arsenal into a duffel bag. “C’mon!” Gina hollered from the front of the station. “If we hurry, we can catch up with them.”

“Just taking a few essentials,” Veronica answered while shouldering the duffel bag.

The ladies jetted to Gina’s jeep. Veronica dropped the weapons in the back seat while Gina got the engined started. They jumped into their seats and the sheriff floored the gas, skidding out of the parking lot.

Red rear lights shined ahead of them like fireflies at the swamp. Gina shut off the headlights and kept her distance, blanketed under the desert darkness. While loading ammo into the weapons, Veronica mentioned, “Since you’re

the one who knows what these jackasses were looking for, I assume you know where they’re going?”

“I don’t. They operate like some kind of secret society. Most of them don’t seem too bright, so I’m guessing their base must be an abandoned church or something idiotic like that. In any case, we have to stop them tonight.”

“Ah, dammit!!” “What happened?!”

“I left my damn blades at the station!”

“Oh, Ronnie! A lot of these followers may be dumb, but I seriously doubt their just gonna sit there and let you throw knives at ’em.”

“Well, if I had knives to throw, they wouldn’t be sitting at all. Anyway, who are these creeps? What do they plan to do?”

“They’re a crazed cult called The Spawns of Satan and their purpose is to sacrifice humans to Satan in exchange for raw power. They robbed a special knife from Wally’s store this afternoon and I stopped them. Wally told me what they planned to do, meaning they must’ve kidnapped someone, or maybe they

found a person as crazy as them to volunteer. Either way, somebody’s gonna die tonight.”

“Where’s Wally?”

“He asked me to bring the knife back to the station before the gang found me. He was supposed to follow and meet me this evening. The gang must’ve gotten to him first.”

“How does Wally know so much about them?” “Many years ago, he used to be one of them.”

“I’ll be damned,” Veronica gasped. “He seemed like such a sweet old man. Never thought of him being a deranged Satan-lover. Just when you think you know a person, huh?”

“No kidding.”

“Let me get this straight - we’re about to go to war with a gang who destroyed our office just so we can follow them and engage with maybe a hundred more - being more outmanned and outgunned than we are now?!”

“Not necessarily. I’m calling the State Police once we find their hideout. Then, the cult needs to be distracted until the state police arrive. And that, my dear, is my plan. Maybe we’ll make it. Maybe we won’t. But no one will die as long as I wear this badge. Are you down?”

Veronica cocked back her shotgun and said, “Ride or die chica.”

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