Angelites - Body of Persons Empowered

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Chapter 12

Gina drove across a two-lane rickety bridge and onto a twisting deserted road that led to another small town named Colfax City, populated by only a thousand people. The vicinity was cluttered with ragged homes. Pickup trucks and station wagons crowded both sides of the street. Besides Saloon-style dive bars and corner markets, the main source of employment came from five warehouses. In spite of their abandoned appearance, they manufactured some of the top commercial products in the country for nationwide distribution.

Deep within the confines of this rustic town stood an old withered church that stuck out like a sore thumb. Red symbols and black writings decorated its dry and shriveled walls. Spread out on the patchy grass, besides a round-up of tattered trucks, were twenty-somethings laughing it up by the warped front steps and thirty-somethings drinking around a burning garbage can in the backyard.

Based on the pentagrams drawn on their clothing, these had to be cult members. They acted optimistically and mentally lost at the same time. Their hopes for a better life revolved around someone else’s beliefs. No voice of reason could get through their thick skulls. A happy ending seemed to be out of the question.

Gina drove through the quiet town at a snail’s pace, figuring the best place

to keep her polished jeep out of sight. She drove around the back of a warehouse and checked for a parking lot. Just their luck, the gates were unlocked with two cars still inside. In case they needed to make a fast getaway, she parked by the entrance gate.

While Veronica kept an eye out, Gina got on her radio and contacted New Mexico State Police. The closest district was in Española, a little less than a ninety-minute drive. Hopefully, that’ll be enough time for the two daring officers to hold off the crazed group.

Besides a handgun holstered by her ribs, Veronica loaded shells into her shotgun and was ready for war. Gina packed her utility belt with a Glock 21 and plenty of magazines. “We’ll move behind the warehouses,” Gina suggested. “Use the darkness as our cover.” Veronica agreed.

The ladies moved stealthily onto the rotted plains and noticed the plethora

of vehicles out in the open. With a non-surprised smirk, Gina nodded her head at the cult’s sheer stupidity. “Not the type of girl that says I told you so but...” she sighed.

“Not too bright at all,” said Veronica. “Why don’t they just a put up a banner that says: Live Sacrifice Tonight! Beer and pretzels served out back! Dumbasses.”

As they crept closer to the unholy temple, humming and chanting grew louder. Gina hand-signaled that she would check around back. Veronica then rolled around the trees and circled toward the front.

Gina spotted a guard standing by the cellar doors, gulping down a bottle of Jack Daniels. She tippy-toed closer for a sneak attack. SNAP! A twig snapped from under her boot. Wildly spinning around, the guard spat out his alcohol at the sight of the shimmering badge on Gina’s uniform. Before he could yell for help, Gina jabbed him in the throat. After gagging and coughing out phlegm,

the guard began to roll his fists and two-step around the sheriff like a bad salsa

dancer. “Watch me punch you in the mouth with a kick,” he slurred.

The guard threw a sloppy karate kick and Gina caught his leg with very little effort. She couldn’t help but giggle at watching him hop around like a one- legged kangaroo. The guard got knocked out cold once Gina’s left fist collided with his jaw. She dragged his body behind the bushes and raced back to the cellar doors.

Slowly she pulled them open, revealing a pit of darkness at the bottom of the rickety stairs. With Glock in hand, she slowly stepped down. The gloomy cellar was noiseless. She couldn’t see anything past her nose. While feeling her way around the room, a terrible memory revisited her mind. “My God,” she

thought. “It’s just like my nightmare.”

Her fear started talking: “Wait for the State Police...they can handle this... there’s too many of them...turn back.” Sounds like a good idea.

Wait! What’s that? Sounded like rattling chains and whimpering coming from a few feet away. Gina shook away her fears and continued feeling around for another doorway, maybe even a source of light. Minutes of rubbing and touching the walls, she found nothing. Suddenly, she felt a breeze blowing on her right side. Adjusting her eyes to the dark, she could see a narrow opening

of light covered by a velvet curtain. Murmuring sounds grew louder as she approached the curtain. Could this be where the ritual will be? Or were they too late? Just thinking about it angered her even more. She then decided, “If I die tonight, this whole damn cult’s coming with me!”

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