Angelites - Body of Persons Empowered

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Chapter 13

Veronica ducked behind the church’s front steps, spying on tow members drinking beer on the front lawn. Long black cloaks completely covered their feet, sliding across the dirt as they walked, looking like children dressed in their father’s clothing. Expressions of excitement electrified off their faces, not only hopeful to receive unlimited power but aroused at hearing the sacrificial lamb would be a teenaged girl.

“Oooooh - we get to see some young meat bleed tonight!” one member gleefully expressed.

“Yeah! Getting Goosebumps just thinking about it!” the other member said. “Wonder what they gonna do with the body afterward...hope she’s ripe for the picking.”

Seeing that the coast was clear, Veronica crept up behind the drunken members, holding the butt end of her rifle forward. Her blood boiled as they joshed about carving an innocent girl like she was a Thanksgiving turkey. She wanted to knock some sense into them. Literally.

“Yo, the event should be starting soon. We should get up in there and grab our spots now. Maybe we can get close enough to the stage, ya know? Be right there to feel that warm blood splash on our faces!”

“Good idea! ya know it’s a sacrifice?”

“I overheard some girls in the bathroom an hour ago. Our master is bringing a special knife and the whole sha-bang! He wants to make this a monumental event, ya know?”

“Wait ’til the boys here this!”

“Psst...Hey?!” Veronica hissed.

The members looked at each other thinking the same thing: who said that? A third shadow lingered below their feet. Was it an usher coming to escort them to the chamber, they thought? Nope. As soon as they turned around, Veronica swung her shotgun like Serena Williams with a tennis racket.

WHAM!!! Down goes one. BAM!!! Down goes the other.

Beer exploded from their mouths like a busted water pipe as they both

fell face-first into the dirt. While dragging the unconscious members under the stairs, Veronica had a clever idea. Since their cloaks were large enough for two people, she pulled one of them off and threw it on over her uniform, disguising the firearm holstered by her side. She threw the saggy hood over her head and entered the church.

The interior looked worn and dismal with a holed-up roof that could collapse at any minute. Other members followed her down the aisle as Thorn’s security removed the Almery from the wall, revealing a spiraling staircase. Veronica carefully stepped down the curvy steps, not wanting to trip over her gigantic cloak and blow her cover. At the bottom of the steps burned two torches alongside a set of dungeon doors.

Opening dramatically, Veronica and the cult members entered a large circular room. Torches burned along the brick walls. On the far end stood an old theatre stage, furnished with two black standing candelabrums and a velvet curtain behind it reaching from the ceiling to the floor.

To the delight of the cult, and Veronica’s horror, positioned at the center of the stage was an angled table largely resembling a torture rack. Shackled onto that table was a teenaged girl with a potato sack roped over her head. The satanic knife lied next to her, shining under the stage spotlight.

Veronica became mortified while watching the little girl squirm helplessly.

Indistinct chatter spread through the crowd, discussing what was about to take

place. Some smiled from ear-to-ear while others slowly turned to look at the doors, having second thoughts about sticking around.

Making a regal entrance was the leader of the clan, Thorn. He was wearing an overly embellished purple Celtic robe with an enormous hood covering half of his head. The pentagram sign was painted on his face. Only the whites of his eyes could be seen as he looked at his followers with his arms in the air. Guards dressed in leather bondage took their places around the room. Two more stood behind the stage candelabras.

“May the gods of ash and blood hear our call!” Thorn shouted. “We have the soul that you seek! Our time has come…the transcendence has begun! Tonight, we will leave our mortal stains behind and walk in the ways of immortality!!” Cheers erupted throughout the chamber, drowning out the cries from their young captive.

“Where are you, Gina,” Veronica murmured. Her patience was exhausted. Her fingers tapped along the trigger of her firearm, seconds away from blasting these Satan-loving fools. But, not yet. Wait a bit longer.

Just a bit.

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