Angelites - Body of Persons Empowered

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Chapter 15

Doctor Mars Mohammad, Chief physician of Colfax County Hospital, and his staff worked hastily, using whatever resources necessary to stabilize the condition of both heroic ladies. Neighboring rooms were assigned for convenience’s sake, to check and compare each of their progress. IV tubes were stuck to their arms for nutrients. Sensors slapped on their chests to monitor vital signs. They’ve been kept sedated to give their bodies time to recover.

As hours passed, Veronica’s condition held steady while Gina’s deteriorated by the minute. Eagle Nest deputies filled up the waiting room, praying for their station leaders to make a fast revival. Nurses came by to update them on any improvements, or lack thereof.

Breaking through the despairing silence was a long beep blaring from Gina’s room. Flat lines stretched across her vital monitor. Nurses ran inside and pumped air into her lungs while Dr. Mohammad readied the defibrillator. Doses of electricity were shocked into her chest, but nothing got her heart beating again. After an hour of non-stop work, there was nothing else they could do. Gina Vasquez is gone.

Out from the elevator came a heavyset Israeli gentleman wearing a brown wool coat and matching derby. Horn-rimmed glasses and a scraggly dark-gray beard covered his face. Newspaper in one hand and a bible and crucifix in the other. He approached the Help desk and introduced himself to the receptionist.

“I was wondering if you could direct me to a patient that was just admitted a few hours ago, at least that’s what I’ve been told.”

“What’s the patient’s name?” the receptionist asked while checking the manifest.

“Gina Vasquez.”

“What’s your relation to the patient?” “An old friend of the family.”

While waiting for the room number, the elderly man noticed a commotion down the hall. Without waiting for permission, he sneaked passed the medical staff and rushed inside Gina’s room. Heartache was written on his face as he frowned at the sight of the deceased sheriff.

“Am I too late?” he whispered to the heavens. Pulling down the sheet to look at Gina’s face, he closed his eyes and kissed the crucifix. Perhaps he was going to say a prayer for Alex and the rest of her family.

He placed his hand on her forehead and began reciting words in an Arabic dialect, holding his crucifix high. All of a sudden, lightning crackled throughout the room. The ceiling opened up and revealed a beautiful landscape of pastel clouds and blinding sunlight. A female angel with large wings and long red hair soared through the heavenly scene like an eagle.

The elderly man spread out his arms and smiled, basking in all its divine glory. Then the angel swirled in the air a few more times before descending toward the room like a falling star. Within seconds she swooshed right inside Gina’s body! Then the room instantaneously returned to normal.

The old man stared at Gina expecting her to awaken. A minute passed and nothing happened. Still unresponsive. Had his prayer been answered or did the angel transcend her soul to heaven instead?


Gina gripped the bed rails and wailed at the top of her lungs. Eyes opened into glowing white spheres as lighting rippled around her limbs, consuming her body in a golden effulgence. Instead of being concerned, the old man seemed relieved, witnessing a divine transformation happening before his eyes, as if he’s seen this happen before. Her body arched like a half-moon, surging with unlimited power, barely able to contain it in her weakened condition.

Pounding to get inside, Dr. Mohammad and hospital security kicked the door down. Gina fainted onto the mattress, unconscious once again. Astonishingly, her vital signs were active. The doctor had no logical explanation for her sudden rejuvenation, leading him to second guess his previous diagnosis.

As Dr. Mohammad called over his team to regain control of the situation, the old man unnoticeably left the room, walking passed staff members as if he was invisible. He cupped his hands together and thanked God for giving Gina another chance at life.

Then he walked passed Veronica’s room and got struck by an uneasy feeling. He peeked inside and saw her peacefully at rest. Physically, she seemed fine. Vital signs were stable. She looked to be making a full recovery. So, what else could be wrong?

The old man summoned natural forces around him and sensed something eating away at her Spirit, like a dark side forming in her heart. He didn’t know her. How could he speak to her? All he could do was hope that she’ll have the strength to overcome her diversity.

“I’ll pray for you my child,” he said, sandwiching her hand with both of his. “I’ll pray the most for you.” He opened his bible and recited James 4:7: “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

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