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Chapter 20

Gina watched the black jeep shrink before her eyes. The gap between the cars had widened to the size of a skating rink. No matter how hard she stomped on the gas, her car was unable to pick up any more speed. The jeep ate a red light and was about to make a clean getaway. WHAM!!!!!!! SCHREEEEEEEECH!!!!!! CLANG!!!! CLANG!! CLANG!!! Just when all hope seemed lost, a crossing yellow taxicab collided with the massive jeep. Torn steel and broken glass scattered across the intersection while tires made burning curves on the tarmac. Neither driver exited their vehicles, nor drove away. Great time to catch up!

An irate cabbie stomped out of his vehicle and slammed the door, hollering about suing and his insurance. He walked to the jeep and started cursing out the driver from outside his window. But his point of view instantly changed as the window lowered and a shotgun was pointed in between his eyes. Seeing Gina closing in, the jeep rammed passed the taxi and fled the accident scene.

Unable to get close to them, Gina grew frustrated and slammed her hand on the dashboard, cursing at the car like a criminal in the back of a squad car. All of a sudden, the engine roared like a hot rod and the car thrust forward

with lightning speed, going over 90 mph. She grasped onto the steering wheel, astonished at how it was now moving like a Ferrari.

Now only inches away from the jeep, Gina drove up to the left side and rammed into it a few times. That didn’t slow the jeep down. Tinted windows rolled down and automatic weapons sprayed her car, further wrecking the exterior. Gina pumped the brake to escape the line of fire and then got behind the

massive vehicle. She then rammed and pushed at the back wheel, which caused it to swerve.

The road now went upward, leading to a dead-end on top of the hill. A pointy black gate stood atop. Behind it was a steep and rocky mountainside and a pit of greenery lying several feet below.

Both cars smashed into one another as the dead-end speedily approached. “Jump.” What? Who said that? Her inner voice reemerged. Based on the few times this happened before, there was nothing to think about. She swerved

into the jeep one last time and then jumped out of the car. It jumped onto the sidewalk and folded like origami as it collided into a brick apartment building. At the speed her car was going, she should’ve been in immense pain, rolling on the pavement like a log down the river stream. But instead, she got right to her feet and ran uphill. How on earth can this be?

Losing steering control, the jeep broke through the black gates and drove

off the mountainside, twisting and further damaging its steel frame as it smashed against the jagged rocks. The assailants were still trapped inside, rattling around like sneakers in the washing machine. Minutes of violent tumbling came to a

stop as the jeep crashed onto a bed of rocks, lying upside down like crumpled aluminum foil.

Gina reached the top of the hill and noticed a steep staircase on the right side of the busted gate. She trotted halfway down and then climbed over the banister, jumping onto the greenery. Blood flowed over the rocks like a spilled paint can. A body was found along her path, lying motionless. She turned over the body and saw his eyes rolled into his skull. She knew no normal person could’ve survived that drop, but what troubled her was discovering three long slashes across his torso. Dried blood stains on his shirt. No way fresh blood could’ve dried that quickly. “Was he hurt already?” she thought.

Maneuvering through the ugly branches and rotted leaves, three more bodies appeared along her path. None showed signs of life. And there was

the jeep, mangled like a plate of gray spaghetti. Smoking exhaust clouded the foliage. Were these all the passengers? Are any left alive? So much for getting answers.

But, wait. She heard subtle movement inside the jeep. Gina opened the door and grabbed onto someone’s leg. Could someone be alive after all? No. She pulled out another dead body. However, she still heard something moving. From

the trunk, maybe? She climbed inside the jeep and bent over the backseat. There was one person left alive. Folding down the backseat, Gina dragged the last assailant out into the moonlight and lied him onto the dirt. She couldn’t believe her eyes! The last time so spoke to this person, she was very rude. It was her long-time friend. Sylvan Livingston.

“Sylvan?” Gina asked disbelievingly. “Why?”

Blood ran down the sides of his quivering lips while his shortness of breath made it difficult to express any words. “You...Gina,” he mumbled. “Why… why’d you…come back?”

“Hold on, Syl,” she stammered. “I’ll get you some help. Just hold on, okay?”

“No, no, no-no, n-n-no, no, no, no! Don’t leave…or you’re dead…we’re all dead…I’m sorry…I was…wr – wrong. H-h-he-he – he’s evil.”

“Who’s evil?”

“He’s…the devil.”

“What?! Come on Sylvan. Tell me. Who?! …Sylvan!”

His body went limp. No more breath pumped from his lungs. As Gina laid him on the ground, she noticed dried blood on his clothing also. Slash marks across his chest, exactly like the other bodies. She pressed down his eyelids. “Why?” she asked up to the heavens. “Why is this happening to me?”

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