Angelites - Body of Persons Empowered

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Chapter 26

The 14th Precinct was camouflaged in dirt and graffiti, rivaling the other buildings for “biggest eyesore” in their rundown neighborhood. Although a two-lane street passes out front, cops purposely parked their squad cars at an angle, blocking one lane of traffic.

Two cops sat on the front steps taking a cigarette break like thugs at a bodega. They noticed a taxicab stop in front of the grocery store across the street. The driver put on the hazard lights and hurried inside to get a snack. A minute later, he slammed his cupcake and bottle of juice on the floor in anger, seeing a bright orange parking ticket planted on his windshield. This cruel form of entertainment was routine for these crooked cops in this dismal district.

Rusty Pipes and Rocky Diamonds approached the precinct, dressed in their normal police uniforms. The two officers paid Rudy no mind but seeing Rocky strut her stuff up those steps had them continuously hissing at her like a Vegas stripper. Rocky looked back and smiled before entering the building. Besides moonlighting as midnight marauders for John Hart, officers Rudy Trax and Raquel Simmons worked for the 132nd Precinct in Harlem.

Disarray struck the precinct lobby. Phones rang off the hook while the receptionist was busy texting her boyfriend. Troubled residents flooded the waiting area while officers stood around chatting about last night’s football game. A criminal nearly escaped custody, only to trip over a coatrack while

attempting to run out of the building. Rusty found the entire scene embarrassing.

Back outside, John Hart was parked two blocks away, counting down

the minutes on his watch. Behind him was a fleet of squad cars, revving their engines like a drag race. “How are we looking, Zeke?” John spoke into the walkie-talkie.

“No activity out front,” said Zeke, who stationed himself on a rooftop across the street from the precinct. “Rocky and Rust are already inside.”

“Good. Stand your ground and eliminate anyone who tries to escape. I want all these scumbags completely boxed in. Out.” John then radioed Harvey Gaines, who was circling the vicinity in a whirlybird. “How we lookin’?” he asked.

“Ain’t a damn thang goin’ on!” Harvey answered. “These fools got no damn clue we comin’! We gonna do this or what?”

“It’s a go, Harv!” As the chopper headed for the precinct, John let his siren ring like an Ambulance truck and shouted in the radio receiver, “All units move in! I repeat! Move in!”

Spinning red and white lights flooded the streets like a gushing river as the army of squad cars charged toward the precinct. John bulldozed through the sidewalks and skidded next to the front steps. These two cops wondered what was going on and were greeted with pistols shoved in their faces.

“Get down on the ground and put your hands behind your head!” John ordered while his army went ahead and raided the lobby. They took down any personnel they got their hands on. The 14th cops attempted to fight back, but they were outrageously outnumbered.

Within the vehicular swarm, a rusty green van pulled up on the side of the precinct with “Channel 49 Action News” drawn on the side of it. Three reporters, who looked like high school teenagers, ran out into the street with a microphone and a handheld camcorder. They’ve been covering the raid since it began.

Harvey circled the whirlybird around the rooftop and yelled through the loudspeaker, “This is the State Police! Stand down! I repeat, stand down!” Just then, three cops ran out on the roof and opened fire. “Stop! This is the police! You there!! STOP!!! FREEZE!!!!”

Seeing the three cops ignoring his order, Harvey turned the copter around and armed the Gatling gun on its left side. Even though the cops had a change

of heart and tossed their weapons aside to surrender. Harvey opened fire and shredded the cops into raw meat.

Meanwhile, Rusty and Rocky ran to the back of the building and opened the emergency exit doors. More of John’s officers rushed inside carrying the duffel bags packed with Pagnucci’s fortune. “Stash all this stuff in any place you can find,” said Rocky. “And please use your brains for once by making this look believable?”

“Yeah,” added Rusty. “Like don’t stick a bloody stack of Bearer bonds under somebody’s desk, got that?! Now move!”

Watching from the roof, Zeke felt miserable. People’s lives and careers were being stolen from them because of one detective’s greed for power. However, something else got his attention at that moment. A second-floor window had opened. Was it a trapped civilian trying to escape? No. It was a cop. He jumped out the window and landed in a dumpster below. Zeke grabbed his rifle and patiently waited for him to climb out. After rumbling from beneath the garbage bags, the cop flipped out of the dumpster and crept through the alley.

Zeke was ready to put him down. The cop’s head was aimed dead center

in the scope. As his finger touched the trigger, Zeke realized what he was about to do: kill a fellow officer. Once he pulls that trigger, his badge will be nothing more than a paperweight. He couldn’t do it. So, he lowered his rifle and let the cop get away.

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