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Chapter 31

In the wee hours of the night, John Hart gazed out from the window of his oversized, but luxurious private office at Club Candy Cane. Seeing the line of people waiting to get inside, curving around the block, John guffawed at the thought of how much money he’ll make tonight. Rocky Diamonds strutted in wearing a red leather suit and matching stiletto boots. In her hands were a briefcase and a black storage tube. She sat on the edge of John’s desk and placed both items right in front of his chair. He wasted no time rushing over to open them, sucking in the drool from his teeth. A set of blueprints slid out from the tube entitled: Federal Reserve Bank.

“We got the place picked out,” he announced while unraveling the blueprints across his glossy oak table. “Phase one is complete. To get started on phase two, I need you to alter the tracking devices on our vehicles. We have to

let those idiots behind the desk think we’re being good little boys and girls while patrolling these godforsaken streets, get me?”

“No doubt baby,” said Rocky. She hopped into his office chair and rolled it over to the computer table. Opening the Notepad app on her cell phone, she swiped over to a saved document that listed a bunch of codes that she copied some time ago. Hacking into the Internal Affairs database, she switched their GPS vehicle frequencies with normal patrol units from different precincts. So now John can cause whatever melee he wishes, but the GPS will show him either patrolling a park or involved in a high-speed chase, completely invisible.

Breaking through the mood was the buzzing sound of the intercom. John

checked the security feed on his table monitor, wondering who would be

dumb enough to show up unannounced. He rolled his eyes and let out a sigh of annoyance after seeing who was patiently waiting by the back entrance: Khalil Reeves.

He told Rocky to wait in the conference room as he buzzed Khalil inside the club. Rocky rolled up the blueprints and stuffed them back inside the tube. She strutted out of the office just as Khalil approached from the hallway. She threw him a seductive glance, but the crooked agent failed to catch it.

As Khalil entered the office, John poured out two shots of whiskey. “Surprised you came by,” he said. “Let it be known that I’m grateful for all the hard work you’ve done for the movement. You’re becoming a vital member

of my team. But unless I tell you so...DON’T YOU EVER COME TO MY OFFICE UNANNOUNCED AGAIN!! I don’t like unnecessary attention being drawn to my place of business, Reeves! Just remember that if something bad happens to me, then something bad is going to happen to you. Get the point?!”

“I appreciate you being a stickler to authority,” Khalil disdained. “However, let me straighten you out about a few things. Nobody tells me to do anything! Just because I volunteered to help your organization doesn’t mean that I’m your lackey! I do what I believe is necessary to further our cause, slaughtering the lambs of our society to put us in a higher position of power. Nothing more. Do you get the point?”

“Noted,” John smirked, letting Khalil’s disrespectful attitude slide. “Wanna drink?”

“No, thank you.”

“Then please, have a seat.” John picked up his glass full of whiskey while motioning toward an empty for Khalil to sit.

“I’ll stand.”

“Fine.” John took a seat and kicked his feet up on the desk. Suddenly, he sprung back up as if a fresh thought had just sprouted in his mind. “Come to think of it, I’m glad you came by,” he said. “Something’s been bothering me about your last task. And now that you’re here, we can talk about it face-to- face.”

“What problem do you wish to discuss?”

John stood up and walked around to the front of the desk. He sat on the edge while downing the whiskey from his glass. “Members of my team have only killed people when needed. The ol’ ’hook ’em and book ’em’ routine doesn’t work anymore. But, how does offing an I.A. agent seem beneficial to our cause, especially since I wasn’t involved with the planning of it? Can you explain that

to me, Reeves?”

“Combs had to be terminated because she was about to expose you to City Hall. She asked me to hack into your files - after I’ve had them locked to protect your scrawny behind. I guess that she knew your operations were a sham and it was only a matter of time before those imbeciles at City Hall would’ve listened. Our cause would’ve been destroyed.”

“Again, I applaud you for your loyalty. Thank you for finding it in your good graces to protect me. With that said, who the hell authorized you to use Strutter to do YOUR DIRTY WORK?!!! She is MY SECRET WEAPON!!! Why couldn’t you take that nosy broad out yourself?! Was your hard-on for her so bad that you just couldn’t bring it upon yourself to blow her brains out? Lucky for you Jersey cops are too dumb to trace this back to us or else we would’ve had a serious problem.”

“Well…a problem may exist. Before I ordered the hit, I broke into Martha’s office for evidence that may lead back to you. There was one page left on her printer. An invoice. She must’ve printed your history as insurance. What’s baffling me is what the hell did she do with it?”

John shook his head. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t throw you out this window right now?”

“Let me finish! She has a cousin who used to be a cop. I’m guessing she might’ve called her for help to dig up more dirt on you. Her name is Natalie Mercedes.”

“I suppose you can tell me where to find this broad?”

“That’s your job, Johnny. My job is only to watch crooked cops like you.” Having had enough of Khalil’s pompous attitude, John yanked him by his

tie and dragged him over the table. “You might be an Internal Affairs stooge

but make no mistake: THIS IS MY AQUARIUM!!! And you’re just a guppy that I’m allowing to swim in it. I’M THE GREAT WHITE SHARK!! I will not hesitate to chomp you up into pieces of mincemeat! Not for a second. So, if

you don’t live up to my expectations, then I’ll cut your nuts off and shove them down your stinkin’ throat!! Sass me again and I’ll prove that to you!”

Khalil’s arrogance dispersed as he nodded in between gasps for air. Just then, John’s cell phone vibrated from his table. He pushed Khalil back into the chair and ordered him to have a drink. As John left the office to answer his call, Khalil quickly grabbed the bottle and let trails of whiskey dribble from the sides of his mouth as he took a long swig.

“Who’s this?” John answered as he stepped into the hallway.

“Get to the nearest television and turn on the news,” said Grandpa.

John hurried into the conference room and snapped at Rocky to hand him the remote. He flipped up a red-light switch on the wall and it began to split open. Mounted behind it was a 90inch plasma flat-screen television. He tuned into Channel 4 and saw a late-breaking story in progress, following up on the

14th precinct siege, reported by none other than Tricia White.

“Former police captain, Carl Randall has come forth stating he wants to make a plea deal in exchange for recorded conversations that implicate State Police Detective, John Hart being involved in a series of heists and assassination plots, including the death of Crispin Pagnucci. Here’s the statement Randall made to the media earlier today:”

“Hart did this to me. Hart did this to my department. He didn’t want to go down with his ship, and I can’t blame him for that. But I got that son of a (bleep) on tape, conversing with me about several ways to take over this wonderful city that’s been my home all my life. If City Hall and the FBI want to cut a deal, I

can make these recordings available to them in twenty-four hours, but only on the grounds that I’m granted full immunity on all charges.”

Rocky stared at the screen with razor-thin green eyes while John roared

with frustration. After punching a hole into the wall the size of a baseball, he got back on the phone and said, “I don’t understand what went wrong! Randall has the I.Q. of a brick! I used the same amount of power on him as I usually use on Davis, so there’s no way my spell should’ve been broken by that idiot!! Who the hell does he think he is trying to frame me?! I – I can’t explain it, Grandpa.”

“Just slow down a minute, Johnny,” Grandpa retorted. “You should be glad that this happened. Hiccups always separate the men from the boys. However, had you been taking care of your powers – as I told you – then he would’ve been frying in the electric chair before realizing why was he there in the first place. What’s disappointing me, mostly, is how much of a baby you sound like right now!”


“Use your damn brain boy! Don’t you know a bluff when you hear one?! You’re a damn cop, right?! He’s bluffing! Randall knows his services are no longer required and he’s looking to drag you down to hell with him.”

“Right!” John realized. “If he had taped our conversations, then he would’ve used this as leverage a long time ago. He mentioned Pagnucci like I haven’t murdered every kingpin and crime syndicate within the tri-state.”

“Exactly! We got to shut him up before nosy people like Tricia White start sniffing up your trail and watch every move you make. She can stir up controversy within City Hall and that scumbag of a mayor will put more pressure on you just to save his face. That can’t happen.”

“What do you think I should do?”

“Get rid of your footstools, what else?”

“The whole damn department?! I can’t do that now! I need every member of my crew ready for our next operation. On top of that, if we were to have all of the 14th cops eradicated, then the first thing the media will speculate on is Randall’s allegations against me! Everyone will assume I had something to do with it!”

“You’re right about that. I tell you what, for one time only I’ll get involved in this episode. By the morning sun, not one soul on this planet will ever know of Randall’s existence, trust me on that. Still, he needs to be taught a lesson about the price of disloyalty. Can you at least handle that part on your own?”

“Yes I can,” A sinister grin stretched across his face. “I have the best assassin working for me. Martha Combs found that out the hard way.”

“Good. Set it up and call me when it’s done.”

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