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Chapter 42

Pastor Goode met Gina halfway up the ramp and gave her a fatherly hug. “I knew you’d come sooner or later,” he said. “So glad you’re still alive.”

“You knew it all along, didn’t you?” she asked. The pastor nodded. “Then you must also know why I’m here.”

“I do,” he replied as they both dragged the bags down the aisle and left

them by the side of the stage. “Before I begin, forget everything you know about this world. Get in touch with your inner spirit and let it listen to every topic I’m about to discuss.”

Jitters rumbled in her stomach, believing she was about to witness the spirituality her mother spoke of last night. “I’ll do my best,” she said.

“Very well. These events you’re experiencing are not by coincidence. Those chosen to be Angelites are usually called after the genesis of a Clucifix invasion. However, you’re the first person in our history to ever thwart an invasion before it happened.”

“Clucifix? Angelites? Am I hearing this right?”

“Correct. Angelites are spiritual warriors who have been chosen by angels to represent the Kingdom of Heaven. A supernatural war of biblical proportions is upon us and you are the first in this generation to be graced with angelic powers. Your purpose is to prevent a takeover from Satan’s army, whose plan is to forever enslave humanity. They want to force God’s hand, hoping He’ll end

the world again as he did with the floods centuries ago. But as long as people like us exist, there’s still a chance to save the lost souls whose minds have yet to be freed.” Gina looked doubtful.

“Ephesians 6:11-12 says: ‘Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil. For we are not battling flesh-and- blood, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in the dark world, and evil spirits in the heavenly places.’”

“With all due respect Pastor, but this sounds ludicrous,” Gina replied. “Yes I believe in Christ, but supernatural wars deciding our fate? Battling demons that we can’t even see? Our world is too sophisticated!”

“I told you to let your spirit be your guide. The Clucifix is a collection of the fiercest demons and creatures Satan has ever created. Even though no weapon formed against God’s warriors shall prosper, there’s one weapon proven to be most fatal to human beings: temptation. Satan uses temptation to grant man’s most selfish desires in exchange for their loyalty.”

“No. If Satan’s powerful enough to lead an army, then why does he have to con people to join him? Why doesn’t he just send some demons to possess human beings like, umm in The Exorcist?”

“Satan cannot steal souls like a thief would steal valuables from inside a house. People willingly offer themselves to him because they’ve lost faith in

the unseen, only trusting what’s placed before them. By the time man discovers the truth, that they’ve been conned, their resistance is too weak to fight back. Unfortunately, that number has escalated over the years. The Angelites have continuously prevailed because the human spirit was alive and well. But times have changed. Morals and standards in today’s society have dramatically declined. Idiotic behavior is encouraged rather than disciplined. Showering

hate on those fighting for change. Mourning the deaths of thieves and addicts

as if they were civil rights leaders. The Clucifix can manipulate and control the

narrative to recruit more skillful soldiers.”

“What happens to people once they become Angelites?”

“Accepting this honor means you’ll be elevated to levels human beings can only imagine. You’ll be given special gifts elaborated from your physical traits. That means each Angelite may inherit a certain power that other warriors cannot duplicate. For example, a genius with a frail body would likely have mind

powers, such as telepathy. Whereas a bodybuilder would probably be graced with superhuman strength, or speed, maybe even both.”

“And you’re saying that I’ve been chosen? I’m an Angelite?”

“Yes.” She gasped in fright. “Look at this as a blessing, Gina. You have all the best attributes an Angelite could ever want: youth, strength, speed, intelligence, and courage. Plus, your combat skills are second to none. It’s a jungle out there, Gina. And you’re a lioness.”

“No. This can’t be…THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING TO ME!!” Gina vented as she stormed down the aisle, heading for the exit.

“You are definitely your mother’s daughter.” She stopped. “Sienna had

the same reaction once she was chosen, frightened and confused. Most people remain trapped in a cocoon because they listen with their ears, not their hearts. Satan can kill your spirit once he controls your mind. In fact, he’s messing with yours right now. Using the guilt from your past as fuel to deny your calling.”

“Satan’s in my head right now?” The pastor nodded. She walked back toward the stage, curious.

“He’ll continue to mess with your mind for as long as you allow him to stay in there. Truth be told, the demons were working overtime on you, using your husband as the main antagonist to defeat you.”

“Was Paul one of them?”

“No, but Paul was blind. He loved you for how you looked, not for who you were. They used Paul to attack you over and over while waiting for the opening they needed to bring you down. They finally found it on the night you nearly killed him. Once you moved to New Mexico, the demons hoped you’d never return. That’s what caused us to steer your direction towards Wally.”

“Wally? How did you know -?”

“You know the expression ‘there’s an angel on your shoulder?’ Well, there has always been one on yours, whispering in your ear to go home. Your self- punishing emotions wouldn’t allow you to listen. Didn’t you find it kind of

odd that Christine Jordan wound up in New Mexico of all places?” She had a stunned look on her face. “This is how God works! When you think he’s doing

things for your harm they turn out to be for your good.” “How do you know so much?”

“The Angels, Gina. I hear their voices. Listen closely and you can hear them, too.”

“I think I have. During last night’s shootout, a voice told me to save Alex. Then it told me to jump out the car before it crashed. But, you know this already, don’t you?” The pastor nodded. “It makes sense now. Instead of dying out in the desert, every occurring event has led me to this moment, shackling myself so long with guilt, but unknowingly had the keys to leave the prison all along. “But

...why me?”

“You’re the cream of the crop, Gina,” The pastor spread his arms in glee. “In spite of everything I told you, no doubts had ever entered my mind. But I wanted to assure that the angels would indeed come for you. And that’s why I was at the hospital that night. More than anyone, you deserve to have these gifts to help preserve life.”

“Why not just call my Mom? Isn’t she more experienced?”

The pastor giggled. “As great of an Angelite Sienna was, her love for her family was even greater. That came into perspective the day you started blossoming in her belly. At that moment, she stepped off the battlefield and chose to protect her family differently.”

“So that’s why she was such a great attorney.” “Yes.”

“Does she still have her gifts?”

“Every Angelite ultimately has a choice: either protect life in battle or exemplify God’s goodness through everyday life. She made her choice. Now that choice lies ahead of you. You can refuse these gifts and get back into law enforcement. Or you can discover what great feats of strength and power you truly possess.”

“I don’t know,” Gina stammered. “What would happen if I return to New


“I can’t predict the future. What I can say, however, is you’ll be able to make a difference, now more than ever. Albuquerque’s got a liking to you already. It can only grow from there.”

“But I can also come back home and rejoin the NYPD, weed out corruption and clean it up from the inside.”

“That itself sounds like a difficult task. But, I’m sure you of all people can

pull that off.”

“Now what will happen if I choose the life of an Angelite? Do I want that life?”

“You’re a great officer already, Gina. Just imagine the wonders you can accomplish with the powers of an angelic warrior. Yes, you’ll be in constant battle, but rest assured that you’ll be on the winning side. And that’s the power of faith.”

Gina’s heart twinkled with excitement. Rejuvenation had cleansed her body, seeing these horrifying situations as a footstool toward her divine revelation. She looked up at the ceiling windows and watched the angels fly over in celebration. Clear with what she wanted to do, she looked back at Pastor Goode and said, “I’m ready.”

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