Angelites - Body of Persons Empowered

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Chapter 45

John Hart gathered his demented regime for a final meeting at Club Candy Cane. Last-minute plans had to be made before their full-scale onslaught against the city took place. Posing like it was prom night, John stood in front of his bathroom mirror with a cheesy smile wide enough to show all thirty-two of his teeth. He wore a charcoal gray Firado Uomo suit with matching silk tie, styled his hair like a slicked-back 50’s greaser and the watch on his wrist had more diamonds than a jewelry shop. Entering his office sporting a tight purple leather suit, Rocky Diamonds leaned against the door and said, “We’re all present and accounted for. Just waiting on you honey.”

“Keep them cool for a minute baby,” John flirted as the phone started ringing. “I got to take this. Also, tell Zeke to take a headcount.” Rocky gave

one last glance over her shoulder before closing the door. John waited a minute before answering the call.

“Checking up on me Grandpa?” he said. “Thought you’d be happy to know that our teams will be moving in on the property after midnight, just as we discussed. Everyone is present and accounted for, weaponry is at an

unlimited supply and the plan is airtight. Don’t you worry about a thing. I’ve got everything under control.”

“Do you think that’s why I’m calling?!” an agitated Grandpa scolded. “Hart. You’ve got your head so far up your crack that you can’t even see the facts when they’re slapping you across your clueless face!!”

John wondered why his mentor was so angry. “Oh, I get it,” he remembered. “I see why you’re so fired up: Don Crass, right? I got a call from the 66th precinct and they told me all about the private eye who helped Crass escape. Natalie Mercedes is her name and she happens to be related to that I.A. broad

we offed. I gave the word to our lovely blonde friend and she’s gonna tie up that loose end. So, no problem!”

“There is a problem, you fool!! Explain to me why there’s an FBI agent on her way to Brookhaven? And since your buffoonery caused this mishap, I’m going to take a wild guess that you failed to notice some loudmouth reporter stating that Crass was being taken there for further evaluation! Can you explain how she acquired such classified information, detective?”

John was stunned. “DAMMIT!! That bleached blonde bimbo, Tricia White!! I swear I’m gonna chop off her head and hang it over my bed like a chandelier!!”

“Hmm...I like that. Chopping off heads sounds like a good idea - because that’s exactly what I’m going to do to you if you don’t right this wrong!”

“The FBI won’t find out a damn thing. Even if they come across one of our dirty little secrets, I always got SWAT on standby to wipe out all perpetrators.”

“It won’t be that simple my dumb little protege! There’s an Angelite traveling with them.”

“HUH-WHA – WHAT?!!” John’s confidence dropped to a cowardly stutter. “That’s right, genius! And guess who it is: your old friend Gina Vasquez!”

John nearly fainted, fumbling the phone on his desk. “Now this is a really big

problem and it’s happening on your watch! Therefore, you need to find a way to stop her or else the greatest siege we’ve ever orchestrated will be nothing more than a jailhouse fantasy! Do you see what your near-perfect demonstration of clownery is costing us?! I guess I was wrong about you. To me, you look like a man who’s incapable of handling this stature of power.”

Me?! You’re gonna blame all this on me?! How is this my fault?! She’s been rotting in a desert hole for years without any contact with the real world, worthless to any department who’ll hire her!! Why the hell didn’t you kill her when you had the chance?!!”

“Don’t try to clear your conscious at my expense. You’re a failure. And may I remind you that you’d also be rotting in a hole if not for me preventing Martha Combs from exposing you as the lowlife, snake-in-the-grass you are.” John stayed silent. “That’s right. It was I who allowed Ms. Strutter to make

an example out of that nosy agent. Did you honestly believe that some feeble pencil-neck geek like Reeves had the stroke to pull off such a task by himself? Glad you threatened him, by the way - saved me the hassle of doing it myself. But remember this boy, I can create and alter worlds with the snap of a finger. Therefore, you best to watch your tone with me before I reach through this phone and rip your damn throat out!! Understand?”

“Yes sir,” John gulped.

“Phase one will go ahead as scheduled. You guys will have sixty minutes to get in, clean house and get the hell out. No witnesses get left behind. No evidence gets left behind. Or else you and your team will get left behind with a blade through your heart and two bullets in your skull, get me?”

“Got it, sir.”

“Also, I want Gina Vasquez gone. Execute the plan of her assassination and the agents that are with her. And I want all of this done before sunrise!”

“I’ll need more power to do that.” “What’s that? Come again?”

“You’re telling me to go out there and fight a war, but not willing to give me what I need to win. I got Mercedes out there – I got Vasquez out there – not to mention the cops who are not in our network and now the damn FBI! I’m asking you to please...please...grant me more power!!”

“You’re groveling is an embarrassment, just thought you should know. At least Vasquez developed her power with training and discipline. You got lazy John. Expected everything to be handed to you like a waiter. Nothing’s changed since the day I spotted you tripping over your shoelaces five years ago. You haven’t learned a damn thing, have you?” Seething with anger, John clenched his fist so tight that his nails dug into his palm. “However, drastic times call for drastic measures. Close your eyes. I’ll give you the power you need to end the Angelite.”

John closed his eyes and leaned his head back, expecting a large demon to swoop through the room and possess him. After minutes of humming, Grandpa yelled, “Me – fisto!” He stayed quiet for a minute. “You’re all set. Tell your top associates to chant that word and they will become stronger, too. You can thank me now.”

John thought it was a joke. “That’s it? That’s all I get? Fisto?! Am I supposed to kill the Angelite with fisto?! No summoning the hierarchy of darkness to bless their top soldier with the powers of a god?! Nothing?! Just fisto?!”

Grandpa laughed hysterically. “First of all, you’re nowhere near a top soldier! Do us both a favor and pop that overrated thought out of your puny brain right now! And second, if you don’t believe that’s good enough then grab some poor simpleton and judge for yourself. Now I’ve given you the plan and the power. You have no reasons to fail, right? Call me back when your business is concluded.”

John slammed the phone and fought back his tears. From what was supposed to be a grand evening has become a nightmare. With Gina Vasquez and Natalie Mercedes both involved, his probability of success had gone from

certain to maybe. However, he focused on the best news of the night thus far: his upgrade in power.

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