Angelites - Body of Persons Empowered

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Chapter 46

John burst through the doors and grandly entered the room, wall-to-wall filled with cops. Rocky and Rusty were drinking cognac on the loveseat. Zeke napped in the corner. Khalil Reeves flipped through a newspaper. Harvey Gaines was flirting with a couple of meter maids. “Listen up people,” John announced. “Before we begin, I’d like to discuss a major hiccup that has come to my attention. First off, let’s not get panicky. I don’t want to make a big thing out of this. If we’re honest with each other then we can fix the problem in no time. With that said …WHO THE HELL SPILLED THE BEANS ABOUT BROOKHAVEN MEMORIAL?!!”

Cops looked at each other like kids caught stealing from the candy store, waiting for the other to talk first. None dared to utter a word. “Honestly, people. HONESTY, I SAID!! That Trish bimbo is yakety-yak-yakking her big mouth

on the news that Crass’ body was going to Brookhaven! How the hell could she have known that? We all know what happens to DOA’s in Brookhaven, don’t we?” He paused. “Where’s Metzger?”

“Guess he’s handlin’ his business on the toilet,” shrugged Harvey. The

crowd cackled.

“Get him out here, will you?”

Harvey stepped out of the room and walked to the end of the hall. He pounded on the bathroom door like a stage manager at a star’s dressing room. “Meeting’s starting!” he shouted. “Wipe your ass and get out here man!” The toilet flushed. Without washing his hands, Metzger rushed out of the bathroom

while pulling up his pants and buckling his utility belt.

Harvey dragged him into the conference room. Metzger showered apologies to his fellow officers. “Get up here,” John ordered. Metzger tucked in his chin and slowly walked up to the front of the group, embarrassed. John gave a comforting smile. “Do you like blondes?” he asked in a friendly voice.

“What man doesn’t sir?” replied Metzger. “Put me a room with ten of them and a six-pack, you won’t see me for years.” Cops laughed all around.

John smirked. “Where were you today?” “ mean right now?”

“No, you idiot. On the job. Your work assignments. Where were you today?”

“Oh!! Oh, okay. I was at the church checking out the job our boys did last night, and that Mercedes broad wanted to follow Crass into the ambulance. I made sure that didn’t happen, sir. I wasn’t going to let our operation be tainted because of some…wait a minute? Mercedes? You think I said something to Mercedes –”

“I didn’t say a damn thing yet! Please, continue.”

“Well…” He gulped. “Mercedes was persistent, fighting to get by. As I said, I didn’t let her. Had I known who she was at the time then I would’ve executed her myself. I - I was just informed that she’s now on the radar. I’m so sorry for not taking care of –”

“I’m not talking about Mercedes. Were there any news crews out there today?”

“Umm, yes. There was, umm –” “Channel 4?”

“Ye-yeah. A bunch of reporters hollered questions at me, but I told them to back off and –”

“Except for one, right?”

Metzger’s jaw quivered like a swimsuit model in Antarctica. John closed his eyes and inhaled some oxygen, ready to unleash his newly-gifted power. He opened his eyes. They looked like two large onyx marbles. Metzger gazed into the darkness. He was frozen solid, trapped under his boss’ control.

“You were saying?” John asked in a dual whispering tone. Metzger gave an emotionless confession about having a coffee with Tricia White. “You told her about Don Crass, didn’t you?”

“Yes.” Metzger drowsily answered.

“And with a bat of an eye, you blabbed everything to her about

Brookhaven.” “Yes.”

“Didn’t you see she was using you? Why would a bleached-blonde bimbo like her be interested in a dingleberry like you?”

“Wishful thinking.”

“Wishful. Thinking. Damn good idea. Because now, I’m thinking of something that I wish would come true.”

John turned toward the group. “I’ve warned you all about the penalty for failure. Here’s an example.” He turned back to Metzger. “Take out your gun.”

Metzger mindlessly upholstered his weapon. “Put the barrel against your head.”

Unflinchingly, the officer pressed the gun against his temple. “Shoot.”


Cops jumped from their seats and gasped in fright. Skull fragments flew across the room. Blood trickled from the hole in his head, splashing on the gray carpet. But miraculously, Metzger’s body never dropped. He floated several inches off the ground while his arms and legs hung limply.

John’s eyes changed from shining onyx to crimson red as he curled up his hand like an eagle’s claw. He twisted his hand like a drill into Metzger’s chest, folding it inward like cardboard. His uniform went up in flames. A demonic specter emerged from the fire, shrieking at high-pitch, wobbling like a mouse stuck in a glue trap. Its very existence got sucked into John’s blood-colored eyes while Metzger’s dead body twisted like a wet towel, grinding into skeletal dust. John laughed maniacally as he fully consumed the demon into his body. He felt himself get stronger.

At the snap of a finger, the flames distinguished. His eyes returned to normal. Horrified cops leaned over and gawked at the anthill of their former colleague’s dusty remains. Indistinct whimpers scattered throughout the room. He pushed back his hair and warned, “If any of you ever decide to put your own needs before mine...” He pointed at the ash. “This will be the least of your problems.”

Rocky Diamonds was called to the front, “Get a hold of our friends at Brookhaven and tell them they should be expecting uninvited guests. Make sure they give them the proper greeting.”

“You got it,” Rocky replied. She strutted toward the door and wiped the dust off her expensive boots.

“Now that the sideshow has concluded, I now call this meeting to order.” John got behind the podium as if he was about to recite a Presidential public address. “Ladies and Gentlemen. The time has come to execute the final phase of our operation. Fools will call it the ultimate terrorist attack. It will indeed, however, be remembered as the day of our salvation!”

John handed the blueprint to Rusty, ordering him to roll it out across the large table. “Our target is the Federal Reserve Bank.” Enthusiasm circulated the room like students going on an overnight ski trip. “Elected officials will

have specific roles to play. About a third of you will accompany me to the bank. The rest of you will follow Khalil to the other side of town. We have some unexpected vermin in need of extermination: the F.B.I.”

“What?!” Zeke shouted. “Are you serious? That sounds completely ridiculous!”

“The only thing ridiculous around here is your constant complaining!” John snarled. “You’re getting on my nerves, Zeke.”

“There’s no way you can shut down the FBI within a matter of hours. It can’t be done!”

“Excuse me? DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?! Did you forget which team

we play for?! We have the power to accomplish the impossible! Besides, the FBI Headquarters is never fully staffed overnight. It’s going to be a cakewalk.”

“Sir?” Harvey Gaines raised his hand and asked, “Not that I doubt your plan or anything like that, but what if the mayor decides to call in the National Guard or the Army and whatnot?”

“Good question, Mr. Gaines. My answer to that is he won’t. When you’ve lived in this crappy city for as long as I have, you’d know that government- funded armies never get involved with city problems, unless city officials can gain something from it - catch my drift? And speaking of the mayor, the city will be begging for his head on a stick once our plan has succeeded.”

“Aren’t you forgetting about the state police?” interjected Zeke.

“Are you kidding?!” John laughed. “I OWN THE STATE POLICE!! For the wondrous things I’ve done in that department, I’ve never given them a reason

not to trust me – at least, none they can remember.” Cops laughed. “Once word gets out about the heist, they will kick their feet up and have a drink once they hear I’m on the case. Now, are you going to shut your mouth and let me finish? Or do you want to sit there and continue to insult me with your lack of faith?!” Surrounded by a sea of angry and annoyed faces, Zeke leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms, putting the debate to rest.

“If all of our tasks are carried out as planned, we will be rich beyond our wildest dreams come morning. We will be more powerful than the government that continues to poison this planet!”

“Yes sir!” the cops shouted.

“This will be the proudest day for all mankind. After five years of looting and killing, this day will make it all worthwhile. We will be given what the masters have promised us: money, power, and respect. No more taking orders from suited monkeys who don’t know a damn thing about justice! No more sharing the streets with petty thugs! No more trusting criminals to do our jobs

for us! We will own this city! Nothing will move unless we allow it! Tonight, the city! Tomorrow, the world!”

The cops roared like a herd of lions, pumping their fists in the air while chanting, “Our world! Our world!” John raised his arms like a king and basked in the triumph.

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