Angelites - Body of Persons Empowered

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Chapter 48

Brookhaven Memorial Hospital had an entranceway with more twists and turns than a roller coaster ride at Six Flags. Alex parked at the farthest corner of the outside parking lot in the back of the building. During the trip, Gina enlightened her about the meeting with Pastor Goode. She learned about the Clucifix, the angels directing her to Wally, and now being superhuman. Alex didn’t know how to react. The idea of her sister being transformed into a divine superhero was a tough pill for her to swallow. Leaning against the steering wheel, all she could say was, “You’ve got to be kidding me?”

“I’m as shocked as you are, Allie,” Gina said. “I still don’t know why I was chosen, but the passion in Pastor Goode’s voice uplifted me so much that I saw angels descending over the church. It seemed like too much of an honor for me to pass up, just like Mom must’ve felt when her time had come. You saw what I did in your apartment. How can I kid you about something like this?”

“I wholeheartedly believe every word you just said, Gina. And that’s what scares the hell out of me. Christ! Here you are telling me that you’ve been blessed by angels and... dammit! I’m scared as hell to even look at you right now! Did you think this whole thing through? I mean, are you doing this

because of honor or do you still believe you need to redeem yourself about what happened? Why the hell would you put your life at risk again, Gina?!”

“I understand your confusion, Allie. I can try and explain it to you until I’m blue in the face, but you wouldn’t understand the joy and peace I felt when I talked to him. I know that’s not what you want to hear but trust me. I want to do


“...My God. What the hell is going here?”

“Could you do me a favor and ease up on the H-word? Kinda irks me when

I hear it.”

Alex calmed down and fell back into her seat. “Gotcha…”

“You’re right about one thing: I do feel like I still have something to prove. That night still eats at me and I can’t ever change that. But what I’ve learned is

I alone have the power to not let it control my life anymore. I need to forgive myself and move on as best as I can. This honor is much higher than any rank in the police department. I want to do this for you. Mom and Dad. I finally get to

do what still passionately burns inside of me, even after all these years. I get to serve justice. For God. How can I say no to that?”

“So, what now? Am I supposed to just sit back with my feet up and listen to the radio while you go storm the gates and turn this place upside down? Can you turn this place upside down?

“Doesn’t work that way. Pastor Goode said it was vital for me to conserve my energy. The more I use, the faster I’ll tire. My power levels will increase as far as my conditioning will allow it. With that said, let’s remain incognito for now. You lead and I’ll back your play.”

“Fine. We’ll investigate and knock down anyone who stands in our way.” “Okay.”

“But this discussion is far from over.”

“I promise we’ll talk more about it later. Let’s move.”

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