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Chapter 49

Bright ivory shined from the lobby walls as if they were large fluorescent lights. Gina and Alex walked to the Information Desk and asked for the office of the Morgue Director. The receptionist pointed to the row of elevators down the hall on her left side. “Go up to the seventh floor and follow the signs,” she said. Power-walking to the elevators, thumping sounds sprouted inside Gina’s eardrums while passing patient rooms. Glowing chest cavities emerged before her eyes, floating around the hall like a virtual reality video game, coming from doctors, visitors and whoever else crossed her path. Gina slowed down, trying to shake the neon visions from her head, but she couldn’t.

“Are you alright?” Alex asked, shaking her sister’s shoulder. “You feel like flying through the roof or turning green or something?”

“I’m fine,” Gina sighed as the vibrant images vanished. “I... thought I saw something...let’s go.”

There was one elevator stationed with the doors open. The ladies stepped in and Alex tapped on the 7th-floor button until the doors closed. Just in case of a mishap, she pulled out her firearm and made sure the bullet clip was full. Gina fought to keep her head in the game, dismissing the freak accident she experienced downstairs.

Once they reached the seventh floor, they spotted a sign on the corner with

a red arrow that read “Morgue Office.” The ladies made two left turns and then a right just to get to another long hallway. The office was well hidden from the rest

of the hospital, ironically. Acting like everything was okay, Gina was frazzled at how clear she could hear the machines working in more passing rooms.

Her powers must be blooming by the second, maybe because she’ll need them


Finally getting to the end of the hall, they found the morgue office. “Felix Williston - Director” was plastered on the front. Slowly they opened the door and crept inside. The director was hunched over in his chair and whispering into his phone. Startled by their entrance, he immediately hung up the phone and demanded to see some identification. “Who are you?” he asked, straightening

his tie and grabbing a stack of papers as if he was hard at work. “First mistake,” Gina thought since the words and headings on the paper were all upside-down. He’s hiding something.

Alex presented her badge and announced, “I’m Agent Vasquez.” She then pointed to Gina. “This is Special Agent Vasquez. We’re here to investigate the bodies of the officers that were brought here earlier. Where are your DOA’s usually located?”

“Ah…um,” Felix hesitated. “Good evening agents. Uhh - I - wha-wa... which bodies are you looking for?”

“You heard me the first time, Doc. But let me say it slowly, so you can fully understand: Where. Are. The stiffs?”

“Well, I’m sorry Agent Vasquez, but I - uhh - I can’t just let you waltz into the morgue without an escort – umm...let me call Security and – uh, have them send one up right away to not further delay your investigation. Now I will need your – umm, name and rank so that I can enter it in my –”

As Felix went to press the intercom button, Gina bent back his finger. “What do you think you’re doing?” she asked.

“I – I don’t know what your t-talking abo – OOWWW – OOOUT!!!” Felix yelped like a hungry dog.

“I know what an intercom button looks like and never have I seen one the size of a quarter before. Is that a secret alarm? Why would you need that in a morgue? Who are you trying to alert?”

“NO ONE! I – AH!!!”

“You’re lying Doc. I see that in your eyes. The eyes never lie.”

“Get this through your head, mister,” Alex interjected. “We can do things the easy way or we can do things the hard way. Still listening?” Felix frigidly nodded. “The easy way would be to show us where you keep your deceased and then keep your mouth shut. Do that and you have my word you’ll go home in one piece. However, the hard way would be…well, we don’t need to get into

that because you’re going to give us what we want either way.”

Felix cried, “I haven’t received any bodies in the past week! Please, you got to believe me! Check the manifest for yourself!”

“You’re lying again,” sighed Gina, seeing his chest vividly glow red. “They must be hiding something juicy Agent Vasquez.”

“Do you know how serious the crime of perjury is to a federal agent?” Alex challenged. “That means I’ll put you under the jail for the rest of your natural- born life if you lie to me again!”

“OKAY!!!! Thir-err-t-teen…they’re on the thirteenth floor… please let me go!!!” Felix’s red glow diminished to neon green. Gina released her bone- crushing grip, realizing he was telling the truth.

As the doctor tucked his aching hand under his stomach, Alex handcuffed him to the leg of the desk. “Stick around for a while,” she said. “We need to talk.” Grabbing his keys and I.D. card from the desk, Alex stormed out of the office. Gina closed the door behind her and then wedged it into the frame, sealing it shut.

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