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Chapter 50

“Where are you going?” asked Alex.

“Elevators are this way,” Gina responded, pointing in the direction they came from.

The agent shook her head and wagged her finger like a nun in catholic school. “No-no-no – that’s too easy,” she said. The doc was sweating bullets in there. Something about that morgue has got him spooked. I doubt it’ll be kept in the open where anyone could gain access to it.”

“You’re right about that.” Gina spotted a set of red doors at the other end of the hall. “How about that way? The sign says ‘employees only.’”

“That’s more like it.”

They hurried over to the red doors. Locked. Electrical tape covered the square glass from the inside. Alex glimpsed over and waited for her sister to pull out a trick from her sleeve. Gina grabbed the knob and slowly twisted it until

the lock snapped. Alex snuck in first. Gina followed and then wedged the doors


The room was the size of a cafeteria, but it looked like a storage closet. Miscellaneous equipment such as vending machines, monitors and folded hospital beds filled the entire area. Stationed at the far-left corner was an elevator. “Bingo!” said Gina, pointing for Alex to see.

“This is getting better by the minute,” Alex joked as she parted through the junk. By the time she got there, Gina was already waiting with her back and left foot against the wall. “How’d you get here so fast?”

“I jumped,” Gina shrugged, smiling.

“Show off.”

Gina pressed the call button while Alex got on her phone and contacted Agent Lloyd Scrothers, second in command of her task force. A dapper British gentleman with long and shaggy brown hair and a Bond-type accent, smooth and mesmerizing. Lloyd sounded pleasantly surprised to hear from his lovely boss. However, she skipped the formalities and got right into what she needed. “I need emergency transport from Brookhaven Memorial for a possible witness,” she said.

“Witness transport? Aren’t you supposed to be on vacation?” Scrothers asked.

“Vacation? What’s that?” she joked. “Locked inside the morgue director’s office is Felix Williston. He may be linked to a conspiracy involving the murder of Officer Don Crass. I need him brought back to HQ for questioning.”

“Okay, I’m on it.”

Gina heard the elevator dock, but the doors didn’t open. Alex swiped Felix’s ID card through the slot mounted on the wall and then the doors slid open. Floor buttons ran from 1 to 12 and then continued from 14 to 20. The 13th floor didn’t exist! Gina tore off the control panel and saw nothing but wiring and operating mechanisms inside. “Stand back,” she warned. “I’ll jump through the ceiling and check the shaft for a secret opening.”

“Good idea. Wrong approach,” Alex said. She pressed 14 and the doors closed. Just as the elevator passed the 12th floor, she pressed the Emergency Stop button. “Since you’re the one with superhuman strength, be my guest.” Gina dug her fingers in between the doors and pushed them apart, exposing a dimmer and gloomier hallway. They’ve found the 13th floor.

“You’re something else, Allie,” she complimented. “Lucky guess,” Alex modestly replied.

Gurneys were seen lined up along the walls, filled with leaky body bags lying on top. Garbage cans overflowed with gauze and bloody rags. Waxed

floors smudged from all kinds of fluid. An unbearable stench lingered. Swinging

doors stood at the end of the corridor. The ladies lightly pushed them open and found a cluster of operating rooms. “What kind of a morgue is this?” asked Gina.

“Let’s split up,” Alex suggested.

Gina checked the rooms on the right while Alex headed for the left side. Neither of them found anything peculiar. But as Gina approached the last room, crackling sounds snapped in her ear like crushed peanut shells. “I think there are bodies in here,” she whispered. “But...I hear movement.”

“Could they still be alive?”

“I don’t know. Search the others while I’ll check this one.”

Gina entered the room and found large steel cabinets on the wall known as cold chambers. Bodies were identified by numbers rather than names. An uneasy feeling came over her as she approached a chamber in the middle row. She cautiously pulled the cabinet open. My God! She screamed in fright but quickly covered her mouth. Lying inside was a deceased Sylvan Livingston, decorated with scabs and mutilated organs.

“What’s wrong?” Alex questioned as she rushed over, gasping at the grotesque sight. “Good Lord! What have they done to him?”

Gina fought back her tears and silenced her whimpers. Alex gripped her shoulder and asked if she was okay. It took a minute, but Gina got a hold of herself and waved off that she was good.

“Strange. Looks like he’s been lying here for years. His body is ice cold. Skin as blue as the ocean.”

“These are the slash wounds I told you about,” she said, pointing to one. Puzzling. “They’re still fresh. How is that possible?” Trails of blood leaked from under his body, being sucked from a vacuum below his feet.

Alex took pictures of the wounds with her camera phone. Evidence. “I can see why that doc was so spooked,” she sighed. “Since when does a morgue suck fresh blood out from dead bodies?”

“Definitely one that’s not from this world.”

“Shh.” The agent heard taps. Footsteps coming from the hallway. “Did you

hear that?”

“Hear what?” Gina could hear nothing but the crackling sounds from within

the chambers, like a burning flame or paper crumpling.

“Keep searching here. I’ll be back.” Alex crept out to the hallway, seeing both ends swallowed in darkness. Reaching for her firearm, she sensed something lurking beneath. They’re being watched. Suddenly, a brawny SWAT officer dropped from the ceiling like a ninja. He wrapped his massive arms around the smaller agent, one arm coiled her body while the other arm smothered her mouth. She couldn’t wrestle away. Couldn’t scream for help. Death was inevitable. And then it hit her! One part of his uniform wasn’t armored: below the waist.

She sprung her leg back and kicked him as hard as she could. Seeing twinkling stars before his eyes, paralyzed with intense pain, SWAT-man’s grip went limp. Alex pushed him into the wall and ran back to Gina. Before she could warn her about the danger coming her way, two more SWAT cops appeared, blocking her path.

Meanwhile, Gina investigated the other bodies, puzzled at how they were still able to produce so much blood. One cabinet left unchecked. Massive heat coming from the handle. Strangely, she heard faint cries for help. Bracing herself for the worst, she took a deep breath and opened the cabinet. Gasp! Her heart stalled from the horrid scene she witnessed: a ghostly image of Sylvan being pulled into a black hole, wailing and begging for help. Gina went for his hands, but it was like grabbing air. She couldn’t save him. Sylvan got sucked into the hole like dirt to a vacuum.

Gina looked inside the cabinet and discovered the black hole was an

opening to an unearthly realm. Wails from the dead sounded like whistles at high

winds. Ghastly spirits swirled around a burning blue flame. Below was a horde

of demons salivating at the sight of Sylvan’s soul suffering unimaginable torture. She felt the utmost sorrow.

Hearing the slightest sound of her whimper caused the demons to turn in unison. They licked their grotesque chops while gazing at her watery brown eyes. Gina wanted to run but was too frightened to move. The blue flame

morphed into a fiery creature. In a raspy and horrid tone, it yelled out, “YOU!!!”

Gina jumped away from the cabinet and stomped it closed. “Was this morgue a feeding ground for demons?” she frighteningly thought. They know who she is. “GINA!!!!” she heard Alex shout. She bolted out to the hallway and appeared behind the blocking SWAT-men. Grabbing each by their utility belts, both were thrown through the ceiling like space rockets.

“Our cover’s blown,” Alex coughed. “We need to get out of here.”

Gina scooped her sister up in her arms and in a flash placed her down by the

elevator. “Wait here,” she said before swooshing back to the operating rooms.

Excitement gleamed from her face as flickers of lightning sparked from her hands. She felt her powers blossoming. Hiding in the dark were two dozen SWAT grunts waiting to ambush her. Cockily, she stepped out in the open and called out, “So? Just you twenty lousy grunts? You gotta be kidding? Come on, let’s play.”

SWAT-men charged at the Angelite like Vikings on pillage. Amazingly, she saw their attacks coming from a mile away, as if someone pressed the slo-mo button on the DVR. One of them got within an inch of her personal space. She wrenched her arm back like a baseball pitcher and threw the hardest punch

she could muster. The grunt’s helmet cracked like an eggshell as he levitated backward and knocked his group down like bowling pins.

Adrenaline flowed through her veins like ice as she swished around the hall, throwing punches and kicks faster than a Kung-Fu expert on a merry-go-round. Slamming up against the wall and sliding across the floor, not one SWAT goon came close to touching her, never saw her coming at that. It was a one-woman slaughter.

Back by the elevator, Alex held open the door, hoping her sister would return shortly. Weapon still in hand as she scanned both sides of the deserted hallway. Unbeknown to her, three SWAT grunts quietly dropped down from the ceiling hatch like alley cats. They hand signaled to gun her down on the count of three.

Alex heard a click. Her eyes rolled down. Nothing broken under her shoes. No other doors had opened. Behind her! In a fraction of a second away from death, she dove to the ground and quickly fired three bullets into the elevator. SWAT-men tumbled to the ground as smoke rose from the holes left in the eyeglass of their helmets. “Think I was born yesterday,” she smugly responded

while getting back to her feet. She then shrieked like a frightened kid as Gina touched her shoulder.

“Are you alright?” her big sister asked. “I heard shots and!” She spotted the fallen SWAT-men. “Was this you?”

Alex displayed her tactical work and replied, “Told you I can take care of myself.”

Gina easily flung the dead SWATs across the hall while Alex pressed the first-floor button. Minutes felt like hours as they impatiently waited to leave this convoluted hospital. But as they approached the lobby, Gina heard a plethora

of weapons being loaded from an even larger group of SWAT officers waiting for them. She hit the Emergency Stop button on the 4th floor and separated the doors open.

“What’s happening?” Alex asked.

“A welcoming committee is waiting for us,” said Gina. “We need another way out.”

“Maybe there’s a direct route to the parking lot.”

Gina swooshed down the hall and searched for a floor plan. “I found it,” she

said, reappearing beside her sister. “But we’ll get there faster if I carry you.”

“Embarrassing,” exhaled Alex as she wrapped her arm around the Angelite’s shoulder. Seconds later, they swished over to a walkway on the second floor, bridging the hospital to the garage. Two security guards blocked the doors on the other side. Immediately, they reported into their walkie-talkies, “We got ’em.”

“How do you want to handle this?” Alex asked Gina.

“Does Spain ring a bell?” Gina charged across the bridge like a bull seeing two matadors dressed in red. WHAM!!!! The doors flew open while the guards bounced over a few cars.

Gina swished back and piggybacked her sister through the indoor parking. Finally reaching the outside, Alex jingled out the car keys and jumped behind the steering wheel. Just then, sirens roared throughout the hospital and several

squad cars skidded onto the hospital grounds.

Revving the engine, Alex floored the gas and zipped through the twisted courtyard, taking shortcuts by driving through the perfectly-cut grass. Oncoming squad cars made skidding U-turns and intently pursued them.

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