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Chapter 51

Bulleting onto the Long Island Expressway, Alex weaved passed slow-moving cars, trying to shake the cops off her tail. Road construction was sighted near the upcoming exit. Traffic slowed down. Red and blue lights flashed brighter in her rearview mirror. Sirens grew louder. “Drive in the opposite lanes!” Gina shouted.

“Are you insane?!” Alex shouted back. “You may be death proof, but I most certainly am not!”

“Just do it!”

Despite carrying heavy doubt, Alex cut through the grassy divider and swerved down the westbound lanes. Screeching past oncoming cars and hearing endless honking, she forced herself to be more faithful and said, “Christ Gina, I hope you know what you’re doing!”

The fleet of squad cars fearlessly tailed them down the opposite highway lanes. John must’ve had these uniformed demons under some kind of spell as they purposely met oncoming cars head-on. Drivers were forced to skid off-road to avoid getting hit.

Gina knew that eliminating them was the only option. But, how? Even

with her powers, she had no idea how to stop an army of crazed cops driving at top speed. Besides, she had to get Alex as far away as possible without putting several more lives in danger. “Give me a sign,” she whispered.

Wait. Up ahead. Two tractor-trailers vastly approached. Both had crosses embedded on the grill. That’s it! Those giant vehicles can take a pounding. Truck drivers will, unfortunately, face a near-death experience. Drivers will be stuck in traffic for hours. However, everyone will live to talk about this wild night. “Speed up,” Gina instructed. “Head for those trucks.”

“WHAT?!!” Alex shouted.

“Trust me.”

“I’m not death-proof, Gina! How many times must I repeat myself?!”

“I got you, Allie! Just do it!”

Squad cars sped closer. Multiple firearms stuck out from their windows as they shouted from their bullhorns, “Pull over now or we will kill you!” Truck drivers blared their horns, attempting to turn away. Gina glared at her window. Eastbound lanes were clear from the construction zone. Moments away from impact, she yelled “NOW!” Barely skidding away from the massive tractors, Alex crossed back over the divider, nearly spinning out of control.

Merging back onto the eastbound lanes, Gina witnessed a spectacular crash behind them. Some squad cars got crushed under the tractors like aluminum foil. The rest of them flipped numerous feet into the air and crashed upside-down

onto the pavement. Shades of sparkling red mist shot up in the air like fireworks. Wrenching shrieks echoed through the evening sky. She rubbed her eyes and squinted as the mist looked like demonic creatures dispersing to nothing.

The tractor-trailers seemed undamaged. Cars immediately stopped and either crossed over to the Eastbound side or stayed to record the incident. Gina turned on the police scanner and spun the dial as if she was searching for her favorite song. No reports had come in about the crash. If Hart’s cops survived, they would’ve called it in by now. Finally, one of the truck driver’s reported a

10-33 from his CB radio, which usually means a code for officer assistance. Her

gamble worked.

Leaning back in her seat, sighing with relief, Gina thanked God that every bystander survived. More than that, she was thankful for sticking to her word of protecting her sister. “Great job, Allie,” she said, slapping her sister on her shoulder.

“Great job?!” Alex snarled. “We could’ve died back there and you’re acting like I just passed my damn road test! Why didn’t you tell me that was your plan?!”

“Honestly, I didn’t have a plan. I went into this thing blindly and just let

faith take over.”

Are you kidding me?! That’s not what you tell someone who almost died!” “You should know by now that I’ll never let anything bad happen to you.” “Easy for you to say because that’s not a problem you have to face

anymore! Just because you can do the impossible doesn’t mean that you can use my life to test your limits!”

“For nothing is impossible with God.”


“Quote from the Book of Luke. Don’t you remember that?”

Oooohh, yeah – forgot all about that! The first thing I’ll do when I get home – now that my body parts aren’t splatted across the L.I.E – is thank God that I’m alive and read a few chapters of the Bible before going to sleep for THREE DAYS!”

Gina couldn’t help but find humor in Alex’s behavior. She would never admit to being scared, but her snappy comebacks said it all. “UGH!!!” She suddenly got hit with a flood of emotions. Someone close to her was in trouble. She turned toward Alex, but nothing happened. She thought about her parents, but it wasn’t them either. As soon as she caught a glimpse of the Manhattan skyscrapers, it hit her like a typhoon.

“What’s wrong?” asked Alex, noticing her sister was distraught.

“Get off this exit,” uttered Gina, holding her head like withstanding an intense migraine.

Alex got off the highway and drove along the service exit. She stopped

in front of a small-town grocery store, right across the street from a biker bar. Perhaps Gina needed food or aspirin. “Gi, you’re scaring me. Tell me what’s

going on?”

“I just got to get to Manhattan.” She slowly got out of the car.

“We’re heading there now. Traffic should be a breeze at this time, so we’ll

get there within an hour.”

“Too long. Besides, if I go alone I’ll get there in minutes.”

“Can you at least tell me where you’re going so I can come and meet you afterward?”

“You need to get to your team and find out what else that phony doctor knows. He may be the key to whatever it is we’re facing.”

“Fine,” Alex sighed. “Ring me as soon as you’re done.” “I promise.”

“Well, take my apartment keys in case you’re back before –” SWOOSH!!!! Alex got hit with a gust of wind. Her keys were missing from the cup holder. Only circling dust remained where Gina was standing. She shook her head and said, “Don’t know how much of this I can take.”

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