Angelites - Body of Persons Empowered

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Chapter 53

Cat Strutter stepped into the living room and used a couch pillow to wipe her blood off the machete. She then sat in the middle of the floor with her legs crossed and hands pressed together like a Buddhist monk. Slowly her eyes closed as a daunting voice erupted from the windpipe, chanting in tongue. Green spew magically peeled off from the walls and clung onto each other in mid-air, morphing to a wobbling orb that sparkled like a disco ball. As if floated across the apartment, gooey strands grasped onto the spew that continuously flowed out from Cat’s wounded eye. The orb then latched onto the side of her face like a slab of meat, regenerating the damage she suffered. Within minutes, her eye will look as good as new.

Meanwhile, back in the bedroom, Natalie’s body continued to leak. How long will she rot before anyone realizes that she’s dead? Suddenly, white lights began to percolate across the ceiling, multiplying and shining brighter by the minute. Glowing cracks traveled along the walls and split open the ceiling

like a fault line. A heavenly scene opened up, fluffy clouds in hues of pink and turquoise and centered by a sun that burned like a solar flare. Beams of light shone down as angels soared through the sky like fish swimming in an ocean reef. Could this be happening? Again? Twice in one lifetime?!

Thunder violently roared as one angel dove from the heavens and swooped down toward Natalie’s body. Then, the angel disappeared and the room returned to normal. If the angels have indeed chosen a new warrior, Natalie should be waking up momentarily.

SHROOOOOMMM!!!! Lo and behold, solar rays shot out from her eyes. She let out a shriek that shattered several windows, making the entire building quake. Cat Strutter pressed her hands against her ears, perilously trying to block out the tormenting scream.

Once the ruckus finally ceased, Cat nervously looked around the living room, sensing she wasn’t alone. Bloody machete in hand. Never had she

acted nervous throughout her existence. Never! Never! She’s always been the one doing the stalking, upsetting her greatly to play defense. And then, her assumption had proven to be true.

Raging with bling fury and fuming with a wave of burning anger, Natalie Mercedes bolted across the living room and rammed into Cat like a Mack truck running at 180 mph. Bricks and plaster exploded from the wall as she flew right out of the apartment. Falling ten stories down, she crashed through the roof of a taxicab parked in front of the building, folding it up like an accordion.

Natalie collapsed against the side of the balcony, unsure if this was reality

or fantasy. Can dead people still dream? Does she even remember dying? Vague images popped up, seeing a large blade shoved in her body. No idea as to how she escaped death.

Her equilibrium was off. Muffles of various screams and blinding lights caused her to panic. Just then, as predicted earlier, dozens of squad cars skidded in front of her building. Cops, armed with itchy trigger fingers and killer instincts, scattered out to the street. “There’s the broad! Up there!” a cop shouted

through a megaphone. Natalie dove to the living room just as automatic weapons rapidly fired. Bullets shredded holes into the balcony and whatever part of the wall surrounding it.

Natalie got to her feet and stumbled out of the apartment as fast as she

could. Discombobulation caused her to fall into the wall. She left behind a

hole the size of a crater. Up ahead, the elevator doors opened and out jumped a crazed cop with widened red eyes. Without any announcements to surrender, he relentlessly fired his pistol like a madman.

Everything around her suddenly moved in slow motion. Bullets flew toward her face with the speed of a fluttering feather. She had enough time to duck passed each bullet and enter the staircase. The crazed cop stared in amazement. Poked holes at the end of the hall without hitting the private eye once. His gun dropped while drool leaked from his wide-open jaw.

Natalie fought to keep her footing as she trotted down the iron steps. Reaching the first floor, the lobby was crowded with killer cops ready to shoot her down. The next thing she saw was blurred streaks of various colors. A huge gust of wind blasted her face. Seconds later, she miraculously wound up next to her car! Outside! Across the street! “How – wh-wha – what the – how – I – I…” she stammered in disbelief.

“There she is!” the same cop shouted. Immediately, the other cops regrouped and opened fire. Natalie ducked behind her car and unlocked the doors with her key remote. She dove inside and climbed over to the driver’s

seat. Fumbling her keys around, while jumping at the sound of bullets smashing her windows, Natalie got the ignition started and swerved into the street.

Driving passed every stoplight, she thought her head was about to explode. Her temperature rose to boil heights. Something happened in her apartment, but she was too frazzled to think about it. “Am I dead?” she wondered. “Is this purgatory?”

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