Angelites - Body of Persons Empowered

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Chapter 58

Half-past midnight. Gina opened her eyes and noticed her grogginess had disappeared. Sleep did her some good. But where was she? Recognizing the ceiling fan spinning overhead, she then realized it was Alex’s bedroom. How did she get here? The last thing she remembered was thrashing Hart’s goons in Times Square …Natalie! Where is she? Gina sprung up from the bed and trotted to the living room, ready to run out of the apartment. But then she spotted a distressed Natalie Mercedes standing by the balcony window. In spite of being blessed with divine powers, it terrified her to know that so many people wanted her dead.

You brought me here?” she asked, stepping into the living room. Natalie


“The last thing you told me before passing out was this address,” she informed. “The perfect place for us to lay low for a while. Your sister’s place, right?”

“Yeah, she won’t mind, but she should’ve been here by now. Guess that

phony doctor knows more than he led us to believe.”

Natalie stayed silent for about a minute. Resting in a calm environment gave her time to digest everything since her rebirth. “Why me?” she asked. “Why did this happen to me?”

“I can’t answer that,” Gina said, taking a seat on the couch. “We’re not randomly picked like in a lottery drawing. Each of us has a purpose in God’s

plan. For normal people, I doubt it’s anything of this magnitude but...we’re all called at some point to perform great feats - whether it’s becoming president, saving the polar bears, or giving a panhandler ten dollars. Everything has a purpose. Those who have the heart to do good are a part of something greater in the works, but most people never embrace it because they act on their emotions. As for me, I wound up in this situation due to fatal circumstances.”

“Tell me,” Natalie sat on the couch, eager to listen.

Gina took a deep breath. “The angels favored me because of my mother,”

she said. “She, too, was an Angelite, before I was born.”

“You mentioned that word before. What exactly is an ‘Angel Light?’” “Angelite. One word. It’s someone reborn by angels to defend the world

against demonic invaders. The most treacherous demons we know of are part of a large network known as the Clucifix: a collection of Satan’s most wicked beasts used to cause worldwide chaos, as part of the ultimate plan to imprison us for all eternity.”

“Imprison us? Like terrorists?”

“Something like that, except Satan works behind the scenes. He’ll never show his face, the true act of a coward. Instead, he sends his minions across the globe to plants seeds in the minds of everyday folks to have them do his work - hence John Hart. Satan discovered his dark desires and granted him great powers in exchange for his services, thus making him a demon. Those cops who chased you tonight aren’t people anymore. Once they’ve surrendered themselves to the darkness, their essence of humanity dies, turning them into demons with human make-up.”

“I don’t believe I’m hearing this,” Natalie protested. “Okay - okay – why would angels choose me? I mean I feel great and all - knowing I possess unique gifts that most people could only dream about - but you have to tell these Angels that they got the wrong woman. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been to church. I don’t know Mark, Luke, and John apart from Moe, Larry, and Curly.”

“If they thought you weren’t qualified, then you would’ve died this evening. You were brought back for a purpose, as I was. We’ve escaped death to save lives.”

“Then why couldn’t God help my cousin escape death? Was she deemed unworthy?”

Gina closed her eyes and lowered her head. “You can’t put that on him, Nat,” she explained. “Satan’s armies won’t stop at anything to condemn us all. He’ll take away as much as he can until we have no more hope left to muster. I’m so sorry for what happened to your cousin, but I believe her death is why

the angels had chosen you. Honestly, I don’t know you from a can a paint - apart from what you’ve told me already - but I can tell that you’re a woman of faith. You believe without seeing, just as I’ve always done. It took me a long time to find my faith again. And look at me now. These demons have taken so much from us because they fear us. They know we have the will to vanquish any devil that steps in our path.”

“Did Pastor Goode tell you all of this?”

“No. He showed me. I was fortunate to be granted the time to test out my gifts, but I’m afraid you don’t have that same luxury. For the time being, you’re going to have to wing it and learn as you go. The good news is you already got

a head-start. Those cops you beat down in the park should’ve given you some

bonus energy. Are you feeling sluggish at all?”

“I got a few winks after I brought you here, but most of the time I just sat here thinking.”

“Rest is important. You’ll energize a lot quicker.” Gina looked at her cell and saw no missed calls. “Listen, I got to go and check on my sister. You can stay here as long as you like. I don’t want to put any added pressure on you, but this can be the biggest -”

“Stop,” Natalie interrupted. As much as she wanted to avenge Martha, this was a life-altering decision. Heart-stopping moments like the episodes in Brooklyn and Times Square will plague the rest of her days. Did she want that responsibility? “I need time to think this through. You have my number if you need any backup. We’ll talk some more when you get back. I’m just not ready right now.”

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