Angelites - Body of Persons Empowered

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Chapter 59

Alex rested in the Security Lounge on Level 3, curled up like a cat on top of two chairs pushed behind the vending machines. She was worn out. Mentally drained. How much longer can she keep up this cat-and-mouse game? Lloyd’s life hung in the balance. If Gina doesn’t reach her soon then she’ll have to surrender to these mad terrorists to save his life, even if it means losing her own. From out of nowhere, her phone vibrated on top of the armrest. She nearly fell off the chair. Since there was no reception down there, how was she able to receive a call? Her suspicion soon became elation once noticing it was Gina. “You don’t know how relieved I am to hear from you,” she whispered.

“Why are you whispering?” Gina asked.

“I’m still at headquarters, hiding in the parking levels. The building is under siege. We must’ve been followed from the hospital – unless Felix used some crazy magic spell to alert Hart and his flunkies that he was here.”

“What did he tell you?”

“First off, his real name is Harold Nixon and he admitted to knowing the dark arts – taught to him by his brother, who just happened to have started

a satanist cult called the Spawns of Satan. Hart heard about his artistry and recruited him.”

“My God – say it isn’t so,” she sighed. “His brother’s name wouldn’t happen to be Walter, would it?”

Alex paused. “How did you know that?”

“The storekeeper I got the knife from. His name was Wally. And the Spawns of Satan was the cult Ronnie and I raided. Pastor Goode was right. God saw the links to the chain, and I was sent out there to intervene.”

“And since Hart couldn’t sign the first-round draft pick, he settled for

sloppy seconds. He would’ve been even more powerful if not for you.”

“But it was you who lead us to that bogus doctor and the wickedness behind Brookhaven. You’ve brought me along a lot further than I would have on my own, Allie. That’s why I’m getting you out of there right now.”

“You can’t. Hart has a crew planning to hit the Federal Reserve Bank tonight. They plan to use me as bait to lure you here, giving Hart free range to loot as much as he wants. They’re counting on your arrival so much that they’ve planted a bomb to level you and the entire building.”

“But since you’ve managed to elude their capture thus far, I can get you out of there before they get a whiff of your hair.”

“I know this building like the back of my hand, so I can send them on a wild goose chase long enough for you to get Hart. You can come and rescue me afterward.”

“Allie –”

“I can’t leave my team. At least if I’m still here they have a chance to survive. Don’t worry about me, Gina.”

Gina put passion before principle, but she knew Alex was right. She pressed her finger and thumb on the bridge of her nose and reluctantly agreed. “I’m coming for you as soon as I’m done.”

“I know you will. Be careful.” “I love you, Allie.”

“Love you, too, big sis.”

Gina dropped the phone and bottled up her anger. She vowed that Alex

would never be harmed, but these tragic obstacles keep interfering. “That son of a..!” she swore, thinking of the beat down she’s going to drop on the Clucifix at the bank.

Natalie stood by the doorway, relating to Gina’s sorrow. “You’ve just convinced me,” she said. “If I were in your shoes, I honestly don’t think I would’ve made the same decision. Martha was like my sister. And the one time I wasn’t there for her, she died. Now I have the chance to get back at the people responsible. You bet I’m fighting this war.”

“Just so you know, I’m not sulking,” said Gina. “I’m harnessing my aggression because, so help me God, each one of Hart’s gang will be dead before sunrise.”

“Now that’s what I’m talking about. So, what’s the plan?”

The Angelites mapped out the targeted places: Federal Reserve and FBI Headquarters. They guesstimated the size of the Clucifix cops and how fast can they take them out. Surfacing as a problem was how many news crews would flood the streets once the fireworks start. Cameras will be filming two superwomen manhandling the police, automatically tagging them as villains. They needed an ally who would testify on their behalf. Names were randomly thrown in the hat, but none credible enough to strike an “Ah-ha!” moment.

“What about that blonde from Channel 4? Trish White-girl?” Natalie mentioned. “The one who’s forever drilling Hart with all those hard-nosed questions? Certainly, she must’ve seen through his B.S. already.”

“I agree,” said Gina. “But even she’ll need concrete proof or else her story

will be dismissed as tabloid taboo. What if the people saw an officer on our side fighting against the Clucifix? Not just an ordinary cop, but someone with stature.”

“Right! Someone with a reputation that commanded respect from the people. Preferably, a person who’s had their heroism documented like a Curtis Sliwa or Rudy Giuliani type.”

“And even if this person doesn’t believe our story, at least he or she would

call the real officers for backup. Reporters can then draw their conclusion.”

“Exactly! But who can we get on such short notice? How about we let my

people handle this?”

“I bet they’ll do an outstanding job, but this person needs to have a title, kinda like a war hero. Someone who’ll be instantly recognized as a highly decorated...” Gina found her “Ah-ha” moment. She rushed to the window and said, “Wait about fifteen minutes then head to the bank. I’ll meet you there.” Within the whiff of the night air, Gina leaped out of the window and vanished.

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