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Chapter 60

Alex sat in the corner with her arms crossed over her knees. Did she just make a life-costing decision? Gina could’ve gotten her out in minutes, but she chose to stay. Why would she do that? Guilt for not being honest with her team? Felix was never a person of interest to them. And yet, they helped her anyway. Now she’ll never forgive herself if they die because of her war. Reflecting on that nugget of knowledge, she realized the right decision was made. Gina needs to save the world, but she needs to save her team.


Her head popped up. She heard something. Footsteps coming from the driveway. Had Harvey returned? Did Khalil send more cops to do another sweep? Alex rushed to the door and hesitantly stretched her head outside. The lot was deserted.


She crept out of the lounge and tiptoed up the ramp. Glock 19 clasped in her hands. Ducking in between two parked cars, she covered herself in the shadows and waited for the perpetrator to appear.


A set of legs appeared before her eyes. One. Two. Three!

Alex burst out on the scene and slammed the intruder against the hood with one hand wrapped around their throat. Her firearm pointed between their eyes. “What the?” Her animosity instantly faded. Clutched in the agent’s grip was

a frail teenaged girl with long black hair. Moist tracks of dirt tattooed her soft young cheeks. It was Christine Jordan!

Perplexed beyond belief, Alex cradled the frightened girl and rushed her back inside the lounge. She sat Christine at the table and draped her suit jacket around her shoulders. She was visibly shaken. Alex punched out a pre-made ham and cheese sandwich and a can of soda from the vending machine and placed it on the table in front of her. “You okay?” she asked, popping open the beverage. Christine nodded yes. Fizz hissed out from the can as she took a long swing, letting the bubbly liquid run down from the sides of her mouth.

“What are you doing here?” The agent asked Christine, but she didn’t answer. Alex sat across from her and holstered her weapon down. Gently, she cupped her shaky hands. “It’s okay. You’re safe now. I’m one of the good guys.” Christine began calming down. “Were you upstairs?” She shook her head no. “Then they must’ve brought you here. Sick bastards. Were you a prisoner or hostage?”

“Yes,” Christine said shyly. “I was...brought here...but, I don’t know...where

I am.”

“What’s your name?” “Christine. Where are we?” “FBI Headquarters.” “Where?”

“Downtown.” “Downtown? Where?” “…New York.”

In a state of shock, Christine hyperventilated. Alex wrapped her arms around her, shushing while rocking her back and forth. “Take it easy. Nothing’s gonna happen to you while I’m around. You can trust me, okay?” Christine

nodded. “Now can you tell me what’s the last thing you remember?”

Christine closed her eyes. Horrid images flashed in her mind. “A cellar…I was kidnapped...on the way home from school. Mama...Papa...must be so worried!” She was about to bawl into tears.

“It’s okay,” the agent repeated. “I’m going to get you out of here and bring you back home safely. I promise. Now try to focus. What else do you remember?”

“...Ugly men in pentagrams...wanting to kill me. Called me a pig that

needed to be sacrificed. Then two women arrived...a sheriff and a -”


“Yes. She got me out. Both almost died trying to save me.”

“This sheriff wouldn’t happen to be from New Mexico, would she?”

“Yes!! Red hair! So brave.” She sighed. “The hospital was in Alba – umm, Albur – how do you pronounce?”

“I got it. Please continue.”

“Cops and doctors surrounded me, talking about being in proper shape. Not sure if they meant me or not. Next, I remember waking up in a morgue...gunfire. Legs were so weak I could barely move. I crawled out to the hall...cops getting thrown by a specter or something. I don’t know. But then...a woman under the hair again. I thought that sheriff came back! I tried following her...but still weak...more people came...dressed like you. They arrested a doctor, I think. And... I’m blank after that.”

Impossible! If this is the same girl Gina rescued in New Mexico, then how could she have also been at the morgue? And now here? Coincidental? Perhaps. The agent knew better though. Something bigger is going on. Before trusting this little girl completely, she raised her antennas high for a possible swerve coming her way. “You’re right about the sheriff,” she admitted. “She was at the morgue. And so was I.”

“Really?” Christine gasped. “My God she’s incredible! I thought I was

dreaming at first! But seeing how she survived the explosion; I knew there was

something ‘godly’ about her! She’s incredible.” “No argument here.”

“How about her partner? Is she the same way?”

“Veronica? I’m afraid not. She’s still in a coma at the hospital.” “Oh, sweet Jesus. I’m sorry. I owe her my life, too.”

“Sure she’ll love to hear you say that.”

“What about you? You’re wearing such a cool suit. You must be FBI.” Alex flipped open her badge. “Why were you in that scary morgue? How were you able to mangle a fleet of cops with your bare hands?” She gasped. “Are you two with a group of superheroes like in the movies?”

“Not exactly kid. Gina’s in a class by herself.” “Gina?”

“The sheriff. She’s my sister.”

“Wow,” Christine titled her head and tightened her eyes. “I see it. You two look alike. You must be as powerful as her then.”

“We’re both great at what we do, but Gina’s the only superhero in the family. Instead of indulging in selfish desires, she chooses to do what’s right. She has a heart of gold. Guess that’s why the angels blessed her with such extraordinary gifts.”

“So... you’re not a good person?

“I didn’t say that. You see I’m the brain of the family, which means I take calculated risks. Even though my dedication to upholding justice is as strong as hers, I work with my head, not my heart. My successful operations were

done not for the importance of preserving life, but because it was my job. May sound harsh – especially since it’s far from the truth – but that must be what the angels see. Gina is loved by many, family and strangers alike. If I had to choose between us to save the world, I’d pick her, too.”

“You’re too hard on yourself, miss FBI agent.” “Call me Alex.”

“Okay, Alex.” Christine grinned. “Risking your life to save others is the bravest and noblest thing a human being can do. You have my utmost respect. The power that your sister possesses lives inside of you, too. Why not put your greatness to the test and get us out of here?”

“Not that simple.” “Why not?”

“This building is filled with crazed cops who are looking to terminate me on sight. Even if I was to get us out of here, I can’t guarantee your safety on the outside.”

“Great risk equals great reward, right?” “Excuse me?”

“Only we can stop us from achieving greatness. The enemy doesn’t have enough power to force us down. They merely use trickery to fool us into thinking we’re not strong enough. Not talented enough to fulfill our goals, dreams, and desires.” Alex could’ve sworn the little girl began to glow the more

she preached on. “Your self-doubt is what’s keeping you in this basement. And if you continue to let your fear overrule your intelligence, then you’re going to die of old age before seeing sunlight again. Think about it, Alex.”

Alex was speechless. For a moment she forgot Christine was a teen. She thought a wiser spirit had spoken through her, sending a personal message for only her ears. Was she truly behaving like a damsel in distress? Could she do what her sister can? “For someone so young, you speak with so much wisdom.” she complimented.

“We both know it’s not my wisdom. It’s God’s wisdom.” She smiled. “May I use the restroom, please?” Alex gave point and Christine excused herself from the table.

A sudden warmness had come into the agent’s heart. Pastor Goode would’ve preached similar words if he was in the room with her. “Could she be

right?” Alex wondered. Be that as it may, she wasn’t ready to die to find out.

Therefore, she chose to wait.

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