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Chapter 62

Having a private celebration out on the terrace of his penthouse, a dismal and dreary Saxon Davis sipped on a glass of Blackberry Brandy while holding onto a picture of his wife, Beverly, who died of cancer four years ago. Tears rolled over his liquored lips. His red eyes grew tired over the years of suffering, facing the unfriendliness of this world alone. However, near-death experiences on the job help him forget about the loneliness temporarily. Josephine and Ashley, his two daughters, lived across the country, happily married with children of their own. It seemed like forever since he talked to his grandkids. He also used to speak to his brother, Jackson, at least once a week. Regrettably, their busy schedules have made it hard for them to get together. “Happy anniversary, my dear Beverly,” he said. “Soon we’ll be together again. Forever this time. I miss you so much.”

The night air got chillier and Saxon dragged his feet into the living room to grab a blanket from the linen closet. Nearly giving him a heart attack was seeing Gina Vasquez magically appearing by the terrace doors. “Gina?!” he asked while rubbing the doubt from his teary eyes. “I…I – is that you?”

“Sorry to show up unannounced sir, but the door was unlocked,” Gina said. “Great to see you again.”

Saxon, weary and buzzed, embraced her like one of his kids, letting out a couple of sobs as he gave her a firm hug. Gina was taken back by his outpouring emotion, but the whiff of alcohol told her more than she needed to know. “It’s been a long time, Vasquez,” said Saxon. “When did you get back into town?”

“About a week, give or take. Hey, I see you have two glasses outside. Expecting company?”

“Oh, no-no-no. I was just, umm…celebrating. Today is our anniversary. Thirty years Bev and I have been married. Can you believe how fast time flies? You remember my wife, don’t you? She made you that homemade key lime pie the day you were promoted to detective.”

“How can I forget? And I tore up every bit of that pie, too.” She giggled. “With a little help from Allie, of course.” Saxon laughed. “Beverly was a fine lady.”

“Yes, she was.”

“She’s been my counselor since the day I was assigned to your unit, trained me at the level of most male cadets, even teaching me how to engage five people by myself. I was surprised I got through her sessions without a scratch. She was sweet, yet stern. I was blessed with acquiring her expert tutelage, as much as yours.”

“What did you expect from a fifth-degree black belt? She would ream me out whenever I would let one of my guys slack off on a case. But, you were special to her. She always said how you reminded her of her younger self. It gave her new life to see a policewoman so happy to serve justice. She gave you the tools for combat and I taught you the strategies of investigation, but it was your heart and determination that made you such a fine officer. And if Bev were here now, she would’ve said the same thing. Conviction and all. ...It’s been hard going on without her.” Saxon eyes watered up again.

“I miss her, too, sir.”

“Will you please stop with that ‘sir’ business?! I haven’t been your boss in years!”

“Old habits are hard to break.”

“Fair enough. So, how are Sienna and Alexandra?”

“Happier now that I’m back. Allie’s now a top dog in the Bureau, not a director yet but she’s got her own team. Only a matter of time before she’s running the entire division. I wish to God there was a way to give them back the

years they wasted suffering over me.”

“That’s what parents do, Vasquez - they worry about their children. You can be on top of the world and they’ll still find something to fuss about. You said they’re happier now, right? So, that’s a step in the right direction. I’m so proud

of both you girls. I bet Allie’s getting into all kinds of trouble, huh?” “Well...that’s what I need to talk to you about.”

Saxon, cradling his wife’s picture in his arms, led Gina to the sofa and offered her a seat. He eagerly waited to hear what she had to say. With time running short, she chose to get to the point. “Earlier this evening, Allie went

to the Bureau to question a suspect she had in custody. Before she could leave, mercenaries overran the building. Fully armed and extremely tough.”

“My God?!” Saxon shouted. “Have you called the police?” “I can’t. The mercenaries are the police.”

Saxon showed a doubtful face. “Are you sure, Vasquez? That sounds far- fetched, especially in this city. No chance in hell for one officer to have enough power to organize an entire police force. And even if this is true, why would they want to commit such a horrific act?”

“They’re using her to get to me.”

“So, I suppose you know who’s behind this?” “Yes. It’s John Hart.”

“Impossible!” Saxon denied, looking appalled. “That’s completely and utterly ridiculous!”

“Sir, it’s true. Hart runs an underground coalition of officers who are planning to rob the Federal Reserve Bank tonight! They could be moving on the property right now as we speak.” He shook his head in denial. “I know how hard this must be for you to hear, but earlier tonight his cops tried to kill Allie and me

- and also a friend of mine who just happens to be related to Martha Combs.”

“Combs? From Internal Affairs?” He sobered up. “The agent who was murdered in New Jersey? How in God’s name can you connect Hart with such a


“I have proof, sir! My friend has papers proving Hart’s entire storybook career is a fraud. Each operation he orchestrated has been an inside job, assisted by higher-ups that no organization can touch. All I’m asking you to do is send some of your men to the Federal Reserve and hold down Hart’s grunts. I will do the rest.”

This is crazy. No, it’s ludicrous! I can’t believe you’re talking like this!” “Sir, please! Allie’s life is in danger! I need to stop Hart now or else this city

will be in utter chaos by morning.”

“Are you insane, Vasquez?!” He stammered. “John Hart is as straight as an arrow - the finest officer I’ve had the privilege to watch perform this past decade! Quite frankly, I’m surprised at you throwing such heinous accusations at a man who was one of your biggest supporters after you got arrested!”

Gina couldn’t believe what she just heard. “Hart supported me?” she thought. Then a flashback hit her like a bolt of lightning. When Sylvan visited her in the psych ward, Hart was with him. He told her about his regime back then, but she dismissed it as a public nuisance. That explains their connection. “Revenge!” she concluded. “That’s been his plan all along. Goldberg made the cops suffer for defying him at my rally and now John is using the Clucifix for payback. It all makes sense now. With him going to such great lengths to kill people, I believe Mayor Goldberg is going to die tonight as well.”

“I don’t want to hear this anymore, Vasquez! It was great seeing you, but now you need to leave. Who the hell do you think you are showing up after all these years and make these blasphemous accusations about the most hardworking individual I’ve ever known?! How dare you come into my home

and insult my best officer?! John has singlehandedly brought hope back to this

city by putting an end to organized crime! He’s a man of honor! I love him like

– like he’s –”

“A son? Think of what you’re saying, sir. Have you ever asked him how he was able to accomplish such unimaginable feats in minimal amounts of time?! When you first saw me as a rookie, you said that I demonstrated endurance and passion. Think of when you first saw him. What was it about his abilities that made you want him on your team?”

For the life of him, Saxon couldn’t think of one major talent John possessed. Not one standout performance came to mind. More and more the wheels turned, but only blank pictures developed. He couldn’t even remember why he recruited John in the first place.

“Can’t remember why can you?” she scrutinized. “Hart uses people, sir! Dark forces have paved a way for this man to fulfill every wicked plan he creates. The sad part about it is there are much more like him out there, maybe networking as we speak. I can take Hart down, but I need your help.”

The intoxicated policeman looked toward the ground and said, “No…I


Gina was genuinely hurt. She imagined the one person who’d take her side during a crisis of such magnitude would be Saxon Davis. She was wrong. Perhaps when she fled five years ago, a part of him left, too. Without saying a word, she vanished from the living room.

Saxon was surrounded by loneliness again. He bawled out his shame. With the shot glass hanging from his fingertips, he slow-stepped to the terrace and looked over the colonnade. City streets were the size of tire tracks. Embracing the breezy night air, he looked into the moonlight and said, “Soon, Bev…soon my love.”

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