Angelites - Body of Persons Empowered

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Chapter 64

Strolling toward the Unloading Facility, John Hart and Rocky Diamonds passed the comatose gate guard who was as stiff as a statue, holding his rifle like an action figure. John jokingly slipped a dollar bill in his shirt pocket before entering the gates. Seconds later, his army of killer cops charged onto the property, yelling with rage like a football team entering the field of play. Zeke parted through the crowd and ran over to John. “Girl Scout hasn’t shown up yet,” he informed. John tossed him a set of keys while scanning the area.

“This might be easier than I thought,” said John. “You know your assignment. Hop to it.” Zeke complied and headed for the main entrance.

“What about the vault?” Rocky asked John.

“You need to get up there and take out the stragglers. Rusty will follow you shortly. And if you see Vasquez anywhere, lead her directly to me. Got it?” With the wink of an eye, Rocky confirmed and then swished inside the bank, racing through the corridors until she reached the Records Department on the second floor.

Except for a spotlight shining over the front doors, the entire hallway was pitch black. As she was about to storm inside, a parade of clicks sounded behind her head. Red beams pointed at her leather-coated body, Then, a group of armed security guards emerged from the dark holding automatic rifles. Rocky spun on her heels and put her hands in the air. “Relax guys,” she said. “I’m a cop.”


“I have no weapon fellas. Seriously, I’m working undercover and –” “I SAID PUT YOUR HANDS UP OR WE’LL SHOOT!!”

“Take it easy fellas,” she smiled while locking her fingers behind her head. “Do you want me to get down on my knees?” As soon as she dropped, Rusty Pipes appeared behind her. He then eliminated the entire security force with armor-piercing bullets loaded in his M-80 machine gun. Gazing at the cluster of bloody bodies, Rusty snickered, “Ah, you should see the view from back here, love.”

“Me or the guards?” Rocky flirted.

Doors to the Records Department flew apart with just one kick. Rocky and Rusty marched through the cluttered office space and noticed financial reports and trading statistics thumbtacked to the back wall. Something phony though. Who else besides Kareem Abdul-Jabbar could thumbtack financial reports so close to the ceiling?

One punch from Rocky’s powerful fist reduced the wall to a pile of rubble. Behind it stood a giant bank vault, replicating the one in Crispin’s mansion.

A top of the line model with a sophisticated security system, but none of that mattered as Rusty dug his fingers into the steel as if it was clay. “Ha-ha! I love these powers baby!” he happily shouted after ripping the vault door off its hinges.

Rocky’s green eyes rolled around the cash-filled compartment boxes, licking her lips with excitement. She swooshed through the vault like a tornado and came out cradling stacks of crisp mint bills. “Damn!” she cursed. “I forgot to grab the damn duffel bags!”

“No bother, love,” Rusty said, “I’ll just swoosh downstairs and grab them before ya tender lil’ fingers can let that money hit the ground.”

Rocky dropped the pile of bills on top of a table and eyed the vault to round up the rest. “Drop the money, Raquel.” Who said that? Was it another guard?

No. Only her team knew her as Raquel. A traitor? Bewilderedly, she turned around. It was her teammate Zeke Tricolo with his gun pointed to the side of her


“What the hell are you doing, Zeke?!” Rocky scolded. “Have you lost your damn mind?!”

“I said drop the money, Raquel!”

Rocky smiled devilishly, knowing no bullets can harm her. “Wanna keep the loot for yourself, is that it Zekey? Honey, you know damn well you’ll never get out of here alive trying to pull a jack move on me.”

During the standoff, Rusty quietly crawled behind the desks like a sewer rat. Focused intently on forcing Rocky to surrender, Zeke had no clue of the upcoming ambush.

“C’mon, Zekey-baby,” Rocky teased. “Won’t you put that gun down? Then you and I can step inside this vault and discuss some ‘ins-and-outs’ on a new working relationship. Hear me out, baby. So much money. I’ll do anything to have it.”

“Yeah, I bet you would.” scoffed Zeke.

“Zekey, I know how to treat a hardworking man who’s so headstrong like you. With this money, you can rule this city. And I can play the other woman - kinda like an office romance? Naomi will never have to know. Tell me, is your head the only thing strong on your body?”

Growing impatient, Zeke drilled his firearm right between her eyes. “SHUT UP! I’m done with you and your slutty ways! Now either you put that money back inside that vault or the only INS AND OUTS we’ll be discussing is me putting a bullet IN your brain and watching it fly OUT the other side! You got to the count of -” On blind instinct, Zeke turned around like he had eyes in the back of his head and shot Rusty during a midair attack. The crazed cop didn’t flinch.

Rusty grabbed a handful of Zeke’s shirt and flung him across the room like a rag doll. While blood leaked from the wound, leaving red trails down his arm, Rusty flexed his biceps like a bodybuilder and out popped the mangled bullet. His wound instantly sealed itself up. He then grabbed Zeke by his ankles and swung him against the wall.

As Zeke tumbled to the floor, Rusty kicked him in the ribs like a Striker in a

soccer game. Zeke barreled through several tables like a bowling ball. He rolled around in pain. Blood spat from his mouth.

“That’s just a small glimpse of my powers mate,” Rusty threatened. “I oughta kill ya, Zeke. Every bone in my body is telling me to kill ya. But I’m considering our long-term friendship, which is why you’re still breathing. For the moment.” Rusty crouched down next to his bloody and beaten ex-

friend. “You got balls, Zekey. I give ya that. But, you’ve made a grave mistake betraying us mate. Punishment will be the least of your worries compared to what John’s gonna do to ya once he hears about this. Maybe I should spare ya that misery and just rip ya throat out now, eh?”

“Go for it,” Zeke mumbled. “Only’re walking...out of over my dead body.”

Rusty wiped the sides of his mouth while guffawing in enjoyment. “Have it your way! You got three seconds to say your prayers or beg for mercy - however you choose. One! Two! Thr – UMPH!!!!!”

Both Rusty and Rocky got catapulted to the ceiling by an unexpected burst of light that flashed across the room. Groggily getting to their feet, Rusty’s jaw hung low at the sight of the Angelites standing across from him. “NO!!!!” he screamed, on the verge of crying. “WHY-HY-HY!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!!!”

“Here to crash the party, genius,” Natalie sarcastically replied.

Seething with anger, Rusty swooshed over to his machine gun and sprayed countless rounds at the angelic warriors. Wooden furniture got torn to splinters. More holes left in the walls than a pack of moles in the dirt. However, Gina and Natalie peeked at each other as bullets bounced off their bodies like ping pong balls. Discovering that shooting them was a waste of ammunition, Rusty tossed his weapon away and put up his fists, willing to fight either lady one-on-one.

“It’s over Rudy,” Gina warned. “Surrender now and you won’t get hurt.” An arrogant smile curled across his psychotic face. “I ain’t scared of you

lousy hookers,” said Rusty. “So you got stronger? So what! Big deal! Girls can’t

fight! We know that! Especially when you’re looking at a real man! Bet you’ve been waiting to get your hands on a real man, haven’t ya? Tell ya what, bring ya pretty lil’ selves a bit closer to me and I’ll show you a real man.”

“Are you trying to make us mad?” asked Natalie.

“I’m not trying anything, baby. I’m making things easy for you. If ya wanna fight? Fine!” Rocky came strutting next to her partner while slapping the dust off her leather clothing.

“I see,” Gina sighed. “Conjured up some black magic, have we? Got a little stronger since your last outing? Good. Now knowing you can take punishment, we no longer have to hold back.”

“I don’t need magic, baby! No spells, no demons, no damn puppet masters! Only powers I need are these right here!” Rusty raised his fists and banged them together repeatedly.

“Then take your best shot.”

Screaming at the top of his lungs, Rusty pulled out a hunting knife and furiously swiped it at the Angelite. He sliced nothing but air as Gina swiftly dodged his attacks. She then threw one punch between Rusty’s eyes and his knees buckled from the pain. Suddenly, Rocky attacked from behind like a battering ram and knocked the Angelites down. She then cowardly fled from the office.

“OH HELL NO!!!!” Natalie barked as she and Gina rushed to their feet. Looking at Rusty’s pathetic stance, hazy and wobbled but still pretending

to be strong, Natalie asked, “You got this?” Gina smirked and nodded. “Good.

Because that pleather-wearing, green-eyed slut is mine.”

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