Angelites - Body of Persons Empowered

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Chapter 66

Racing through the Federal Reserve Bank at 100 mph, Rocky made several turns around sharp corners, backtracked every step she made, but still couldn’t shake the furious Angelite off her trail. Whereas overconfident before, now the stress was getting to her, putting doubt on the stent of her new powers. She then had an idea to test how truly powerful the Angelite was. Rocky swished down to the basement, location of the largest gold vault in the entire state of New York, guarded by a 90-ton steel cylinder that was impossible to crack open.

Natalie followed shortly, but then stopped in front of the gargantuan steel blockade. No sign of Rocky. Where did she go? Natalie caressed the steel for breaks or signs of tampering, but it was fully restored. Rocky must’ve gone through it like vapor! Unsure about her limitations, Natalie declared, “I’m getting in there.” She pressed her fingers against the center of the steel door, wondering how much it can withstand. “This is either gonna feel tremendously good or hurt like he -” She paused and looked up. “Sorry. Still getting used to it.”

Planting her feet firmly on the ground, taking quick whiffs of air, Natalie let the anger inside burn as she tightened her fist. 1 - 2- 3! BOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!! She punched the steel as hard as she could. Red sirens spun overhead. Chunks

of steel flew everywhere. Natalie fanned away the dust cloud and stared at the gaping hole she made within the cylinder wall, large enough for her to walk through.

She stepped inside the vault and was instantly captured by the thousands

of glistening gold bars surrounding her. Her heart pounded rapidly. They were contained in hundreds of blue compartments, each secured by a padlock and two combination locks. Thoughts of being an overnight millionaire plagued her mind. Temptation sang in her ears: “these bars are weak – no security – this gold is yours – who in the world could stop you?” But before sinful intentions got the better of her, Natalie shook her head and said, “Nice try.”

“Nat-tyyyyy.” She heard Rocky’s echoing voice taunt from within the shadows. Where could she be hiding? Impossible for her to be inside the containers. Her eyes rolled up to the steel platforms. Suddenly, heat rose in her chest like an oven. “Move!” she heard her inner voice say. In a fraction of a second, she dove out of the way, just missing the heel of Rocky’s boot impaling her skull. Instead, it drilled a hole through the waxed floor.

“I should’ve killed you when I had the chance,” Rocky threatened. She pushed back her hair and caressed her fingers across her eyebrows. “I won’t make that same mistake.”

Rocky fired multiple spin kicks, swiping her stilettos at the Angelite’s face. Natalie easily caught her leg and threw her to the other end of the vault. Surprisingly, however, Rocky flew through the wall like a ghost. No scuffs or cracks were left behind. Bad vibes tickled Natalie’s shoulder, sensing another attack was coming. Then from behind, Rocky struck the back of her head with her knee. As Natalie felt the sting from that blow, Rocky again emerged from the floor and launched an uppercut to her face. “What’s the matter, sweetie?” she taunted. “Why so quiet all of a sudden?”

Pounding the floor in frustration, Natalie rushed to her feet with fists tight enough to crush rocks into pebbles. Wait. Slow down. She remembered what Gina said, “crawl and walk at the same time.” Harnessing her energy was the key. “You’re no match for me,” said Natalie, flipping her long black hair behind her ears. “You’re just a warm-up.”

Both ladies traded fists like a game of patty-cake at turbo speed. Each one of Natalie’s punches struck Rocky’s face at every angle. Rocky, on the other hand, failed to make a scratch. Natalie clutched her opponent’s throat like a bike handle and slammed her to the ground. But yet again, Rocky fell through it! Seconds later, she dropped from the ceiling and wrapped her leather legs around the Angelite’s throat. Natalie grabbed Rocky’s ankles and spun her around like

a Discus thrower, intensifying the speed with every turn. She then tossed her across the vault so fast that there was no time to teleport. Rocky crashed into a

steel compartment, too hurt to avoid the several money boxes that avalanched on top of her.

Although exhibiting an invincible offense, Natalie wasn’t finished yet. Determination grew while watching Rocky slowly dig herself out. Then a strange transformation occurred. Her body temperature rose to scold degrees. Smoke practically puffed from her nose instead of air. Her hands engulfed

in flames. Humidity surrounded her like a peanut in a shell. “My God, is this

happening?” she panted, worried and excited at the same time.

Climbing out from the gold avalanche, Rocky groggily stood up with a swollen and bruised face, bloody mouth, and smudged mascara. Her leather suit turned to dusty rags with more rips than an 80‘s t-shirt. Grinding her teeth and hissing like a snake, Rocky stretched her arms to channel more satanic energy.

Natalie then opened her hand. A small flame rose from the middle of her palm. She focused on strengthening it and amazingly the flame grew almost a foot high. She then curled up her fingers and it morphed into a flaming globe. Before Rocky could gather more energy, Natalie launched the flame into the vixen cop’s chest, leaving a fiery streak that sliced through the dark corridor. Leather clothing exploded in five directions as Rocky got burnt to a crisp. Flapping around in midair was her demon, which evaporated into trails of smoke shortly after.

As the flames distinguished, returning to her normal state, Natalie walked over to the anthill of ashes and snickered, “What’s wrong girl? Why so quiet all of a sudden?”

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