Angelites - Body of Persons Empowered

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Chapter 69

The last of Hart’s brigade rushed up to the 10th floor. Rifles pressed against their shoulders with night scopes slapped over their eyes. Perspiration drenched their faces from the heat of the fire circling the building. Kicking down doors and flipping over benches, the group was anxious to stumble upon wounded guards or hidden employees to take hostage as a desperate attempt by them to be granted safe passage out of the building. Seeing their unit beaten to a pile of dust had completely snatched the lust out of their hearts. Survival is all that mattered now.

One cop held his hand up signaling for the team to stop. They heard something strange. Sounded like someone whistling the tune of the Frank Sinatra classic, “Strangers in the night.” Night scopes picked up only their body signatures. So, where did the whistling come from? “Who was doing that?” one cop yelled. “WHO’S DOING THAT?!” Coldness trickled down their necks. Anxiously, they waved their weapons around the hall, ready to shoot the first perpetrator spotted. Unexpectedly, a curvy silhouette appeared posing by the window. Hands on hips. Long and curly hair. “THERE SHE IS!! THAT’S HER!! That’s...THE ANGELITE!!”

Heavy artillery rattled in the darkness for several minutes. Gunsmoke

curled up from the shells that clanged down on the waxed floor. Glass splattered everywhere. The plaster popped from the strays. Hanging wall decor got totaled. Fear had back-slapped their faces after they stopped firing, seeing there wasn’t a body lying below. She vanished. They hit nothing.

“Phwwwwwhht” Whistling to get their attention was Natalie standing

behind them. Sarcastically, she whispered, “You missed.”

Multiple gulps echoed in the dark. Shivering in fear, they hesitantly turned around with their weapons aimed high. Before another shot was fired, the Angelite’s blazing fists hammered down each crew member like nails to a fence. Demons erupted from their bodies while skeletons violently burst apart. Deaf from the horrid squealing, Natalie watched ghastly spirits ripping apart like cotton candy as they were being dragged through the cracks of the ground and back down to hell.

Weapons and charred uniforms planted laid atop of the cremated wasteland. On the verge of panicking, Natalie stepped back and reminded herself that they were no longer human. Get a grip, girl. More ghastly ghouls were out there, nastier and more horrifying than these grunts.

Suddenly, slow rhythmic taps against the wax floors cracked through

the silence, echoing down the hallway. She scanned the darkness and saw no one hiding underneath. Moving toward the roof access staircase, cold night air brushed against her face as she opened the door. Moonlight blanketed by

gray shades of smoke. From behind, coiling blonde hair emerged along with a shimmering machete. Lifeless eyes coldly stared. Green slime leaked through a set of rotten teeth lapped up by a slithering white tongue. Cat Strutter was here!

Sensing an attack was coming. Natalie moved just as the machete came swinging across. A few loose ends got sliced. Natalie rammed her against the wall. Cat swung the machete again, but her wrist got caught. Anger rose from the pit of the Angelite’s stomach as she looked into the eyes of her cousin’s murderer. Sweat trickled. Her body felt scolding hot, seeping through her fingers. Just then, flames shot out from her hands and burned Cat Strutter at the touch. Roaring like a tyrannosaurus in pain, she pushed the Angelite away and took off to the roof.

“Get back here, you coward!!” Natalie yelled before racing after her. Walking passed the toxic smoke and wall of immense heat, she walked to the center of the rooftop. Cat stood on the other side favoring her burned wrist. A standoff. She reached around her back and pulled out her shiny deadly weapon. Then, she stretched her arms out wide daring the Angelite to attack first.

Ready to charge forward like a bobsled, Natalie took one step and felt the floor slightly sink. It could cave-in at any minute. Still, she refused to surrender. This blonde devil needed to be sent back down to Hell where she belongs.

Thinking creatively, she swung three punches in the air like a shadowboxer. Nothing happened. Guffawing echoed throughout the fiery scene as Cat found her attack extremely hilarious. And all of a sudden - BAM!! POW!! BOOM!! Cat’s face got pounded three times like being hit by flying cinderblocks. Natalie

then swished across the roof and launched a front kick that knocked Cat clear off the building.

She took a knee to conserve her energy. The blonde killer should be back

at any minute. Surrounding flames grew higher. At that moment, an earsplitting shriek thundered from the sky. Cat swooped down from above and swung her blade like a tennis racket. Natalie rolled away just as a chunk of roof tarp got sliced.

Cat swung her blade and missed. Natalie countered with a right hook to her jaw. She swung again. Another miss. BAM!! Thunderous right to the jaw. This back and forth routine repeated several times with Natalie hitting harder than her last punch. She then fired a roundhouse kick. Missed. “AAHH!!” Pain shot up her spine as Cat sliced the machete down her back. However, her wound healed instantly.

Cat went in for another attack, but Natalie sidestepped her and locked on

a rear-naked chokehold. Gagging mercilessly, Cat dropped backward along the roof ledge. Natalie released the hold after feeling the immense pain of her spine nearly being cracked in half. Cat grabbed a handful of Natalie’s hair and landed straight punches to her face. She then threw her on the ground and twisted the tip of her boot into her back. Grimacing in pain, Natalie pushed away Cat’s muscular leg and retaliated with a jumping uppercut. She then leaped in the air and drove her boots down on top of the blonde’s demonic skull.

Cat plummeted through the roof and continuingly crashed down through every level thereafter. Riotous noises of crumbling concrete, bursting pipes and banging metal was heard from within the black hole she left behind. Catching her breath, Natalie waited for Strutter to come back. A few minutes passed. She never emerged. Was it over? At least for now. She knew Cat Strutter was too strong to die that easily.

Now the entire foundation began to quake. The roof sank from under her feet. Smoke rose from all directions. Where’s Gina? She had to find her. Maybe she can listen out for her. Focus. Listen. Where is she? Wait. What’s that? Amongst the chaos, she heard a rhythmic beating sound, kind of like a heartbeat. Faint. Slowing down. Could it be Gina? If not, then who?

Natalie raced downstairs and followed the sound. It led her to the blazing inferno inside the Records Department. Beats became louder. Clearer. She searched through the fiery wreckage and found the blackened body of Zeke Tricolo, trapped under a pile of broken furniture. Unconscious.

She took a deep breath, attempting to blow away the smoke. But unimaginably, it all got sucked up when she inhaled as if her lungs were a giant vacuum cleaner! “What’d I just do?!” she thought while coughing out gray

puffs. She then threw Zeke over her shoulder and swished out just as the remains of the roof trampled and destroyed the entire room.

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