Angelites - Body of Persons Empowered

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Chapter 71

Khalil worriedly paced on the heliport as he radioed his units for a progress report. Results came back negative. “Haven’t seen any of them yet, sir,” one of his guys radioed back. “Want us to wait?”

“No, let’s just call it a night, release all the hostages and go home,” Khalil sarcastically replied. “OF COURSE I WANT YOU TO WAIT, YOU IDIOT!!! Do you think I would go through all this trouble just to give up now?! One of them will show! Be ready!” He glanced at a beaten Lloyd Scrothers, still handcuffed to the guardrail. “Your boss isn’t too bright,” he taunted. “Her surrender will ensure the safety of everyone in this building. And yet, she’s not here. How can she be so selfish by sacrificing one of her top agents to mask over her cowardliness?”

“Coward?” an appalled Lloyd questioned. “You should look in the bloody mirror when you say that! I would rather die than see her submit herself to vermin like you.”

“What about the rest of her staff? Will they be so valiant to give up their lives knowing their boss is running around this building like a cheese-sniffing rat? Why does she lack the integrity to come up here and face me one-on-one?”

“Who are you to talk about integrity...since you have none?”

Deeply insulted, Khalil punt-kicked Lloyd in his jaw. “One more insult like that and Vasquez will be crying over your rotting corpse!” he threatened. “It only takes one bullet! Keep that in mind. You better hope your commander has the sense you believe she does because I guarantee that your whole goddamn team

will suffer a great deal if she doesn’t.”

Feedback sounded from Khalil’s radio. He excitedly picked it up and answered, hoping for good news. His high hopes soon deflated once he heard Harvey Gaines’ cocky voice. “It’s done!” he reported. “Da bomb is hooked up at the designated place. And it will explode at the designated time. I’ve gone ’head and uploaded the software to your cell in case ya wanna blow it up yourself. So, dem girlies still haven’t shown up yet, huh?”

“Not yet,” Khalil responded.

“Man, that’s too bad. Sure would hate ta see all dis hard work go ta waste. But I wish ya good luck, my man! Wasn’t all that bad working with ya. Still a tightwad, blockhead lil’ turd-burglar, but ya kinda cool! Word of advice: get the dynamite out ya ass crack and loosen up i-ight? See ya back at the club dawg! Can’t wait to get up in there and start poppin’ the bubbly and sniffin’ my green stacks, ya feel me?!”


“Yo, I did my job dog! My work here is finished! Getting dem girls here is your headache! And I suggest ya better Hart’s foot is the next thing to be shoved up yo’ ass, ya dig? I’m out!”

“NO!!! You can’t just leave me here! You have the strength to fight an Angelite, but I can’t even fight the younger sister by myself! They’ll tear me apart if they know I’m here alone.”

“Guess what? That’s what those damn grunts downstairs are for! Use them! Tell them to waste the employees, then light up the Angelite when she gets here! Damn, must I think of everything up in this piece?!

“That’s not going to work! C’mon Harvey, please!! What’s the point in having all that power if you’re not going to use it?” Harvey was unmoved by Khalil’s plea. “FINE! …What if I…give you a piece of my money?”

“A piece?” Harvey countered. “Nah, son. Thinking half would suffice.”

“Half?! You want half of my money when you’re already getting a WHOLE

share for yourself?!”

“Ya got it dog! Take it or leave it.” Quaking from his bony knees to the bottom of his creased shoes, Khalil wanted to rip every strand of hair from his head. “And by the way, there’s a time limit on these negotiations. We gotta deal or what?”

“ALRIGHT, FINE!!!” Khalil reluctantly accepted.

“Smart choice. Now since I’m getting paid overtime for my services, I’m gonna sweep the building again and see if I can sniff out that little flea for ya. Meanwhile, get on dat radio and give her another warning, but put some more oomph into it, ya know? Talk harder! Snarl! Scream! At least try to scare the broad this time, nah mean?!”

“Right,” Khalil gritted. “Just find her.”

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