Angelites - Body of Persons Empowered

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Chapter 73

“Sweet Jesus!!” Alex gasped. “You’re an ANGEL’S LIGHT!!”

“No-no-no-no,” Saxon stammered. “That can’t be so - I mean there’s got to be a logical explanation for what just occurred.”

“Like what?! Think about it: you just said you were outside where you saw me through the sidewalk and BAM! You wound up next to me. This time you thought about getting to this room and BAM! Here we are. What other explanation is there?”

Suddenly, they froze at the sound of keys rattling by the door lock. Someone must’ve heard them from the hall. Alex and Saxon ducked behind the mechanical towers by the wall. The door swung open and three cops charged into the room, waving around guns and flashlights as they talked amongst themselves:

“I’m telling you guys I heard voices.”

“Those must’ve been the voices in your head.”

“No, dammit! I heard people talking in here. It might be Vasquez.”

“Why don’t both of you guys shut the hell up and keep looking before the boss comes!”

“Too late suckas!” Harvey Gaines yelled from the front door. “What are you

skidmarks doin’ up in here? Playin’ with each other in the bathroom ain’t good enough for ya no mo’?!”

“We – uh, umm – we thought we heard, uh – voices in here and, umm – so

we came in here to check it out, hoping we can find –”

“The only thing y’all gonna FIND is my size 13 caving your skull in if you don’t get the hell back to your post, i-ight?! NOW GIT!!!” The cops obediently complied and charged out of the room.

While Alex and Saxon looked on, Harvey logged onto the main computer and plugged an external hard drive into the USB port. “Upload complete” popped up on the monitor a few minutes later. Rubbing his hands and hissing

with excitement, Harvey unplugged the drive and stuffed it in the front pocket of his tactical vest.

“That might be the bomb,” Alex whispered as Harvey exited the room.

“I’ll go by the door and post a lookout,” Saxon whispered back. “Think you can deactivate those bombs?”

She smirked. “Watch me work.”

Saxon tiptoed toward the door and cracked it open. Coast was clear. Getting the O.K. signal, Alex rushed to the computer and cracked her knuckles before touching the keyboard. Luckily, the program was still open, designed similar to government defense software.

Spending several frustrating minutes seeing her hacking tricks denied, Alex started guessing any bureau-related phrases that came to mind. None worked. Then she tried demon-related words. Same deal. Stopping for a minute, she leaned back in the chair and pressed her hands against her eyes. Slow down. Think. Dammit, think. Everything that’s happened since New Mexico has

got her running on adrenaline: Gina’s death, the church robbery, Brookhaven, Angelites... “That’s it!” She typed in the word Clucifix. Access granted. In the Settings menu, she located the bomb sources and disabled their connections. “I did it!” she hollered at Saxon. “The building is clear.”

Before they could celebrate, Harvey emerged from behind the switchboard towers and wrapped his giant hand around the agent’s throat. “Gotcha baby!” he growled. “You ain’t goin’ nowhere, except wit me!”

On blind instinct, Saxon swooshed across the room and hit Harvey like a runaway Mack truck. Leaving behind a giant hole in the wall, Harvey slid across the floor of the next room. “Get out of here,” Saxon ordered Alex. “I’ll keep this overgrown psycho busy!” Alex opened the door and hurried out of the room.

Getting to his feet, Harvey gasped with laughter as he gawked at his seasoned opposition. “You gots ta be jokin’!” he said. “Man, come wit it! What’s yo ol’ ass gonna do to me?!

Terrified beyond belief, Saxon stood his ground. Harvey rush toward him. He thought about dodging. And suddenly, he wound up on the other side of the room. Harvey was astounded. And so was Saxon. What was blinded by fear had been revealed by faith. Newfound power caressed every cell in his anatomy. Alex was right! Saxon Davis is now an Angelite.

Straightening his tie and dusting off his suit, Saxon said to Harvey, “This old dog’s got some tricks left up his sleeve, kiddo. Hit me with your best shot.”

Fuming with anger, Harvey attacked with a brigade of swinging fists. However, he wound up with more swings and misses than a little leaguer as each punch either missed or slapped the wall. From behind, Saxon tapped Harvey

on the shoulder. As soon as he turned around, the veteran launched an uppercut against his chin. Harvey levitated off the floor and crash-landed on a pile of mechanical equipment.

Hopping on his toes, Saxon hadn’t felt this alive since being promoted to detective early in his career. Days of misery are forgotten. A new purpose in life had been discovered. Beverly would be proud. She’s probably looking down on him right now, routing him on along with the angels.

Harvey slapped mechanics out of his way as he rushed back up. Furious. “I’LL KILL YOU OLD MAN!!!” He charged and wrapped his massive arms around the veteran’s body while tackling him through another wall. Steel beams broke apart as if they were made of tinfoil as both men exploded out to the hallway.

Before Saxon could regroup, Harvey dropped his big knee onto his chest. “Guess you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!” he taunted. Just then, Saxon heard a beep come from the room. A countdown clock appeared on the computer screen. Thirty minutes and counting! “Whatcha think it was that easy?” Harvey teased. “Jus’ stop the clock and that’s it, right? When y’all gonna learn we

always got a Plan B, man?! All y’all losers gonna die tonight and there’s not a damn thang you, that shrimpy agent or her alcoholic sista can do about it!!”

“If I’m dying tonight,” Saxon grunted, “then junior, you’re coming with me!” He pushed Harvey off his chest and leaped on his shoulders like a cat. Attempting to put on a chokehold, the veteran couldn’t help but think how can he defeat this behemoth of a man? More importantly, how can he alert Alex that the bombs are still live?

Wait a minute. Maybe he can get rid of this bomb and give Alex time to find the other. But where can he dispose of it? The basement! Yes. Now how can he get rid of Harvey long enough to yank that computer out from the wall? Elevators are at the end of the hall. That’s the best bet. How he can lure the big

man toward that direction - PSSSHHEW!! Both men appeared inside the elevator shaft!

Saxon thought time had slowed down as he looked around the shaft and gasped at the fact that there was no ground underneath their feet. They were suspended in mid-air! Seeing the death-defying drop below, Saxon released his arms and quickly disappeared. With nothing to hold to, and not possessing any power to fly, Harvey spiraled down to the landing base, releasing a high-pitched scream along the way.

Seconds later, Saxon reappeared in the Energy and Generations room. He raced over to the computer screen and didn’t bother scrambling for the disarming code. Alex, who’s far more tech-savvy than him, couldn’t figure it out. All hope would be lost if he even attempted to try. The bomb was Harvey’s

baby. Its rightful place should be with its creator. Grabbing hold of the electrical tower and its plug, Saxon waited before pulling them off the wall or else the bomb would explode immediately. His timing had to be precise. “I hope this works.”

Thinking about the shaft, he ripped the computer station away from its wiring before vanishing. Reappearing at the bottom of the shaft, he stood over a beaten and bloody Harvey Gaines and dropped the equipment on his chest. “You forgot this,” he said and then disappeared once again.

“NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!” Knowing these were the last seconds of his life, Harvey screamed like an opera singer stepping on a nail as the long beep echoed throughout the elevator shaft.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM!!!!! Flames engulfed the entire shaft and continued to travel upward, eating everything in its path. Perched on top of the elevator stationed several floors above, Saxon thanked God his plan had worked. But there was no time to relish the victory as the fire grew higher. He then vanished just as the flames swallowed the elevator and shot through the ceiling like a volcano.

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