Angelites - Body of Persons Empowered

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Chapter 74

Alex ran out to the hallway and skidded in her tracks at the sight of eight cops in riot gear blocking her path. They ordered her to stop, but she ran the other way and rammed the staircase door open. The roof was a bad idea since she knew Khalil was waiting for her. There was only one place where she could take these cops out one-by-one: The Physical and Fitness Center. She leaped downstairs to the level below and swiped the hall door open with her keycard. Running past several training rooms, she stopped in front of two swinging blue doors in the middle of the hall and waited, not to catch her breath but to make sure the cops see her. What did she have in mind?

One by one, the cops spilled out from the stairway. “GET BACK HERE!!” they shouted. Alex pushed through the swinging doors and shut off all the lights. Cops hastily charged down the hall and followed her inside. Unfortunately, they failed to read the sign out front that said, “Combat Training Facility.”

Suffocating in darkness, the cops scurried around looking for a light switch. Blindly, they bumped into every piece of equipment between the jagged walls of the enormous room. Fear of the unknown seeped in their heads like kids trapped in a haunted house. None of them wanted to move. “Quit playing games, little girl!” a cop shouted, gulping his throat. “I know you’re in here! Show yourself!”

“What about our flashlights?” his partner asked. The cop facepalmed and ordered his team to turn on their flashlights as if they should’ve known better.

Light beams flurried through the room like fireflies in the swamp. “I’ll make

a deal with you,” another cop offered. “Surrender now and we won’t kill you. We’ll still have to beat the hell out of you, but just to incapacitate you. C’mon, sugar dumpling. Please come out - URKKK YACKKK!!

Gagging sounds plagued their ears, followed by three pounds and a loud thud. Flashlights swept across the floor until they discovered that flirty officer flattened on the floor like a carpet, out cold. A shiner and massive red swelling decorated one side of his face. Just then, another cop got beaten in the same fashion as the team found him lying on his stomach.

Third cop began to panic. He ran away without looking where he was

going. Flashes popped before his eyes. Unfortunately for him, he ran right into a weight rack and gave himself a concussion by cracking his head against a lifting bar. He’s done.

Fourth cop shouted, “I can’t take it no more! I’m gonna shoot! DAMMIT,

I’M GONNA SHOOT!!” POW! POW! POW! Three shots fired.

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!” Fifth cop screamed and hollered, “WHY YOU SHOOT ME FOR, MAN?! YOU DUMB SONUVA - ” Just then, Alex used a white oak bo staff to disarm both cops, smacking the weapons out from their hands and whacking them upside their heads.

Sixth cop ran for the door, but Alex jumped on his back before he could make it out. Gagging from the agent’s slender arm wrapped around his throat, he passed out. She then rolled him back behind the bleachers and kept creeping behind the equipment.

Two cops left alone in the dark. “You know what?” one of them threatened, “When I get my hands on you, I’m gonna carve my initials on your face!!”

The lights suddenly turned on. Unknowingly to the last men standing, Alex was waiting behind them. She snatched the nightstick from the threatening cop’s belt and swung it three times: once to the ribs and twice to the head. Before the last cop could make a move, Alex jabbed the nightstick against his throat. “How many are left?” she asked. The cop rubbed his throat and snarled. She dropped the nightstick and held up her hands. “Just talk to me and I’ll let you walk out of here.”

Ignoring her plea, the cop put up his fists. He wanted to fight. “You’re not

leaving this building alive,” he giggled.

Catching sight of his amateurish swing, Alex caught his wrist and Judo- tossed him onto the floor. Arching his aching back, the cop shakingly stood up on crooked legs. Not allowing him to catch his breath, Alex leaped forward and kicked him through the supply closet door. Buried underneath athletic supplies, the cop got yanked up by his collar and slammed against the wall. The agent demanded to know how many intruders were left on the roof. The cop gasped, “One… Khalil.”

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