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Chapter 75

Alex cracked open the access door and saw only two men on the heliport. She figured the man with the crappy brown suit and flapping ponytail had to be the main antagonist, Khalil. Lloyd was the other, beaten to his knees and shackled like a criminal. Now her blood started to boil.

Khalil upsettingly checked the time on his phone. “Guess your captain doesn’t care about you after all,” he said. “But don’t worry. Your death will be for the greater –”

“Spare me your pathetic patriotic nonsense, ya greasy pig!” yelled Lloyd. He spat blood on Khalil’s shoes. “Kill me and get it over with.”

Khalil back-slapped him. “I wish I had the time to slice your throat from

ear-to-ear, but I got hundreds of people to kill and millions of dollars to pick up. Your precious Vasquez will never get you out in time. With the bloodshed and chaos that’ll plague this entire planet for years to come?” He sighed. “Young man. I’m just doing you a favor.”

He then swipe-opened the detonation app Harvey programmed on his phone. A red pill-shaped button appeared, embedded with the word “Activate.” Just then, someone hissed at him. He turned around expecting to see one of

his half-witted henchmen. WHAM!!! Alex launched a left fist to Khalil’s jaw, knocking him flat on his butt.

As he moaned and groaned on the floor, Alex snatched the cuff keys hanging from his belt. Lloyd pleasantly smiled seeing his boss coming to save his life. “I knew you’d come sooner or later,” he chuckled.

“Sorry I took so long,” said Alex while opening the shackles. “Now I need you to go downstairs and lay low for a -”

“Like bloody hell! No way I’m leaving you alone with this damned piece of dog turd.”

“I’ll be fine, but our friends won’t be if I don’t nab this weasel. I wish I could explain everything to you, but there’s no time. Trust me. Please. Go.” Before leaving the heliport, Lloyd firmly grabbed his boss and planted a long kiss on her lips. As he hobbled off the roof, Alex was left speechless.

“YOU’RE NOT LEAVING!!!!” Khalil yelled. “Hart never respected me! His men don’t respect me! I told you I got a bomb… AND YOU HIT MY FACE!! You don’t respect me either! I was told to lure you here so the Angelite could show up! We both know good and damn well I don’t stand a chance against her! I’m a dead man walking…” He prolonged a wicked laugh. “The beautiful thing is I will kill the Angelite! Everlasting anguish will destroy her knowing that I WAS THE ONE who killed her sister! One swipe of this button and we go bye-bye!

“Funny expression coming from you since you’re the one who’s crying like a baby,” said Alex. “Why don’t you go ahead and push that button? Quite honestly, I’m getting tired of listening to your annoying voice.”

“So, you’re that anxious to die, huh?! MY PLEASURE!!!!” Khalil pressed the button on the touch screen. Nothing happened. His face twisted as if he was sucking a bag of lemons. His shoulders tensed and hands balled up. He pressed several more times until the screen cracked. His eyes watered.

“Didn’t work, did it?” Alex responded. “In your last announcement, you gave your whole plan away. I found out where you hid the bomb and disarmed it. The only remaining question is where did you plant the second bomb? And the beautiful thing is I got all the time I need to beat the truth out of you. She stuck out her chin. “C’mon, I dare you.”

Khalil lunged forward with a wild punch. Alex sidestepped and elbowed the back of his head. He tumbled to the ground and cradled his ribs, groaning and whimpering. Alex then stomped on his back several times. Even while screaming from the pain, he desperately continued to push the button.

“That’s enough of that,” she said before punting the phone out of his hand.

Khalil gave a long dramatic cry as he watched it spiral off of the roof.

She kicked his legs apart and said, “This one’s for Lloyd!” WHAM!! One huge stomp to his midsection. Soaking with tears and perspiration, Khalil curled up like a fetus and bawled like a spoiled child. Alex dragged him toward the edge of the building and hung him over.

“NO!!!!” Khalil bawled. “STOP, PLEASE!!!”

“I’ve been seeing human beings do amazing things these past few days:

speeding, flying, instant transportation. They say that we can do anything we

put our minds to, right? I wonder what you can do. Let’s see if a rat like you can grow a pair of wings and fly.”

“You don’t want to do this!! I can help you take down Hart!! He forced me to do this. They wanted me to kill the Angelite, but I couldn’t do it! I greatly respect her! And you – you, too!! Just let me go and you’ll never hear from me again!!”

“All I want to hear is the location of the second bomb! You got ten seconds

or else YOU GO BYE-BYE! 10! 9! 8! –”

“WAIT!!! I’LL SHOW YOU!!! Over there! I’ll show you!” Alex yanked him by his tie and dragged him back to the heliport. “Here,” he pleaded. “Somewhere around here.”

“Could you be more specific?” She looked around for a small box or hidden compartment. All of a sudden, the entire roof trembled under her feet. She lost her balance and let go of his tie. Once freed, Khalil dug into his jacket and slapped a keyless shackle onto Alex’s wrist. Embedded on it was the second bomb crystal with a tiny countdown clock! Twenty- minutes and counting!

“You wanted the bomb? NOW YOU GOT IT!!” He laughed hysterically. Alex pulled and tugged on the shackle, but it wouldn’t budge. “My dear. It was ingenious of you to deactivate my bomb. However, the one you’re wearing is very much alive! I knew I was no match for the Angelite. Therefore, I designed this baby to wipe her out for good! Since she’s a no-show, I might as well use

it to kill another Vasquez, right?! No more codes. No more wires. No more buttons. Just, ‘boom goes the dynamite!’ And so do you!”

Alex looked terrified! Only Gina could rip this contraption off. But she’s on

the other side of town. She’ll never get here in time. Her train of thought went blank. Rage had taken over. She turned to Khalil with a cold stare. Emotionless. “Well then,” she threatened. “There’s nothing left to stop me from killing you. Right?” Khalil’s joyous smile instantly dropped.

Alex punched him so hard that two teeth flew out from his mouth. She Judo flipped him to the ground and relentlessly pounded on his face, wanting to beat him to death. For the first time in years, she burned with anger. Angry for being outsmarted by a weasel. Angry for failing her team. Angry that she’ll lose her sister again.

“My God,” she gasped. She was suddenly reminded of Gina’s horrific episode, momentarily losing control. For years she chastised her about learning from her mistakes. Now she’s on the verge of taking a life in the same fashion. People offer opinions about certain things, but their view changes once they’re the ones going through it. “I’m sorry Gina,” she said while slowly stepping away. Gazing at Khalil’s beaten body, blinded by his tears and choking on his blood, she no longer desired to kill him.

Unexpectedly, Saxon Davis appeared at the heliport. “GET BACK! GET BACK! GO!!!” He wrapped his arms around her and dove off the heliport. BOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!

The entire roof imploded. Left alone inside the landing circle, Khalil held onto a guardrail to keep from falling into the giant crater left behind. Rumbling sounds grew louder. The heat grew hotter. He saw punishing flames approaching. With nothing else to do but hang like a worm on a hook, moments from being burnt to a crisp, he cursed out one name. “HART!!!!”

Fire erupted through the roof like a volcano. Khalil instantly got scorched to dust. His cheap suit levitated within the flames while his inner demon catapulted into the twilight. After several burning minutes, the blazing geyser died down. Smoke and ash floated over the wrecked heliport like snow on Christmas Eve.

While catching her breath, Alex looked at the massive damage left behind. Thank God Saxon arrived in time to rescue her. “Mission...accomplished,” she said.

“Yes ma’am,” Saxon replied. “The hostages are safe.”

Getting to their feet, Alex realized Saxon was now as powerful as Gina.

He could rip off the shackle! But before she could explain, Saxon collapsed, experiencing a seizure. “What’s happening to me,” he stuttered, unable to move his arms. Alex then remembered that new Angelites burn energy faster. Since he spent such large amounts already without proper training, not to mention being older, it could take hours for him to recuperate. She only had minutes left. It was inevitable. She was going to die. But she decided it would just be her. “You’re drained,” she said. “Your body is still getting used to the change. Just rest here and my agents will take you to the hospital.”

“Agents? Where…are you…going? We won…the battle…is over…we’re in this…to…gether…”

“Try not to talk. This nightmare will be over when you wake up…but I

won’t be. One more thing needs to be done, but I must do this on my own.” “No…wh-what…what are you s-saying?”

Hesitantly, Alex revealed the rigged shackle clenched on her wrist. Saxon fought to pick himself up, but he could barely lift his finger. “I…c-can’t get up… give me…a minute and I’ll –”

“Rest.” She planted a kiss on his forehead. “Thank you for taking care of my sister for so many years. You truly are an angel. Goodbye.”

“Don’t…do this.” Alex turned away. “You…can’t do this. YOU CAN’T DO THIS!!!” The exit door opened, and Alex stepped off the roof. Evening breeze blew through his pepper hair as the sorrowful Angelite drifted off to sleep. He promised Gina that he’d bring Alex home. He couldn’t keep his word.

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