Angelites - Body of Persons Empowered

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Chapter 77

Clucifix cops ran out of the building, tripping and banging into one another due to the pavement shifting under their feet. Fearful of an enormous blast, some of them ducked behind parked cars while others ran into Thomas Paine Park. Although they ran and hid, sadistic joy was displayed on their faces, anxious to see great balls of fire scorch the whole building. But to their disappointment, after several terrifying minutes, the rumbling eventually stopped. FBI Headquarters stood tall. White smoke poured out the front doors as hostages escaped outside to freedom. Evil officers blocked their path and ordered them to stay where they were. “ON YOUR KNEES, NOW!!!!” the head cop yelled while the rest of the brigade drew their weapons on the crowd. Hostages, scraped and blackened, dropped to the ground and begged to be released, hoping this nightmare would end.

Tailing the terrified crowd came one last hostage, moving through the lobby like a frozen zombie. Screaming in fright, the hostages moved aside, clearing a path for the cops to take their last casualty. “GET DOWN ON THE GROUND NOW!!!!” the cop ordered. But the lone hostage kept coming. Smoke parted away. Moonlight revealed bloody scars, frizzled long hair and tattered clothing, which belonged to a woman who has just survived the impossible: Alexandra Vasquez!

Again, the cop shouted, “GET ON YOUR KNEES OR I’LL BLOW YOUR HEAD OFF!!!!” Looking to the ground, Alex dropped to her knees and raised her hands. Cries and pleas for help flooded her ears. Enough was enough! These devils needed to be eradicated once and for all.

As a cluster of rifles pointed at her head, she closed her eyes. Was she praying? More like focusing. Forces of nature reacted with a sudden change of winds. Even the cops had a sense that something unearthly was going on.

Thunder and rumbling sounded. Not a raindrop dripped from the sky. Where was that noise coming from? “Over there!” a cop from the back shouted, pointing toward the highway. Tidal waves pumped from the East River, rocking Coast Guard ships like toys in the bathtub. One pipeline wave rose to unimaginable heights as it rushed toward the shoreline. Crashing over the barrier and engulfing the highway, the wave charged into the mainland as if it was being controlled. Alex didn’t move. She held the sides of her head, grunting through her teeth.

Cops fled for their lives as the enormous wave rushed through Thomas Paine Park. Hostages held onto each other, screaming for mercy. CRAAAAAAAAASH!!!!!!!!!!! Raging waters crashed down on everyone,

flooding Federal Plaza, growing to half the size of the headquarters. It continued barreling through the city streets, washing away numerous squad cars. Demons of all different sizes and colors shot out from the water, tortured in midair as their very ghostly essence got ripped to shreds. Ghastly howls wailed in the air. Demons exploded like balloons over the island of Manhattan like New Year’s Eve fireworks.

Then, the unimaginable happened. Violent waters rolled in reverse and retracted back to the river. The ground could be seen once more. Hostages miraculously stood in their places, soaking wet but unharmed. City buildings remained intact. Trees in the parks were still standing. Waters were called to only kill the Clucifix cops, like an act of God. Order was restored as if the violent chaos never happened.

Still on her knees, Alex felt completely replenished. Her suit looked brand new. Brown locks shined as if she just stepped out of the beauty salon. Lowering her hands, she looked up at the heavens and wallowed with joy. “Thank you,”

she repeated. Alexandra Vasquez was now an Angelite! Before relishing in her rebirth, she abruptly fainted.

EMT’s, fire trucks and state police cars roared onto the scene. Medics ran

out and attended to the hostages while honorable policemen entered the building. Oddly enough, they exhibited normal behavior as if none of them witnessed Alex’s aquatic phenomenon.

Lloyd and Agent Burke called for help as they walked out carrying an incapacitated Saxon Davis on their shoulders. EMT’s grabbed the veteran and

placed him on a gurney, rushing him inside of an EMT truck. The agent’s fears escalated at the sight of their boss lying motionless on the ground. Agent Burke directed medical personnel to immediately attend to Alex. Lloyd cradled her in his arms, whimpering as he repeated, “Don’t you leave me now.”

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