Angelites - Body of Persons Empowered

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Chapter 81

Clouds of dust everywhere. Liquor of all kinds stained the walls. A crater-sized hole stood where the roof used to be. Every dance level had been obliterated. What once stood as the undisputed king of late-night entertainment had been reduced to rubble, rotting and crumbling inside and out. Gina woke up coughing from the smoke. Exhausted. Fully drained. At the last split-second, she used all of her power to contain the blast radius, keeping the building foundation intact. But, at what cost? She rolled on her stomach and tried getting to her feet. After taking one step, she collapsed. Aching muscles. Pounding headache. She couldn’t focus. Re-energizing became impossible.

John Hart stood on the other side of the room, giggling mercilessly. How is it the bomb’s devastating blast did not affect him? Did he shield himself, too? No. Gina must’ve unintentionally protected him in the process. Was that his plan all along? The bomb may not have killed her, but it served its purpose.

“Hi there,” John comically impersonated. “Guess you’re wondering what happened to you, huh? Well...a Ghost Bomb is supposed to wipe out every living creature in its path. But! I knew you’d sacrifice yourself to save the rest of the city. Containing that blast was a pretty ballsy move, I must say. Bet you’ve never withstood something with such magnitude before, have you? Meaning you’re as weak as a bunny now. Check. And mate.”

John immediately delivered a punishing kick to her ribs. Grabbing a handful of red hair, he then threw her against the wall like a sack of cement. Plaster and dust crumbled on her back as she fell to the ground. John leaped in the air like

LeBron James and lowered the sole of his boot into her spine. He used so much force that the floor broke beneath them, dropping both down to the main dance floor below. Gina wallowed in pain. She couldn’t fight back. John danced across the disco floor as if he just scored a touchdown.

“What’s the matter, honey buns?” he taunted. “Getting tired already? You’re pathetic! Looking at you down there crawling like a worm made me realize that I don’t need you! Who wants to be with someone who’s not smart enough to do what they’re told?! Your powers are decreasing while mine are getting stronger by the minute. Just when you think you got me down, I RISE TO THE OCCASION!! I win!! All I do is win!! And Nobody helped me! I did it ALL BY MYSELF!!”

Fighting unbearable pain, unable to recharge, Gina had one weapon left to fight with: her mind. She got on all fours and exaggerated her weakness, exhaling her words. “So... where’s your mentor? Why isn’t he here…sharing this moment with you? You’d think he’d be to congratulate you...if he had so much faith in you. All I see is you…dancing alone… celebrating a fight you haven’t won call that greatness?”

That comment broke his celebratory mood. Grandpa abandoned him. John fulfilled his task and still no sign of his mentor. He stood there sulking like a child picked last for basketball. Just the moment Gina needed. “You think I need him?” he snapped. “THE HELL WITH HIM!!!! I don’t need anybody!! You may’ve defeated all those sorry losers I recruited, BUT I’M THE SOLE SURVIVOR!! Why? Because I am true and living –” He stopped. Gina disappeared. Quivering and frowning, he realized she played him. Being distracted by heartache, he foolishly allowed Gina to regain her strength. He screwed up.

A light tap on his shoulder got him shaking like a leaf. He didn’t want to

turn around. Hesitantly, he looked over his shoulder. WHAM!!!! One punch sent John flying through three walls. He slid across the floor of what used to be the lounge area. Dirtballs and dust mounted up against his scalp. A recharged Gina Vasquez swooshed over him, replenished and radiating with confidence. “If you knew anything about my powers, then you would’ve known my tolerance grows after every battle. Meaning, I regenerate faster.” She grabbed John by his throat and lifted him over her head. “You should’ve finished me off. Big mistake.”

Gina threw an uppercut that levitated him across the room. Before he could land on the ground, she rushed over and whacked him again. Faster as time

went on, she continuously ran back and forth for several merciless minutes, walloping him from both sides of the room like a one-woman tennis match. Bringing his punishment to an end, she sent John crashing into a corner with his knees folding over to his head. Feeling like he’d been stampeded by a herd of elephants, the wicked detective struggled to turn his body right side up.

“Weak,” he muttered, refusing defeat. “After all I still can’t kill me.” He used the broken furniture to unsteadily pick himself up. “And after I heal…I’ll keep you alive long enough…to watch your mother…and sister… bleed like pigs once I slowly cut their throats...and it’ll be all...your...fault.”

Straining with all of his might, John stretched his arms out and summoned another dose of dark power. “Me – fisto!” he hollered. Lighting sparked from his hands once more, but not as potent as before. Red swirls surrounded his

body, confining him inside an egg-shaped orb. However, his weakened condition couldn’t contain its combustible energy. The lightning faded until it eventually disappeared. He dropped to his knees, not an ounce of fight left in him. Looking at the Angelite with soulful eyes, he threw his hands in surrender. “You beat me, Vasquez,” he admitted. “It’s more war. Forgive me. It’s in your nature

to forgive, isn’t it? Grant me mercy.”

Gina shook her head. “Now you want mercy? Sad. You have a natural quality to organize and gather. Could’ve helped so many people. And cops. But you chose greed. Wanting to be a ruler. A city treasure. Except now, you’re about to become a buried treasure.”

John giggled. “So... you’re finally going to kill me?”

“You’ve asked for mercy. I have to honor that. Please attack me so I can change my mind.”

Just then, John felt a dark aura similar to his. His eyes watered with joy seeing Commissioner Wood walking out to the center of the room, smiling like a proud dad. Keeping her guard, Gina allowed the beaten detective to crawl toward his master, letting him enjoy his last moment of freedom.

Wood placed his hands on his protégé’s shoulders. John was eager to hear his teacher say how proud he was for his loyalty and gallant effort toward the Clucifix uprising. But then, Wood’s smile dropped to a disappointed smirk. “Pathetic,” he slurred.

The smile on John’s face curled to a horrified frown. It can’t be. He wouldn’t. They’ve been through so much together, since the beginning. Tears streamed down his eyes like a river. He was scared to death. Days of unimaginable suffering awaited him. Dear God.

Wood drove his hand into John’s chest! Blood exploded from his mouth. His eyes rolled back as his whole body trembled. Wood grabbed hold of his

spine and ripped out a demonic skeleton from his flesh. It fought to wrestle away from his monstrous grip. He then crumpled up the bones like an old newspaper. Chalky dust spilled from between his fingers. John’s fleshy remains dropped

to the dirty floor like a Halloween costume. All of a sudden, they ignited into a scorching flame that traveled across the floor and rode up the walls.

As the entire lounge got devoured, Wood turned to face Gina, laughing in despicable pleasure as the fire crackled and danced behind him. “Get a good look at your future!!” he warned. “The Angelites will fall! But YOU will die by MY HANDS ALONE!!” An appalled Gina watched a man that she once admired take someone’s life so barbarically. Fury and rage sparked something

inside. Her as her hands lit up with pure white energy. Wood pointed at her like a school teacher and warned, “Don’t even think about –”

BOOOOM!!!!!!! Energy beams shot out from Gina’s fists, blasting Wood in his blackhearted chest. He crashed through the fiery wall and descended toward the street. Before splatting to a bloody mess, in midair he transformed into a bat creature, flapping wickedly massive wings through the misty night sky.

Gina raced up to the top of the roofless building and spotted three helicopters approaching from the Hudson River. She took a running start from the narrow ledge and shot up through the air like a rocket. Cold gust rushed against her face as she flew toward the first chopper. Gatling guns recklessly fired in her direction. She landed on its nose and shattered the windshield with one punch. No pilot inside the cockpit. She then jumped inside and ripped out the control box. The chopper wildly spun down toward the water. She climbed to the top and ripped out the blades from its apparatus. As the second chopper approached, she flung the blades like a Frisbee and sliced it in half. Great balls

of fire lit up the night as mechanical pieces plunged into the river. Two down and

one to go.

Through the aerial fire and spiraling smoke clusters, Gina leaped up to the last chopper and grasped onto its landing skid. She climbed up to the cabin door and slid it open. Waiting inside was Commissioner Wood, holding a uniquely

made rocket launcher the size of an Uzi. Three Ghost Bomb crystals armed in the chamber. He squeezed the trigger. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!

A fiery bomb blasted Gina off the chopper. Incapacitated, unable to slow down. Spiraling down, she crashed through the nightclub like a meteor, buried under rock, wood, plaster and metal beams. Wood fired again. Another fiery explosion rocked every piece of its foundation down to ruin, becoming a wasteland of smoke and rubble. Pleased at the demise of his enemy, Wood kicked his feet up behind the pilot’s seat as the chopper flew over the Hudson River and into the early morning horizon.

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