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Chapter 83

The next morning, Deputies Dooley and Carlo arrived at Carmel City Hospital to visit Veronica Silverblaze. Their shifts didn’t start for a few more hours, so they planned on shooting the breeze with her in the meantime. In their hands were a bouquet, two helium balloons and a sympathy card signed by the entire station. The nurse had just exited the room and the officers stopped her to inquire about Veronica’s condition. “Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any improvement,” the nurse replied. “You can go in, but the doctor will be coming to check on her shortly.”

Disappointed at the news, Dooley and Carlo entered the room and cringed at the dismal sight of their normally attractive boss: black rings tattooed under her eyes, sunken cheeks as if she hadn’t eaten in months, and chalky dryness on her plump lips. Laying the flowers on the tray table, Carlo tied the balloons to the bedpost while Dooley placed the card on the nightstand. Pulling chairs up to the sides of the bed, the deputies gently spoke words of encouragement

to Veronica, wishing her a speedy recovery. However, they still had no leader

to run the station house. And judging by the numerous names they volunteered, neither of these guys wanted that responsibility.

“Walker’s the one with no family,” Carlo mentioned. “Maybe he should take the helm until Ronnie comes back.”

“Nah, he hates working long hours as much as we do,” Dooley rejected. “What about Zoe? Think she can give direction?”

Dude, she’s a secretary. We need someone hands-on and will take care of

business, not some skirt who’s gonna bark orders behind the desk while filing her fingernails.”

“Hope somebody steps up soon because I can’t take any more of these 12- hour shifts. Yo u should consider taking the job.”

Yeah, right! I get all the hard work while you get to relax and do nothing, right? Are you volunteering for the job?”

“Heh - not me.”

“Exactly! Sheesh...did Gina say when she was coming back?”

At that moment, Veronica’s nostrils began pumping like pistons. The deputies looked down at her, excited to see she’s showing signs of life. They whispered out her name. Was she about to awaken? Her eyes opened. “Ronnie?”

Suddenly, Veronica wrapped her hands around the deputies’ throats! Her beautiful face was twisted with furious anger. The vein in the middle of her forehead throbbed like a hot air balloon. Biceps bulged like a bodybuilder while elongated growls hummed through her tightly clenched jaw. The deputies fought desperately to get away as they watched their boss instantly sit up from the bed. Both got flung across the room like trash bags.

Nurses ran into the room. Veronica jumped off the bed and attacked them like a mad dog. Bodies were being thrown across the hall like rag dolls. She flipped the bed got over with one arm, growling like a mad dog. Blinded by immense rage and showing phenomenal strength, she punched holes into the walls as if they were made of paper, not once flinching from the severe scrapes marking up her slender knuckles.

Deputy Dooley pulled out his firearm and threatened to shoot if she didn’t resist. Staring at him with half-dead eyes, Veronica didn’t recognize who he was. “It’s me, Ronnie!” Dooley pleaded. “Don’t you remember me?”

Veronica calmed down after hearing his voice. It sounded familiar. Could memories be coming back to her? Is the woman they know and love floating back to the surface? No! Rage instantly returned as she grabbed Dooley by

his throat and lifted him off the ground. He did his best to break free from her deadly grip, but he eventually passed out. Dropping Dooley like a barbell, the crazed chief then set her sights on his partner.

Carlo attempted to escape out the door, but she yanked him back in by the collar of his uniform. He cried and squirmed like a worm on a hook, begging not to die. Looking at him with utter disgust, Veronica flung him out the window. Falling four stories down, Carlo landed on the hood of their squad car parked in front of the hospital.

Horrified employees ran for their lives while Veronica ricocheted down the hallway walls. She stumbled down the stairs and hammered down the Emergency Exit doors. Thunder and lightning crackled through the dark brown horizon as she ran outside. Blood washed off her hands and flowed down

the drainage as heavy rainfall pounded on the pavement. Angry. Confused. Now, sorrowful. Looking up at the sky, sobbing over what she has done, she repeatedly whispered, “Help me…help me.”

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