Dream With You

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One night dream became a reality for the two of them.. They got stuck by each body.. The girl became a boy.. The boy became a girl.. They always arguing each other.. But what if one day they got fallin for each other.. Is the two of them gonna fight for love? Or they will just stop loving each other? "As Tharvei said : I don't need anything, but I need you for me to live"

Fantasy / Other
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Author's Note

This is work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locations, and accidents are made by the wide imagination of the Author or used in a fictional way. Any resembles to actual person: living or dead ,or actual event: past or present is purely coincidental.

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This story is Unedited. So expect typo grammatical errors, graphical errors, phrases errors, wrong spellings and whatsoever errors. If your looking for a perfect story , stop and don't continue reading this. Thank you!




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