Cupid's Psyche

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The story of Cupid and Psyche is all a fabrication, a fantastical tale that never truly happened. How do I know it is all a lie, a deception the Gods used to make Cupid more popular? Because I am Cupid. I am here to tell you that the story you have heard is an untruth. I am here to tell you that I am but a God that is associated to Valentine’s Day, nothing more, nothing less. Yes, I use my invisible arrows as a means to unite people in love. Yes, I am the son of Venus, Goddess of love and Mars, God of war. No, I did not fall in love with a human named Psyche. How I wished the story was true, how I wish that I knew what love felt like. Throughout the centuries, I have seen the product of love, I have studied it, I have yearned for it, but never have I felt it. I am cursed to live a loveless existence, helping people fall in love, yet never experience it myself.

Fantasy / Romance
Constance P
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Council of Gods


I channeled my power to transform into my Godly form, feeling the familiar tingling take over my body. My pure white wings appeared behind me, a radiant light emanated from my body and my translucent bow and arrow settled in my hand. I propelled my body into the skies, guided by the wind, until I reached the Council of Gods. Even centuries later, I never got used to the majestic columns that reached into the heavens. I stood on clouds that felt hard as stone under my feet, yet when you touched them, they were as light as air. The Council was located somewhere between heaven and earth, it was close to where I lived, but that didn’t make it any less stressful to be here. I usually came to seek advice, I was never summoned. I could feel all their eyes bore down on me as I approached the center dais. Each council member sat on a majestic throne, adorned with their responsibilities and titles. I kept my eyes up, my back straight, one thing you could never do is lower your eyes before another God. You never show submission, it makes them think they have the upper hand.

″Do you know why you’ve been summoned Cupid?″ One could not mistake the voice that thundered across the heavens. Zeus was glaring at me, his arms crossed over his chest, further displaying his Herculean muscles.

‘’Yes.’’ I kept my eyes forward toward, looking past him towards his golden throne. Thunder bolts made of gold filigree embellished the entire massive chair, Andradite, emeralds and diamonds made the armrests sparkle like a million suns. I was used to coming to Zeus for advice, however I wasn’t accustomed to his commanding voice. He never used it in my presence before.

″Do you have a plan?″

I nodded, but understood my error when I saw a lightning bolt flying inches away from my face. I gulped and remembered never to get on Zeus’ bad side again.

″Speak!″ I flinched and tried to keep my overactive nerves in check.

‘’My plan is to focus solely on the humans, assimilate into their everyday lives so I can see firsthand what I need to do. I spend too much time in the heavens looking down, I need to be a part of their daily interactions.’’

Zeus seemed satisfied with my explanation, crossing his arms once again and scowling.

‘’That is a good plan.’’ I thanked him and waited to see what would happen next. I could still feel the summons grounding me to the clouds, I could not yet leave.

″I, for one, am counting on your matches. It has gotten quite difficult for people to love themselves. It seems they need the validation of others now.″ The voice was angelic, almost too perfect.

I turned to look at Aphrodite, smiling as I did so. When speaking with her, you couldn’t help being pulled in by everything about her. Her sun kissed skin glowed against her stark white silk gown. Her flowing golden hair cascaded down her back in a mass of soft curls. Her dress emphasized her ample bosom, trim waist and perfectly curvy hips. She was the most beautiful Goddess to ever grace the heavens. I cleared my throat and answered the powerful seductress that sat in front of me.

″I promise to match as many people as possible. Everyone here would benefit of love spreading through the mortal realm.″

″Speak for yourselves!″ I turned to find Ares scowling at me, his spear clutched to his side. The God of war wasn’t too pleased with the concept of love. He lived and breathed for violence, bloodshed and death.

″I beg to differ Ares. If men did not love money, women and worldly things, then war would not exist. Men fight for things they love.″ Ares continued scowling, even though Athena was completely right.

I looked at her and whispered my thanks to the Goddess of war. She had wisdom beyond everyone in the council, even surpassing her own father Zeus. I turned back to the king of the Gods and waited. I knew an ultimatum was coming, the council thrived on those. The Gods spoke in hushed tones while I waited for what seemed like a century. When I started to fear the worst, Zeus stood and lifted his arms towards the clouds. They slowly began to part, revealing the town below.

″You have two weeks to assimilate into Winterhaven. Two weeks to match as many people as possible. We will summon you again soon to discuss your progress.″

With a flick of the wrist, I vanished and was transported to the small town of Winterhaven. I felt my feet touch the ground and opened my eyes. I was surrounded by tall blades of corn, they swayed gently in the wind. I had no idea what I was going to do next, I did not know this town or its inhabitants. I had never been on earth, just looked at it from afar in the skies. I was always intrigued about how it felt to be down here, but never would I have imagined that I would get the chance to assimilate into their lives.

A strange feeling took over my body and I felt my wings begin to retract back into my shoulder blades. I felt my light slowly fade away and my loincloth transformed into normal human clothing. I tested my powers, finding that I was left with my bow and arrow, they were visible only to my eyes, humans could not perceive them, that much I knew. It would take some time to get used to this version of me, never had I felt so naked without my wings. I walked out of the corn field and found myself on a dirt road. Here goes nothing.

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