Cupid's Psyche

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Defeating Typhoeus


″What the hell do you mean Typheous is here!?″ I was seething, I could feel my power rising within my body, my mind a weak opponent against it. I tried my best to fight the lightning that itched to be released, I needed to unleash my rage against that serpent, not these innocent people. My voice had resounded against the walls of the pantheon, every God and Goddess stood silent, too afraid to utter a word. I ran past many frightened souls, not waiting around for Terasias who followed me closely, even though he was blind. He was my most trusted advisor and close friend, it only helped that he had the gift of clairvoyance. Ironic, since he had no physical sight.

I pushed the massive golden gates open, they ripped off their hinges and went flying into the nearby bushes. I’ll see to that later. I needed to find Typhoeus and stop whatever it was he had planned. I didn’t know that demon personally, but he was a force to be reckoned with. He also was not a demon they used for tormenting those that entered without an invitation. He had somehow found a way in and now he was killing off Gods left and right. Damn it to Hades!

I ran as fast as lightning, my legs propelling me to the spot Terasias had foreseen him in his vision. I hope I wasn’t too late, never would I have thought he would go after Cupid. Stupid beast, he would now have to be killed. They had a strict code of conduct when it came to Mount Olympus, you couldn’t just break the rules and get away with a slap on the wrist. I heard poor old Terasias heaving behind me, trying to catch his breath as he followed me. I still had to commend him on following me this far, anyone else would have lost sight of me after I bolted from the palace.

As we rounded the corner, I knew we were very close, I could smell the putrid odor emanating off of the beast already. I stopped running when I saw Cupid facing off with the giant in the forest. Typhoeus hissed as his serpent heads slithered towards Cupid, the poor God seemed scared out of his mind. I felt Terasias grab hold of my arm and he relayed a vision to me through his touch. I instantly felt better, knowing that we stood a chance to win this battle against the giant. Visions were always subject to change, yet it gave me hope that we could save our home.

I approached them quietly, his snakes could sense the vibrations of my feet hitting the earth. I lifted my arms and finally let my power take control.


Holy shit! I threw myself to the right and narrowly missed being scorched alive by one of his fire breathing heads. Typhoeus stood a few feet away, I looked up at the monstrous serpentine giant and he smirked down at me. I didn’t know one hundred smirks could be so terrifying. One hundred snake heads stared down at me, their scales rubbed together and made a horrifying dry raspy sound. I had to remember to breathe, I couldn’t let this thing know I was scared. I had never encountered Typhoeus before, thank the Gods for that. Yet here he was, and he was angry. I knew many obstacles stood before me as I tried to reach Mnemosyne, yet I had never thought something like this would be thrown at me. What I had braved on the mountain as a child, now seemed laughable to me. I had been spared the grotesque thing that now hissed at me. How the hell will I get past this thing? I didn’t remember ever having faced him, however, my memories had been erased, so maybe I had gotten past him the last time I was here?

As soon as I finished my thought, a lightning bolt pierced the sky and struck Typhoeus' cheek. Some of the snake heads turned to look at the intruder that dared hurt him, the rest kept their eyes on me. I knew who had joined us, but what I wondered was why. Didn't I have to defeat this thing alone? Why was Zeus helping me? I waited to see how the giant would react, so far, he kept his tails grounded and didn't move a muscle. You see, Typhoeus didn't have legs, he was equipped with two coiled viper snakes instead. He was truly the most terrifying thing I had ever seen.

A blinding white light spread out across the heavens, my eyes closed momentarily in fear of going blind. When the light disappeared, I turned and witnessed the most spectacular sight. Zeus was no longer alone, the eleven other Olympians stood next to him, preparing for battle. Athena knelt down in her long golden dress and as she stood, her clothing transformed into full battle armor. She held a spear in her left hand and a shield in her right. She was magnificent. Ares stood next to his sister, a permanent scowl on his face, ready for the fight to begin. He was the most brutal God in battle, he was able to focus his rage on his enemy and block everything else out. I smiled when I saw Poseidon, he towered over the other Gods, holding his trident and a calm look on his face.

I turned to look at the snake headed monster and could see its resolve falter a bit. I knew now that he was not supposed to be here. He was not a test for me, he was probably here to take Mount Olympus. I chuckled, good luck with that.

''You didn't think we would let you have all the fun, did you?'' I laughed when I heard Ares speak to me. I felt the ground beneath me begin to shake, a large crack appeared between me and Typhoeus and soon a massive crater separated us. I turned to watch Poseidon commanding the ground to shift.

''Sorry Cupid, this fight isn't meant for you.'' I frowned, I wanted to be a part of it, but I knew I couldn't defy these twelve Gods.

I watched as it all happened so fast, the warriors meant business. It reminded me yet again to not get on their bad sides. Athena gripped her spear and let out a battle cry as her weapon flew through the sky towards its target. It caught Typhoeus in one of its heads, it fell limp to his shoulders. He quickly pulled the spear out and tossed it to the side. One down, ninety-nine to go. The remaining heads hissed and he charged towards the group of Gods. Ares jumped up as they made contact, he smashed his head against the beast and stabbed as many serpent heads as possible. Typhoeus grabbed him and threw him off to the side, he landed on his feet and came back for more. Zeus was watching the Gods fight, his face radiated with power as he waited. I knew that Ares and Athena thrived during battle, he probably wanted to let his children have some fun before intervening. I watched as they continued to fight, none of them backing down from the challenge. I could only see five remaining snakes on Typhoeus' head, the rest were dead weight on his shoulders. I smiled, knowing that it would soon be over.

''Playtime is over children.'' Ares and Athena looked back at their father and chuckled. They let the beast go and walked back to the other Gods. Zeus held out his hands and lightning bolts appeared, he threw them at the monster that dared come closer and in the blink of an eye, it was over. He walked over to the giant, knelt down and stabbed each head just in case. He stood up, walked towards the crater that separated us and looked at me. His booming voice echoed back to me.

''You are free to go summon Mnemosyne. No more challenges await you.''

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