Cupid's Psyche

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As I walked through the darkened corridors, I felt my heavy robe dragging along the dirt behind me, I could feel the ceiling graze my hair. Why did the Oracle have to be in cave? Damn Trophonius! I hated it down here, I was a God, not a demon. Trophonius was both however and he much preferred the dank and humid cave to living on a lush and vast mountain. He liked being surrounded by flying bats, scurrying rats and the vast unsettling darkness.

As I rounded the last corner, the main part of the cave came into view. I was always taken aback by the carvings on the walls, symbols left behind by the damned souls. They were a permanent reminder that this was a terrifying place, no one was safe here. The soul of the recently deceased was captured and brought here for final sentencing. Each soul was given an ultimate choice. If you chose to drink from the river of Lethe, you forgot your previous life, along with the lessons it gave you and you would be sent back to earth to try and learn the lessons you needed. If you decided to drink from the river of Mnemosyne, you would keep your memories, but you would be sent to the Elysian Fields and spend eternity in peace. I often thought about what I would choose. Would I want to remember all the horrors of my life and spend an eternity dwelling on them? Or would I decide to be reborn without them and start anew, maybe to find myself living through worse things? I never knew and I hoped to never have to decide.

″Trophonius.″ I nodded in the direction of the demon God, he was slouching on his chair, without a care in the Underworld. I smirked, typical demon. He laughed when he heard me send him the message.

The newly departed soul stood before the two rivers, I walked beside the river of memory and my fingers gracefully touched the water. The river couldn’t affect me since I was its creator. I smiled at the young woman, she seemed to be a teenager. Her eyes grew wide when she finally took in my presence. I was kind of hard to miss. I stood out of the shadows and she fell back a few feet, landing with her back to the wall. The demon laughed and stood up slowly, walking towards the young woman. He held out his hand and she took it nervously. I stood almost twenty feet tall and I was actually the runt of my family.

″Mnemosyne won’t hurt you, unless you want her to.″ He winked at me. Don’t frighten the poor child, I sent him as a warning. He chuckled and stood by her side, waiting for me to approach the vessel that she had to drink from.

″You have a choice to make dear child.″ I listened as he gave her the same speech I had heard countless times. When he was finished, she looked up at me and smiled.

″I choose to drink from the river of Mnemosyne.″ I already knew what would be chosen, so did Trophonius, hence my needing to be here. No other Gods could touch the water from the river, which was why I was always summoned when a new soul chose to drink from it. I had attended to every soul, except for two and it was because I had been held captive and could not break through the barriers.

I held up the chalice to her lips and she drank from it slowly. Peace was a beautiful thing that not many people had a chance of knowing. She was lucky in a way, hopefully her memories would not torment her for all of eternity. When she drank the last drop, her head fell back and I caught her in my massive hand. I placed her on the ground and stepped back. It took a few seconds before her eyes opened and she sat up. Her face was peaceful, her body was relaxed. I gave her my hand to help her stand, she took it without hesitating. I was always amazed at the difference in size when a human's hand was in mine. Trophonius gestured for her to follow him, she moved to his side and they walked towards the gates of the Elysian Fields. Have a peaceful afterlife dear child, I saw her turn her head briefly and smile at me.

I felt a sudden pull to go home and I heard Cupid shouting out to me. A flash of blue mist surrounded me before I was teleported back home.


''I didn't expect to see you back so soon.'' I heard her words, as I looked behind me and there she stood. I ran to her and knelt before her.

''Stand up you fool!'' She laughed and slapped me across the shoulder. I fell to the ground, laughing along with her as I stood. She was so powerful, she could crush me with her thumb if she wanted to.

''I need you to restore the memories you took from me.'' I saw her frown as she pondered my request.

''Your souls must really be connected if you have found her so quickly.'' I knew that she was talking about Psyche, but I didn't comprehend the immensity of the situation.

''I will give you you memories back on one condition.'' I nodded, I would do whatever it took.

''You need to promise to never let her go again.'' I didn't know what my stolen memories would tell me, but I could feel in my very soul that I needed to be with her. I nodded and the Titan took my hands in hers.

Blue mist appeared around her head, it found its way to mine and clouded my vision. I felt what could only be described as thousands of knives stabbing my body. I screamed as I tried to pull away, but Mnemosyne held me tightly with her mammoth hands. The pain increased and I started convulsing, I didn't know how much more I could take. As soon as the thought crossed my mind, the pain stopped and the visions started. Mnemosyne let me go, I fell limp to the floor as my lost memories invaded my very being. It was as though I was reliving every single forgotten moment, feeling every emotion for the first time. It was so overwhelming, I held myself like a small child and cried until it was over. I hope to the Gods that no one saw me! When it all ended, I turned to Mnemosyne and saw that she was holding out a small vile filled with liquid.

''Give this to Psyche when you find her, it will give her back her memories.'' I cursed under my breath, why couldn't I have just done that? Mnemosyne smirked, as though she heard my thoughts.

''Psyche is technically in human form right now, she can't brave Mount Olympus.'' I nodded and stood up. She led me to a nearby altar and motioned for me to stand on it. I did and waited to see what would happen.

''Think of your love and you will be brought close to her.'' I thanked her and focused my thoughts on Psyche. It wasn't hard to do now that I remembered everything. I imagined her beautiful face in my mind, her arms wrapped around me, the smell of her hair when I kissed her head, the face she made the first I told her I loved her. A blue mist appeared around me and I was teleported to a deserted beach.

Where the hell am I?

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