Cupid's Psyche

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Island of Aeaea


As soon as we landed on the island, I began removing my winter clothes and Willow removed her dress. I was taken aback when she stood naked in front of me, but she was truly magnificent. I could see her wings up close, and for some reason, they seemed familiar to me. I felt safe with her and it was all that mattered for now. I knew she was trying to keep me safe, so this island was probably to hide away. She took me by the hand, we left our clothing on the sand and she led me into the forest. She seemed to know where she was going, so I followed without question. I could only hope that she would answer my questions when we were safe. I felt like we had walked all day before I saw the clearing up ahead. Willow held out her hand and blue mist appeared in front of us, a door magically appearing. It was intricately carved with all manners of forest materials, just like her wings. She grabbed the handle, opened the door and we walked inside. What I saw took my breath away.


I walked along the warm sand and I noticed that the sun would soon be going down. I needed to find Psyche and I didn't have much time left. I willed my wings to expand and I pushed myself off the soft surface. As I surveyed the island for a few minutes, I came to understand that it wasn't inhabited. But why would the oracle send me here? I thought of Psyche and only her, it should have sent me to her side. I shook my head as I continued my search. She had to be here, I knew I wouldn't be led here for nothing. I flew above an open field and decided to land and go by foot, maybe they were well concealed by the trees. As I started to descend, I felt an invisible force keeping me in the air. But of course! They were hidden by magic! I tried flying down across the field until I came to a point where my feet touched the earth. I pulled out an arrow and held it out until it touched the magical shield. The tip of the arrow became blue mist, as it penetrated the field. The arrow disappeared and a door was in its place. I tried the handle and realized it was locked. I knocked loudly on it a few times and stepped back.


I can't believe fairies are real! Willow said they were called nymphs, but they look the same to me. She was one of them and I laughed to myself, she's a bad ass fairy alright. There was blue mist everywhere I looked, the beautiful nymphs were practicing their magic. I saw one weaving a basket made of vines, one was pulling up the rope from a deep well, another was stirring an enormous pot of soup. All the nymphs were naked, it seemed so natural for them to be this way. I felt overdressed in my top and jeans. Oh well. I walked alongside Willow as we passed a few nymphs that welcomed her home. When we arrived at one of the small tree houses, she started going up the rope ladder, gesturing for me to follow her. I did my best not to fall over, it wasn't very stable, yet I made it safely to the top. When I walked in, I was blown away again by all the natural decorations. It seemed these nymphs could create anything out of wood, leaves and vines. I stared, as Willow sat down on the bed and tapped the spot beside her. I sat down and she waited a moment before beginning.

''I can tell you everything you want to know about yourself. The only thing you asked me is that I not tell you about Cupid. We can journey to Mnemosyne soon, I just needed to see Circe first to get my powers rejuvenated. Braving Mount Olympus is not for the faint of heart.'' I listened as she spoke. Circe? Mount Olympus? Mnemosyne? I knew what everything was since my father taught them to me, but were all of the stories true? And if they were, what did they have to do with me?

We heard a commotion outside and Willow asked me to stay put while she went to see the source of the problem. I heard her gasp, then she turned to me.

''Cupid has found us. I need to go let Circe know he means no harm.'' She disappeared, as I jumped up and made my way down the unstable ladder. I saw her reappear in front of him, another woman standing by her side. She was clothed in a gauzy blue dress, it revealed everything yet looked demure against all the other nude nymphs. I saw the two speaking with their heads turned away from him and then they turned back and he smiled at them. He is the most beautiful man I have ever seen. Wait! Are those wings?? I approached them slowly and as I came closer, Circe turned to me and nodded.

''It's nice to see you are well Psyche, Cupid would like to speak with you, is that okay?'' I turned to look at Willow, who in turn smiled and nodded. I already felt like I knew him and with all the mystery around him, I wanted to know what he had to say. I nodded and looked up at him and his beautiful white wings. He saw where I was looking and smiled at me. My God, he is too perfect. I heard Circe chuckle beside me, I looked up and she shrugged her shoulders.

''Sorry, I will block out your thoughts as to not hear them.'' She smirked and I found myself laughing. These nymphs are awesome, they can even read minds.

''I'm the only one here that isn't a nymph.'' I stopped laughing and wondered what she was. ''An enchantress.'' I didn't really know what it meant, but she didn't scare me so I simply nodded. ''Last time I read your thoughts, promise.'' She said it while laughing, I had an inkling that it wasn't the truth. ''I can only hear them since you are technically a human.'' Technically? ''Go with Cupid and he will explain it all to you I'm sure.'' Thank you Circe.

Cupid held out his hand to me, I took it hesitantly, I remembered what happened the last time we touched. As my hand went into his, the sparks were back, so was the warm and loving feel. He looked down at our hands, he probably felt it too. He smiled and led the way through a few trees and into a ground level house. It was just as beautiful as the one Willow had taken me to. We sat on the bed and he pulled out a small vile filled with water.

''This water is from the Mnemosyne river, she's the one who took our memories at our request. This water will give them back to you.''

I took it into my hands and wondered if I should take it. Was it really meant to give me back my memories or was it to poison me? I didn't truly believe he would cause me any harm, yet I didn't trust Mnemosyne. I knew her story, if it was all indeed true. I didn't know why she would give them back so easily.

''She already gave me my memories back. It's taking all of my willpower right now not to touch you and kiss you like I used to.''

I felt my cheeks warm and I knew I was blushing beet red. I pulled off the small cork and looked up at the man sitting next to me. Here goes nothing.

I drank the foul tasting water and as the blue mist enveloped me, I felt to the ground, screaming out in pain. Oh my God, it was poison! I'm dying! I felt Cupid's arms around me and the pain increased ten fold. At least I'm dying in the arms of a beautiful man. I laughed to myself despite the pain. His hands moved to my back and gently massaged me, as the pain died down and was replaced by visions. So many picture were flying in front of me, they were distorted, I couldn't understand them. Soon, they began to slow down and my entire life flashed before my eyes.

I remembered everything.

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