Cupid's Psyche

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The full story Part 1

* The story of Cupid and Psyche*

Most Gods and Goddesses are very vain. They know that their beauty far surpasses that of any mortal being. However, while watching earth one day, Aphrodite came upon a woman who far exceeded any immortals beauty. The Goddess was enraged, so much hate filled her heart for the young beauty, that she summoned Cupid to do her nasty bidding. Cupid was an arrogant God back then, his arrows were used for matching couples, yet he often went against Zeus’ orders and he forced people together instead of leaving nature take its course. He toyed around with humans and immortals alike, matching those who should not be matched, only for his own amusement. Aphrodite used his ego to her advantage, asking him to do an unthinkable thing. She wanted the young beauty to be married off to a hideous hunchback beast, someone so repugnant that they woman would live in shame from the match. She would bear the monstrosity his children and she would live her life as an outcast with him. It was a perfect plan. However, everything did not go according to plan.

Cupid was standing underneath an olive tree, he was waiting for the perfect moment to shoot his newest target. It would bring him so much joy to shoot an unsuspecting person and match her to the village beast. He laughed to himself when he thought of the children they would have. Aphrodite had asked him to do it as a favor, yet he would have done it regardless. It was too funny to pass up. As he heard her laughter fill the air, he turned and saw the young maiden who was walking towards him. Her eyes grew large when she saw the young man standing close to her. His eyes grew even larger when he saw her beautiful face. Aphrodite had lied to him! She was not some homely woman who needed his help to find someone as ugly as she was, she was the most beautiful creature on earth! He faltered when he saw her, trying without success to put his arrow back into its quiver. The arrow grazed his skin and he cried out. What the hell just happened? He looked back to her and his whole world collapsed around him. It was as though a pink mist surrounded her face, he saw only her. He walked towards the woman, bowing down in front of her, picking up her hand as he did so. She kept looking at him with a questioning glance, yet she said nothing. He brought her hand to his lips and kissed her soft skin. Sparks flew between them. She let out the breath she had been holding in and smiled at him. And just like that, he was a goner.

They spent the next few weeks meeting in secret in her family’s barn. They talked for hours, well she did, and he listened like a love sick fool. He could have blamed it all on the arrow, yet he truly did fall in love with her. He loved her so much, it was causing him to be in pain when he wasn’t with her. Any time they touched, sparks flew and warmth overtook them. Psyche couldn’t believe that a simple farm girl like her could attract such a beautiful and kind man. She didn’t know that she was the one who had changed him, who made him a far better person. He had stopped using his arrows for fun and had instead used them on those whose aura he knew felt something. He didn’t want anyone to ever have to love without really feeling it.

A few months past, Aphrodite looked in on Cupid and saw that he hadn’t obeyed her orders. She was furious. She devised a plan to get back at him and his new found love. She met with Psyche’s father in a dream and told him that her daughters beauty had angered the Gods. It wasn't a lie. She added that Psyche was destined to marry a beast that neither human nor immortal wanted. He needed to send her to the top of the mount Parnassus. When her father awoke the next morning, he made plans to send his daughter away to marry the monster. He had no idea that he was sending his daughter to her death. Psyche sobbed against Cupid's chest as she told him of her father's plans. He stroked her hair and promised that he would protect her.

Two days later, she was at the top of Mount Parnassus, awaiting her new husband, the beast. Night was upon her, as she waited on the stone altar. A strong wind blew towards her, lifting her dress as it passed her and transformed into Zephyrus, God of the West winds. He took her by the hand and transported her to a beautiful valley, where she saw a magnificent palace surrounded by a vast forest. They flew closer to the palace, until she felt her feet touch the stone path. He gestured for her to enter the large doors and he vanished into the night. She understood it was to be her new home, yet she hesitated before walking inside.

Cupid walked towards her and smiled, he was happy his plan had worked. She was finally in their house and now he needed to move onto the next part of the plan. She couldn't ever find out who he was or Aphrodite would make sure that they would never be together. He decided that the only way to not be seen is to be with her only at night when the room was dark. He waited for her to enter and he flew up onto the rooms balcony, carefully entering and closing the lights. He heard her walking towards the room, he had instructed the household to help her find her way. They knew that they couldn't tell her who he was and he was happy they understood why. He laid down on the bed and waited for her to enter the darkness. She appeared at the door, left it open and walked inside.

''Close the door.'' He didn't mean to sound harsh, he was so overwhelmed by their entire situation. She did what he asked but she didn't move into the room. He stood up when he saw that no light could reveal who he was and walked to her side. His sight was better than a human's so he could see her in total darkness. He took her hand and heard her hold her breath when the sparks flew between us. He hoped that it didn't give him away. He felt her hand shaking, she was probably too scared to think of anything else. He led her to the bed and laid her down, pulling the covers over her body. He laid down next to her, pulling her close, needing to feel her touching him. He heard her breathing slow down a bit and he smiled to himself.

''Good night.'' He couldn't believe he had the strength to resist her. She was probably scared that the beast would take advantage of her, he needed to take things slow to earn her trust. She probably thought that he had abandoned her, since she was now in the home of a supposed beast.

The months turned into years and Psyche couldn't believe that she had fallen in love with a monster. She had never seen his face, she had only felt it with her hands. She always wondered what he looked like, but she never attempted to see him. She was happy, even if at first she had been heartbroken. She asked him on one night if she could invite her two sisters to the palace. She had been away for so long from her family. Her husband agreed and her sister came to visit two weeks later. While they visited, they were amazed at the extravagant life she had. They grew jealous and resentful, scheming with each other to end her happiness. On the last night of their visit, they succeeded at poisoning her mind with doubt.

''Why wouldn't you want to see what he looks like? If you say you are happy, then it shouldn't matter what his face is like.'' They went on and on about it until Psyche decided that they were probably right. Her husband was ashamed of the way he looked but she loved him so it wouldn't matter anymore.

She was very wrong.

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