Cupid's Psyche

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The full story Part 2

She crept into their bedchamber with a candlestick and slowly walked to where the sleeping figure lay. She leaned down and brought the candle close to his face. She gasped and his eyes opened wide. He saw the candle in her hand and the look on her face. Some wax began to drip on his cheek, he screamed in pain and jumped up from the bed.

''Do you realize what you have done!?'' He flew past her, made his way to the door and ran down the hallway. He had to fix this and quick before Aphrodite saw her in his palace. Now that she had seen him, the Goddess could exact her revenge on them. As he ran through the massive house, he passed her sisters room and saw that they were both looking at him intently. He continued his run until he opened the doors and flew away. He needed to go find his mother so she could heal the nasty burn the wax had made and then he needed to find a way to protect his wife.

Psyche was heavily depressed when she realized, days later, that Cupid was not going to come back. Her sister's had decided to stay longer, poisoning her brain again with their mischievous words. They made her believe that she wasn't beautiful enough for him, since he was perfect, and that he had left because he couldn't stand being married to someone so ugly. She truly didn't see what everyone else did when she looked inside the mirror. After a few more days or wallowing, she decided that she needed some closure. He couldn't just leave and not explain himself to her!

She wandered aimlessly at first within the mysterious kingdom where they lived, until she came upon the temple of Ceres. She took refuge inside the temple when a heavy storm came upon the village. When she was inside, the Goddess Ceres herself, instructed her to surrender to Aphrodite and try to prove herself worthy of Cupid. Psyche followed her advice, even if she thought her efforts would be futile. She was teleported to the Temple of Aphrodite, where the Goddess was already awaiting her arrival. Aphrodite wanted to Psyche to fail, and she knew that she would, no human could ever complete the tasks she had in store for her.

First, she made her separate the grains that were found in the storehouse. She had to place them into piles, picking through beans, barley, millet, maize, oats and rice. The task was impossible but Psyche knelt down and began sorting through them. Unbeknownst to her, an army of ants was helping her sort through the grains. Cupid had heard that she had delivered herself to the one person she couldn't trust. He tried to help her as much as he could until he found the right moment to get her out of there. The second task was to steal golden wool from an enchanted heard of sheep. While she wandered the fields and narrowly avoided being attacked by the herd, the river God appeared to her next to the meadow and told her how to catch the right sheep. The third task was to enter the Underworld and ask Queen Proserpina for a box containing a small amount of her beauty. Psyche would have to guard the box with her life and get it safely back to Aphrodite. As though the Goddess really needed more beauty, Psyche thought.

Psyche passed the two first tasks easily enough, she came out with just a few bumps and bruises. For the last task, she got help from an unlucky soul that was also entering Hades at the same time as her. When she was leaving, the box gripped tightly in her hands, she let curiosity get the best of her. As soon as the lid was lifted, Aphrodite appeared with a smirk on her face. She watched in triumph as Psyche fell to the ground, her eyes closed and her breathing stopped, as though she was dead. Cupid felt an instant pain in his chest, yet he didn't feel as though she was truly gone. She much be in Stygian sleep, he thought. It kept you in a corpse-like state unless your true love found you and gave you a kiss. It sounded like some fairy-tale but it was real life for them. He followed inconspicuously behind Aphrodite as she carried Psyche to a small opening in the cave wall and walked out alone. He waited for what seemed like a lifetime until he made his way towards her resting place. When he found her, he placed a gentle kiss on her lips and waited for her eyes to open.

Everything could have finished there, but two new villains had yet to show their faces. This was a part of the story that had never been taught in Mythology class. Before the sisters showed their true colors, Cupid and Psyche pleaded with Zeus and he granted her immortality. They could now live together for the rest of times, loving each other forever. The sisters had something else in mind.

Driven by nothing other than pure jealousy for what their sister had, they plotted to take everything away from her. They decided that the best way for them to get to her is if they were immortal as well. They consulted with the village oracle and were told that they would get their answer on the mountain top. They made the journey up to the top and as they stood there, wondering what would happen, Ambrosine pushed her sister off the edge. She took a deep breath and followed her down the steep dive. Once they found themselves into the Underworld, they made a deal with Hades himself. They would become immortal hunters, bringing him as many souls as he required, they just wanted to be sent back with their memories intact so they could seek out revenge. Hades agreed to the terms, but they had to pass a few tests before he deemed them worthy. Ambrosine made it out alive, so to speak, but Damali wasn't strong enough. Ambrosine's hatred only grew towards Psyche and she vowed to avenge her sister as well.

Ambrosine amassed an army of demons, giants, cyclopes, furies and all evil beings who wanted to extinguish the Gods and Goddesses reign. She killed many innocent beings, all in the name of making the heavens a better place. The Gods fought for decades, finally realizing that the ones she wanted were Cupid and Psyche. The Gods held an emergency council and summoned the concerned parties. A lot of accusations were thrown towards Aphrodite, seeing as she had started the whole thing. She was sentenced to exile for her trouble making.

The remaining council members decided with Cupid and Psyche that the best thing to do was forget. They would send Psyche to the human realm, where it would be difficult to detect her. They would fake her death and Cupid would live out his days grieving her. Psyche didn't want to accept, she wanted to fight her, but she conceded when Cupid asked her to do it for him. He didn't want to lose her and he thought it really was the best way for her to be safe. He would rather her be alone and alive, then with him and sentenced to die. They faked her death, erased her memories and sent her down to earth with new ones. Cupid didn't need to fake the depression he went through, he felt like a part of him was missing. Zeus summoned him after he saw the state he was in and advised him to also remove his memories. He was in pain because of them and not doing his job properly anymore. What good is a lovelorn God when he is supposed to help people find the love he lost? He decided to remove his own memories and went right back to the way he was before he ever saw her walking towards him surrounded by olive trees.

There was still the matter of how Ambrosine found Psyche in the mortal realm.

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