Cupid's Psyche

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Is it really you?

- Erotic scene in this chapter, read at your own discretion -


I felt Psyche’s body trembling beneath me, I wondered if the visions were done, or if she was still reliving everything. I understood why we had done it now, but it still made me mad when I thought of it. I felt her shaking stop and she pulled away from me, I let her go and stared into her beautiful blue eyes.

″Cupid? Is it really you?″ I nodded and held in my breath as I waited to see what she would do. Did she remember everything about her life and the one she had lived on earth? Or did her immortal memories replace the human ones? She searched my eyes with a longing I had never seen in them. She pulled my head down towards her and brought her lips to mine. Sparks literally crackled all around us and I felt my heart fill to the brim. My other half was back in my arms and I would never let her leave me again. She pushed me down on the bed and straddled me, pinning my arms on either side of me.

''What are you doing my love?'' I knew what she wanted, it was rather evident, but was it really the right time for that? Her deranged sister was out killing innocent people. We needed to get back to the heavens and help them fight. She bit my lip and all my thoughts vanished, they were replaced with only desire for my wife. It had always been incredible making love to her, I would never grow tired of touching her, kissing her, making her scream my name. She pulled my pants down in one swift move, revealing my swollen member to her. She bent down and kissed the tip of it, making me groan as I pulled her head down so she could do more than kiss it. She took me into her mouth, flicked her tongue across the tip and I would have exploded if I didn't pull her head away. She laughed, I growled and flipped us over, so I was on top of her.

''It's been a long time.'' Her laugh was replaced with a moan when I plunged all the way into her. She wrapped her legs around me and raised her hips with every hungry thrust I gave her. I wouldn't last very long, I could already feel her tightness pulling me to the edge. I pulled out and knelt down in front of her. I had to calm myself down, I had never been selfish, especially while making love to her. I found her throbbing core and flicked my tongue against it. Her whole body shivered and her hips lifted off the bed. I held her down and continued teasing her until I felt her walls tighten against my tongue.

''More Cupid, more.'' I flipped her over and plunged into her from behind, new sensations taking over my body. I slapped her ass and heard her cry out in pleasure. I slapped her again and held onto her hips as I rammed into her over and over again. She screamed out my name when her body exploded again and I couldn't hold back, spilling myself inside her throbbing walls. I turned her over and laid down beside her, sweat dripping off of both our bodies. She laid her head on my chest and I knew she was listening to my heartbeat. She had done that every night back at the palace, I couldn't believe she was once again in my arms.

''Even without my memories I could feel a yearning for you.'' I felt her smile against me, as I stroked her soft hair.

''What will we do about my sister?'' I took a moment before answering, not truly knowing the answer myself.

''I think we need to meet with the council to see what course of action is the best. They might already be fighting back as we speak.'' I felt her shiver and I pulled the covers up over our naked bodies.

''I feel like I am a huge burden to everyone. If we had never met, none of this would have happened.'' I pulled her chin up so she would be looking at me, she had tears in her eyes.

''Immortals have been waging wars against each other since the beginning of times, it isn't anything new. You are not the cause of this war, the people trying to take over are.'' She nodded, but I knew she wasn't convinced. I hated when she beat herself up over things that weren't her fault.

There was a knock at the door and we both sat up, startled out of the bubble we had been in. I couldn't believe we had made love while all the forest nymphs could hear. When I turned to Psyche, her cheeks were flushed, I didn't know if it was from what we had just done or embarrassment. We stood up and quickly put our clothes back on. The knocking was back, but this time it was more insistent. When I saw that she was fully dressed, I opened the door and found Willow standing in front of me. She looked from me to Psyche and knowingly smiled.

''Now that you two have caught up, we need to talk.'' She gestured for us to follow her. We found ourselves sitting around a large fire, it seemed like all the nymphs from the island were gathered with us. Circe appeared and silence reigned over everyone.

''Welcome back Psyche.'' She smiled at my wife and looked down at the fire. 'We heard rumors of a war that had begun in the heavens, we would like to fight alongside you.'' I felt Psyche gasp beside me, I put my arm around her shoulders and she leaned into me.

''I don't want anyone risking their lives for me.'' I squeezed her gently. hoping to comfort her somewhat. This fight would have happened eventually even without her sister.

''We are fighting to keep peace in our lands. This war has been waged against all good beings, not you. She is using you as a means to an end Psyche. Ambrosine is evil.''

I felt Psyche pull away and she stood to face the powerful enchantress. ''We need to meet with Zeus to know more about what they are planning. I will accept your help once I have proof that we are going up against her army.''

Circe found the answer satisfactory, she held out her hand and Psyche took it. Blue mist enveloped their handshake and sealed the promise made between them. Psyche smiled when she saw Willow walk up to her and they hugged each other. ''I've missed you my dear friend.'' I saw tears in Willow's eyes, she was definitely happy to have her best friend back. Psyche turned to me, a twinkle appeared in her blue eyes. I know that look.

''Let's go find Zeus and see what's being planned. I look forward to sending my sister back to the Underworld. For good this time.''

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