Cupid's Psyche

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I brought my sword onto my opponent’s neck and sliced his head clean off. Blood splattered onto my face and I grinned, he was too easy to kill. I laughed to myself when I remembered all the blood that had been spilled since this war began. I brought my hand up to my cheek, wiped off the blood and licked my finger. Nothing tastes better than victory. I made my way to the few remaining immortals that dared fight back. I ran towards Asbolus, a centaur we had recruited on our way to Athens, and fought next to him. When the two fairies saw that we were stronger than they had anticipated, a blue mist surrounded them and they disappeared. Cowards. At least I didn't use my powers.

I walked to the top of the hill and looked down at the bloody scene of massacre. I smiled, seeing so many dead supernaturals was so satisfying. I would never tire of it. What had begun as a crusade to get rid of my sister, had become so much more. I will avenge you Damali. I lifted my sword to the sky and let out a powerful war cry. Every living soldier turned to me, bowed and let out their own cries of triumph.

We made camp that night, so close to the dead were we, that we could smell their decaying bodies. I watched as Aello and Celaeno swooped down onto the carcasses and used their sharp claws in search of food. Those harpies better not keep everything to themselves again. It was difficult at first to manage so many different creatures, it took a few months before they all decided that killing each other was not going to help their cause. I felt such pride the first time we won in battle. I felt as though they were my children, I never had any of my own with Aeschylus, why am I thinking of that fool? My sister Damali and I had married well below our stations because of Psyche. Why must I continue to think about that bitch?

''Ambrosine?'' I turned and stared into one big round eye. It belonged to a cyclops that had willingly joined our cause when we marched near the Caucasus Mountains.

''Yes Polyphemus?'' I waited as he sat down next to me, even in this position, he towered over my small frame. He looked towards the fire, the flames licking close to his face. He smiled and turned back to me.

''Our numbers have almost doubled in the past two weeks. Among the new allies are five powerful sirens and the Minotaur. You need to meet with them my lady.'' I thought it was sweet that he called me such names. He knew I was a fierce warrior, yet I was also a woman and he knew it didn't offend me. On the contrary, I loved being called a lady when I was covered in my opponent's blood.

I nodded, confirming that I would be meeting with them in the morning. He left my side and I stared into the flickering fire as I felt someone else next to me. I knew who it was as soon as I felt my skin tingle with awareness. I didn't bother turning my head when I spoke.

''Hades, to what do I owe the pleasure?'' I felt a mix of fear and arousal whenever I was close to the demon. I slowly turned to him and watched as the flames swirled towards the spot where he was. This invisibility thing sucks. I saw him appear, as his helmet came off and he sat down beside me.

''I see you are back from the mortal realm.'' I nodded, as I continued staring at the fire surrounding him. Such a beautiful demon. He smiled, I knew he could feel my emotions. I was his creation after all, I could hide nothing from him. If only Damali had survived the trials. He took my hands in his and stared down at the blood, I hadn't been to bathe yet. It was something that didn't bother me at all, I enjoyed it even.

''I have a surprise for you.'' He grabbed my hands, pulled me to stand and held me by the shoulders as he spun me around.


''Damali!'' I ran to her side and hugged her close to me. I held onto her tightly, but I didn't feel her arms around me. I pulled back and stared into her eyes. Those were her eyes, yet they seemed empty. I turned to Hades and waited for an explanation.

''She chose to be sent back without her memories.'' I smiled, yet I wondered how she could be here, she was already an adult.

''I made a deal with Aphrodite. Damali is a pure vessel, you can teach her everything she needs to know.'' I thanked him for his gift and turned towards my reborn sister.

''We have a lot to discuss dear sister.'' I took her hand in mine and we made our way to my tent. She didn't hesitate when I asked her to sit and make herself comfortable. I really hoped we could get to be as close as we had been before, she may not have her memories, but I knew we could get there. We talked into the morning hours, she was willing to learn everything her past life had held. I told her every single thing I knew and I could see the hatred for Psyche rising to the surface with every detail I added. When I finished, she hugged me so tight to her, that I had a hard time to catch my breath. I guess Hades also gave her some powers when he found her.

Hades had sent me back with the powers of the fallen souls he had collected. I was not immortal, but I had superhuman strength, speed, hearing and a voice that could carry for miles. My eyesight was better as well, something Hades had not gifted me with. He figured it was probably a soul that had hidden the gift from him. I could also do many things only witches, demons and other supernatural beings could. I learned as I went along for some of my newfound powers, killing as many others as I could with them. No one ever lived to tell the others about my abilities, we kept them very well under wraps.

We had a secret weapon in our army. That secret weapon was me.

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