Cupid's Psyche

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The plan


I looked below at the tiny specks that represented the mortals on earth and I giggled. I can't believe I can fly! Even if I had this ability ever since I received my immortality, I was always amazed by the rush I felt when I flew. Willow and Cupid were soaring through the air on each side of me, I held onto their hands as we ascended to the skies. Willow and I had been friends since I could remember, that's why she was the one that was sent to protect me on earth. When I got my memories back, I had been more than pleased to be back on Aeaea, among the forest Nymphs. I remembered spending all of my time there during the day when Cupid was away from the palace.

As we landed on the clouds, I gasped when I saw the scene of destruction before us. The massive columns that once reached to the heavens, were now broken and a mass of rubble on the clouds below. The majestic thrones were laying on their sides, all had been looted of their precious stones and materials. Willow and Cupid looked just as stunned as I was, we walked slowly towards the dais and Cupid summoned the Gods. I hoped they weren't in the middle of battle, they would not like to be plucked out of it and brought here. I sighed when I saw the Gods appearing one by one at our sides. The only Goddess missing was Aphrodite, the one that many believed to have started all this mess.

''Psyche!'' Athena ran to me and enveloped me in a warm hug. I held her close to me and when she pulled back, she had tears in her eyes. ''I am so glad Cupid was able to get your memories back.'' She turned to my husband and thanked him. She had been like a mother to me over the years. I had lost both my parents after moving to the palace. My sisters told me that they had been shunned because of me, marrying a beast had ruined their reputations. I didn't quite believe them, it made no sense that people would be so cruel. I came to understand that it was one of the many things that fueled my sister's hatred for me.

''We need to know what is being done about the army that is fighting us.'' Zeus nodded and began explaining the battle plan to us.

It was simple enough for me to understand, they wanted to summon all the immortal beings who wanted to fight on the side of good. He wanted us to become the biggest army in numbers and powers, so we could fight them once and it would all be over. He wanted to summon the soldiers from Ambrosine's army as well and give them a chance to surrender before it all came to pass. I was happy that they had a plan, it seemed like it was simple enough, but he told me that we needed to be prepared if many didn't want to fight. Some supernatural beings would be scared to go against the army of miscreants, some would think they weren't strong enough and some just didn't care who ruled over them.

''How can we help?'' Cupid asked, as he held onto my hand.

''We need to find all supernatural beings who are hidden on earth. We can't summon them if they are in the mortal realm, so we need to go to them. I can give you a list of their last known whereabouts. You have three days until we meet at my palace on Mount Olympus.''

The three of us nodded, it was a huge honor to able to help in such a just cause. Willow took my hand into hers and we smiled at each other. I was so blessed to have such a good friend fighting by my side. The three of us thanked the Gods and Goddesses and began walking towards the edge of the clouds. I stopped and turned to watch them talking among themselves.

''Where is Aphrodite?'' I saw every one's head snap up and I knew I had struck a nerve. I let go of Cupid and Willow and walked to them, waiting for an answer. She was, after all, the one who had sent Cupid to mess with me. Athena walked towards me and I saw a deep frown take over her beautiful face.

''She has not been seen for a few days and she refuses to obey the summons.'' I didn't quite understand how it worked when we summoned them, but I knew the basis of it. When we called, they were pulled to the council no matter what they were doing. Unless she was on earth, but why would she be there?

''We don't know why she isn't answering, we haven't been able to locate her. However, we did get the information that she made a deal with Hades.'' She paused before she continued and took my hands in hers. ''Your sister Damali chose to be sent back to right her wrongs. However, Hades got to her and Aphrodite made a deal with him. She transformed the baby into an adult, so they could poison her brain against you again.'' I couldn't believe that Ambrosine was so evil, she was working with Hades! I felt Cupid and Willow walk up to me, Athena let me go into their arms. I was shaking, I was so mad about everything that was happening. Zeus walked up to us and smirked.

''When we find Aphrodite, and we will, her sentencing will be in your hands Psyche.'' I gasped, how could they let me choose what her punishment will be? Athena smiled when she heard her father giving me such power over Aphrodite's fate. I cringed, but the more I thought about it, the more I felt like I should be the one to pass out judgment.

I thought about what I possibly give her as just punishment. I didn't believe in killing anyone, only if it meant to save those I loved. I thought about it for awhile, all eyes were on me. I finally thought of the best possible fate to give her. Something that was worse than death for Aphrodite.

I saw Athena smile and she nodded, giving me her approval. She turned to her father and the others, waiting for their attention.

''When Aphrodite is found, she will be stripped of her beauty.''

Everyone gasped, Cupid and Willow included, yet they all smiled and nodded in agreement. Cupid looked at me, picked up my hand and kissed it gently. I felt the sparks reach my toes every time he touched me, even now.

''We have some supernaturals to find, my love.''

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