Cupid's Psyche

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The recruits 1

*Somewhere in the mountains of Boeotia*

Herakles was running around the soccer field, surrounded by small children, their laughter and screams filled the air. He let Agata kick the ball away from him, the little girl needed the confidence boost. When he saw her approaching the goal, he flicked his wrist and made sure that it hit its mark. Agata squealed and jumped up and down in delight.

″I did it! I did it!″ He would never admit to have helped her, he loved seeing her so happy. Ever since she had arrived at the orphanage, he had taken a special interest in her because she reminded him so much of his sister Persephone. As the group of youngsters walked back to the side for some much needed refreshments, a bright light appeared in the sky. He knew what it meant.

Herakles searched the area and finally came upon the trio waiting for him at the side entrance to the field. He was so shocked to see Psyche and Cupid, he stepped back, not knowing if he could trust them. He and Cupid had once been close friends, but with all of Aphrodite’s meddling, they had been torn apart by the love of a woman. That woman being Psyche. Aphrodite had come to him when Cupid had fallen in love with Psyche and she had pleaded that he get between them. Psyche was still a human at that point, so she could have fallen in love with someone else. However, Herakles had not giving in to her pleading and she had banished him to earth for not complying. He had been able to contact his father, Zeus, in an attempt to grant Psyche her immortality. With it, Aphrodite would have a harder time of playing tricks on her in the future.

″Herakles, we are here to recruit you in the upcoming battle between good and evil.″ He definitely did not see that one coming.

*Somewhere in the Mediterranean ocean*

The waves crashed against the fearsome warship, making the wood groan beneath its weight. Theseus looked out into the vast openness and noticed something flying towards them. He didn’t have any time to react, before he was faced with four newcomers on the vessel.

″Cousin!″ Theseus walked over to the group and hugged Herakles in a brotherly fashion. When he pulled back, he looked over the three strangers, a severe look plagued his face.

″What trouble have you gotten yourself into this time?″ He said it with a hint of humor, but his face was as hard as stone.

″We need your help Theseus. Who better to ask that the man who defeated the Minotaur?″ Herakles knew it would help if he built up his cousin’s ego a bit. Who didn’t like to boast of their achievements? Especially when it had saved the lives of many young innocents.

″I heard that Hades was bringing back monsters long gone. His army is very strong already.″ Herakles nodded and stepped aside and introduced the people he arrived with.

Theseus watched the trio with a glint in his eye.

″The famous human that Cupid could not resist. You truly are breathtaking.″ He stepped towards her, but was blocked by her husband, who was scowling at the man. Theseus held up his hands as a peace gesture and laughed.

″I can see why you fell in love with her. She rivals even the beauty of Helen of Sparta.″ He smiled and then turned back to his cousin with a smirk. ″Will I be fighting on the good side or the evil side?″

*Along the banks of the River Evenus*

The huntress crouched down slowly and watched her prey as it advanced without a care in the world. The woman’s eyes gleamed as she watched the boar approaching her. She waited until it was within reach, leapt out of the shrubbery and onto its squealing back. The wild animal fought in vain, as the woman held out her hand and in one swift move, stabbed it next to its protective shield. The boar fell to its side and the woman rolled off into the bushes, a look of triumph on her face. She took out a piece of cloth and cleaned the blood off of the knife. She turned to the animal, but before she had time to reach it, a bright light illuminated the sky and she was forced to close her eyes.

″Atalanta?″ The huntress opened her eyes when she heard a familiar voice. ″Theseus. I haven’t seen you in ages my friend.″ He walked over and hugged her as a bother would hug his sister. ″Not since we defeated the The Calydonian Boar, those were the days.'' She smiled along with him and when he let her go, she looked at the others and nodded. He explained who they were and why they had come to her.

Atalanta frowned, she knew all too well about war. She had come down to earth hoping to escape the brutality she was faced with every day in the heavens.

''I don't want to fight anymore.'' Theseus looked her over, he knew her too well. ''If we win against them, there will be no more evil and you can go home.'' She looked up at him through teary eyes, she didn't want to show such weakness, she was a warrior!

She bent down, picked up the boar with ease and slung the dead beast onto her back. She held onto it and started walking in the direction of her makeshift tent. The others waited until she was done gutting the boar, Psyche and Willow watched in horror, but didn't say anything. Atalanta washed away the filth with water from a basin and walked back to them. She wiped her hands with a clean cloth and looked up at her friend.

''I want to go back home.'' And with that, the five immortals ascended to the skies, en route to their next potential fighter.

They used every waking hour to recruit as many supernaturals as possible, they even added men and women who were not mentioned in Zeus' list. When the three days were over, they made their way back to Mount Olympus and summoned the King of the Gods.

They were ready to fight and win the battle between good and evil.

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