Cupid's Psyche

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The recruits 2


Zeus’ palace had become overrun with mythical creatures, some I had never laid eyes upon until today, most I knew from helping along the centuries. Zeus had warned us that the battle would be happening soon, Ambrosine’s army was only a few days march away. We readied ourselves each in our own ways, praying to the Gods that victory would be ours. I felt Pasiphae summon me to the temple, a feeling of weightlessness took over my body and I was teleported to her side.

″Greetings dear sister.″ We embraced and I pulled away to look at my surroundings. She had already set the table with all the components we needed for the potion. This was the first time we would be making for so many people at once, we needed to get started as quickly as possible. I lit the fire and placed the cauldron on the large hook that was fixed to the rock wall. Pasiphae held out a stick of Amber incense and I purified the air, basking in the intoxicating woodsy aroma. I placed the burnt out stick on the table and joined my sister in blending the ingredients. Once we were certain of the mixture, we added it to the cauldron and chanted over the bubbling brew. It took only a few seconds before the blue mist thickened around the cauldron, making it disappear within its embrace. The mist dissipated and the once black liquid turned light blue. It was ready. We worked diligently, scooping out little quantities and filling the vials silently. When we were finished, we cleaned up the area, put out the fire and walked out with the potions.

Zeus would be happy we had finished so quickly. These power potions would be of great help in the next few days.


I walked quickly to the river of Mnemosyne, no bother walking slowly since I made so much noise even while tiptoeing. Zeus had sent me to gather as much water as I could, he knew the power it had over others who touched it, it would be a great advantage to have some during battle. I smiled when I thought of all the warriors who would increasingly go insane, committing suicide to escape the horrifying memories they would be reliving. I didn’t like using my own weapon against others, but enough was enough. I didn’t want to keep living like I was, I had suffered through so much in my life, it was time for some peace.

As I approached the river, I could see Trophonius sitting on his chair, slouching as only a demon could do. Knowing him, he would not want to be a part of the battles, he would much rather be down here, welcoming the weary souls. He looked up at me and a frown appeared when he saw the bucket beside me, it was big enough to fit five people in it.

″To what do I owe the interruption?″ He looked at me and waited. I knew I could simply take the water and go, but over the years, we had become somewhat civil, so I answered. He nodded and went back to looking at the cave walls, completely disinterested. Figures.

I bent down, filled the bucket to the brim and turned around to leave.

″Who is fighting alongside you?″ I stopped and turned around to face him for afar.

″Every creature that wants to find peace.″ He nodded and went back to his daydreaming. I walk out quickly until I reached the opening and the sun warmed my cheeks.

Zeus would be pleased that I had been able to retrieve so much, now I only needed to get back in time.


The blue mist circled each of my outstretched arms, I felt my power rising in my core until it reached out to the tip of my trembling fingers. As soon as I felt that my magic was at its peak, I sent out a mist ball towards the wall of steel and it blasted into a million shards. I froze the shards midair and sent them all back to their original position. I turned to look at the younger Dryad nymphs. Their eyes were filled with a mix of amazement and fear.

Most of them had been hidden away in caves and mountain tops, staying far away from civilization. They had no older nymphs that could show them what they were capable of. I knew they would be able to do it, I just didn’t know if we had enough time.

I waited as they stood side by side in front of their individual targets. When they were all ready, we went over the basics together, most of them getting it right away and the rest getting it a few tries later. When darkness came, we called it a night because of our exhaustion. Circe had made us promise to take care of ourselves, we could not be going into battle so worn out.

I found Psyche and Cupid’s cabin, knocked and waited to be invited in. Psyche opened the door, gave me a quick hug and walked back to the bed.

″Zeus has invited us to Mount Olympus early, they found Aphrodite. They want me to go in person and Cupid doesn’t want me to be alone when I face her for sentencing.″ I nodded, knowing how important it was to punish her. She had done an unforgivable thing to involve herself yet again because she was a vain Goddess.

Someone knocked at the door and I let Psyche run to it while I sat down next to some prepared clothes and food at the table. Circe was let in, she made herself comfortable on the chair next to me and Psyche leaned back on the counter and looked down at us.

″What’s going on?″ She looked between us, waiting for an answer.

″I just wanted to give Cupid an update on how the training was going and wanted to know if he was getting further with Socordia.'' Psyche laughed when I finished my phrase. Everyone knew Socordia was the laziest God there ever was, she didn't want to lift a finger. I still didn't know why she had volunteered to help us out. Maybe she just didn't have anything better to do.

''I am here to offer my services to you on your journey back to Mount Olympus. I also need to bring Zeus the last of the potions we made from the Blackthorn tree.''

With that, Psyche nodded, the door opened and Cupid walked in hesitantly.

''Are we having a meeting I'm unaware of?'' He walked over to his wife and gave her a sweet kiss on the cheek.

''Circe will join us on our journey to Mount Olympus and Willow wanted to brief you on how training was going.'' He turned to me and smiled.

''I think you should leave Aspen in charge of the dryads and come with us. We need as much protection as we can get. Even the skies are no longer safe.''

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