Cupid's Psyche

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Aphrodite's curse


The chains around my hands were too tight, I could feel my delicate skin rubbing against the metal enclosure. My beautiful flawless skin. The blue mist enveloped me like a tightened vice, every time I dared to move, it squeezed me and my breath caught. Zeus appeared before me and smirked. Asshole. He waved at me and the mist dissipated, he grabbed the chains and pulled me towards the door.

''Where are we going now?'' I didn't expect him to respond, so I wasn't surprised when he simply pushed me out and I stumbled into the next room.

The once empty room had been transformed into a makeshift council tribunal. The Gods and Goddesses sat on a long and narrow walnut seat, the legs were extravagantly carved into cherubim and seraphim. Always showing off. I was made to stand on the center dais, then Zeus walked over to the bench and sat among the other Gods. A flash of light appeared beside me and I saw the people I had been dreading to encounter again. I had been told that Psyche would deal out my sentence, I wondered what would be in store for me. She was not usually a vindictive person, but I had pushed her too far this time.

''Right on time.'' Zeus greeted the group that had arrived and I cringed when they all looked directly at me. I lowered my eyes and waited for my sentencing to begin.

''What was your part in Ambrosine's battle plans?'' I scoffed, he knew damn well what my role was in the whole thing.

I kept my eyes lowered and answered him. I felt Psyche draw in a shocked breath when I got to the part of how much I hated her. She was the only one that could rival my beauty and I loathe her with a fierce passion because of it. When I finished reciting my rehearsed answer, I waited as silence filled the room. After a few minutes, Zeus spoke again.

''Cupid, I need you to bring in the mirror.'' My eyes flew up at the mention, wondering what the hell they could possibly need with a mirror. It wasn't a necessary accessory in banishment or torture to my knowledge. Cupid reappeared, holding a full length mirror and placed it against the wall next to me. Zeus held his hand out to Circe, she advanced towards him and gave him her hands.

'You know what to do.'' She nodded and turned to me with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

The enchantress lifted her arms and spun in a circle, engulfing herself in thick blue mist. She stopped suddenly, her arms outstretched in front of her and the magic flew towards me. I fell to the ground, the power surging through me at lightning speed. It felt like my skin was on fire, my hands rubbed at my body, trying to soothe the burning sensation. Nothing I did could subdue the pain, I had to try and push past it. When I felt like my flesh was starting to cool, I saw clumps of hair falling down around me. Oh my God, my hair! My hands went up to my scalp and I felt several bald spots forming. I screamed when I realized what was happening, and worse, the skin on my arm was in fact scarred like a burn victim. I howled in fury and tried to charge towards Circe, but her powers were keeping me grounded to the spot where I was being tortured. Now I understand the need for a mirror. They were taking away my beauty and I could not do anything about it. I finally realized that my punishment had been to make me ugly. The perfect revenge. I couldn't even hold it against Psyche, she had chosen exactly what would drive me insane. I would have done the same. Death was too easy for someone like me.

''That's enough Circe.'' The enchantress pulled back her magic and I was finally free from my torture, although the harm had already been done. I didn't want to turn towards the mirror, I knew it would break me to see what I had become. Zeus knew this, so he made me turn to it with his supernatural strength. When I turned, I heard Psyche gasp, she didn't hide her shock. Cupid held her close to his side and Willow held her hand and stroked it. Serves her right. I closed my eyes and held them shut tightly, I wanted to die on the spot. If you told me that I would someday be in this situation, I would have never believed you. But here I was and I knew that I was hideous. I didn't need to see it to know that I was now a wretched shell of a Goddess. I felt my eyelids be pulled open and held by an unseen force.

The person staring back at me was the ugliest monster I had ever come across. That is me. My mind didn't seem to comprehend and make a link between who I was and who I had become. I watched as the monster's mouth opened and shrieked back at me. The sound that left my mouth was one of a deranged animal, it shook me to the core. When my mind started realizing what had been done to me, I slowly turned towards the woman who had bestowed this curse on me. I saw Psyche flinch and grab hold of Cupid tighter.

''You should be very afraid. I have nothing left to live for because of you. You did this to me. You !!'' I didn't even recognize my own voice, it scratched out the words and I growled low in my throat when I finished. I lunged towards her and she fell back a few feet. Circe came between us and I felt as though I had crashed against a brick wall. I fell back and she put up a protective barrier around her and her companions.

Zeus walked up to me, but I sidestepped him and ran towards the door that led to freedom. I turned around quickly and held up my hands towards my enemy.

''I curse you to be barren. Never shall your womb hold life.'' I muttered under my breath a few more words and saw that she and Cupid were clutching each other in fear. Circe walked towards me, but I put up my own temporary barrier. I wasn't as strong as she was, but it would hold long enough so I could leave safely.

''You're a bit late for that Aphrodite.'' I looked at her, puzzled at what was coming out of her mouth. She turned to look at Cupid and Psyche, then she grabbed one hand of each and asked them to forgive her. I was shocked when I saw the couple fall to the ground, clutching their heads in pain.

What the hell is going on?

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