Cupid's Psyche

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Pentadaktylos Mountains

*Somewhere in Southern Greece*

The army advanced deep within the depths of Pentadaktylos mountains. Their fierce and unrelenting leader was marching front and center, her gold helmet glistening in the moonlight. She held her hand up and every single follower stopped abruptly, their weapons at their sides. Ambrosine turned to face her monstrous army, lifting her helmet over her head and holding it under her right arm. Damali marched over and stood beside her leader, her head held high and her back rigid. Ambrosine’s voice echoed around her as she spoke to her troops.

″Just around this gorge lies your freedom, freedom to rule the world as you wish. We supernaturals have suffered long enough as the bad ones when we are anything but. Our views are different, does that make us bad?″

″NO!″ The army’s voice boomed out into the night air.

″Should we live in the shadows and allow those who call themselves good to march all over us?″


The armored warrior lifted her sword and pointed it to the sky. She threw her head back and let out a roar to the heavens. The sound echoed against the mountains and soared into the night sky.

*Somewhere in the depths of Pentadaktylos mountains*

Zeus looked up when he heard the booming roar and smiled. We’re close. He turned towards his fellow warriors and raised his thunderbolt to the heavens. He sent it up towards the starry night, it turned left and flew out into the engulfing darkness. Every warrior looked in the direction it went, mesmerized by the sharp object disappearing into the gorge. The thunderbolt swerved past massive boulders and zeroed in on its target.

Polyphemus’ body dropped to the wet soil with a loud thud, the thunderbolt stuck deep into his one fat eye. Ambrosine looked at the lifeless corpse and frowned.

″I had such plans for you.″ She kicked the body, disappointed that her best cyclops was now a lifeless blob. She picked up the slingshot he had tied to his hip and secured it to her belt. She stood up slowly and turned to the wide eyed monsters staring down at Polyphemus’ body.

″Zeus is trying to scare us with his show of power, are you scared my faithful warriors?″ She looked upon their bewildered expressions and chuckled. ″Well, it doesn’t scare me, not even a little!″ She grabbed the slingshot, placed a large rock in its center and shot it out towards the sky. It flew towards the opposing army, hit a soldier in the head and ricocheted towards three more, before falling to the ground. They were bruised, but none were killed. However, her message was clear. Don’t mess with me.

Both armies advanced slowly towards the opposing one. The heavy steps of each warrior resounded against the massive mountain sides. Gods and monsters alike drew their arms, some had swords, most carried their specific symbolic weapons. The air grew heavy with magic as the sorceresses, demons, Gods and supernaturals readied themselves for the fight. Blue mist lit up the darkness and both advancing sides illuminated themselves.

As soon as both sides faced each other, they stopped marching and waited for orders from their respective leaders. Zeus nodded at Poseidon and the sea God lifted his arms towards the opposing side. A wall of water rose up to the skies, so high it went, that your neck would break trying to follow it with your eyes. Poseidon waited until all eyes grew worried and he struck his arms out towards the enemy. The wave crashed against the army, sweeping many monsters up and blasting them across the gorge, their bodies smashing against the rocks and going suddenly limp. Ambrosine raised her sword, pointed it at Poseidon and she charged, her army close behind her. Swords sliced through skin, shields took the blow of axes and bodies intertwined in such a way, that you couldn’t distinguish good from evil.

The Graeae, a trio of sisters who shared one eye and one tooth among themselves, stood far off to the side of the battle. The sisters had ratty grey hair atop their heads and wore blood soaked robes that hung loose over their skeleton thin bodies. They were a thing of nightmares, even your imagination couldn’t conjure up something so hideous. The Graeae sisters were soothsayers, the most powerful in all of the known universes. They were impartial spectators, like Terasias, who were there only for council if need be. Deino dreaded the outcome of the battle, Enyo listened in horror as flesh tore from bone and Pemphredo’s eye grew in alarm at the carnage it saw. Terasias joined them and watched as history was being written down below.

*Makeshift Council Tribunal Room*

Cupid, Psyche and Willow stood next to each other in the sterile room, silence surrounding them. Willow paced slowly and after a few minutes, she spoke to the couple.

″We need to go help in the battle. I don’t care what Circe said, I can’t let evil win. I need to be a part of this fight.″ Blue mist started circling around her and Psyche held out her hand and touched her shoulder.

″Please think this over Willow, Circe said that you are weakened now that we know the truth. I can’t risk losing you now that I know who you truly are.″ Tears appeared in her eyes and she pulled the young Dryad in her arms. Willow hugged her back, not wanting to make her feel worse. Her emotions were all over the place, she couldn’t deal with this on top of everything else.

″I need to do this. Please let me go.″

Cupid walked up to them and held their hands in his.

″If you want to go, then we all go together. We might be weakened, but maybe together we will be stronger.″

″But father-″ He cut her off with a tight hug and her resolve vanished.

″As long as we stay together, I guess it will be okay. I don’t want to lose you both either.″ Psyche joined them and held the two people she loved the most.

The trio still couldn’t believe that they were a family. Their memories had been erased separately to ensure that Mnemosyne wouldn’t find out. They had not trusted her enough to let her know that part of the story. Since Willow was conceived when Psyche was a human, she was part human and part God, it made her very rare. She was special and she needed to be protected, so the parents had decided to keep it a secret. Even from themselves. They had Circe take their memories and Willow had been entrusted to the powerful enchantress for safekeeping. They didn’t know if they would ever be coming back for their daughter, but they knew she would be taken care of with the Dryads. Circe had decided to age Willow rapidly so no one would ever suspect that she was theirs, since they had not been together long enough to have a fully grown adult child.

The trio lifted off together and flew out into the night. Once they were at their intended location, they descended and joined the battle.

Willow protracted her wings and blue mist enveloped them. Cupid and Psyche each held one of her hands and the mist extended to their arms. They felt her power coursing through them and both were stunned by what was happening. She was using them as vessels to make herself stronger, they had never witnessed anything like it.

″Put your hands out towards the enemy!″ The couple did as their daughter told them and were shocked when their fingertips shot out her magic.

Zeus turned around just in time to witness history being made.

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