Cupid's Psyche

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History is made

*Battlefield, Gorge of Pentadaktylos Mountains*

Any eye that dared stare too long at the blue light was instantly blinded. Zeus had only heard of something like this happening with a hybrid. He looked at the trio that held hands and understood immediately. When the light dimmed and he saw that half of those on the battlefield were incinerated, he frowned. Many of those fighting on the side of good were gone as well, he knew what that meant.

Willow’s goodness had powered out and decimated any supernatural being with an evil soul.

He made his way towards them and helped the survivors to their feet. Many had confused looks on their faces, they had no idea what had just happened. One second they were within an inch of death, the next, they were watching their enemy’s ashes being carried away by the wind. Zeus could also tell that many in the opposing army had been spared, they also looked around with confusion. The battle had ended abruptly and no one knew what to do with themselves.

Cupid and Psyche let go of their daughter and hugged her close to them, they were as stunned by what they had done, then those it was done to. They were as oblivious to what had happened as everyone else in the gorge. They saw Zeus walking towards them, a somewhat happy expression on his face.

″Willow! I had no idea you were a hybrid!″ He smiled and looked at her parents. ″We have a lot to catch up on.″

As the family and Zeus walked off to the side, the Graeae sisters looked on from their place above it all. This time, Enyo was the lucky sister who could see the aftermath of the historical moment. She turned to her sisters and took their hands in hers, sharing her visions with them of what had happened. They nodded their understanding and began the trek down the mountain side. As they made their way to where Zeus and the family stood, Willow looked up in alarm at the monsters. Zeus touched her arm and told her not to be scared, they were seers just like Terasias. She nodded but stayed alert while they approached and finally stopped in front of her. The one with the eye spoke to them in a hushed tone. Even her voice was nightmare inducing.

″You have the sight young one, keep your childlike enthusiasm and nurture the gift you have been given.″ Enyo reached out her hand and stroked Willow’s cheek, the young Dryad stood completely still as the seer’s hand sent shockwaves through her cheek and up into her eyes. Her hazel eyes glowed blue and she felt a warmth course through her entire body. When Enyo pulled back, the warmth remained and Willow could have sworn that she saw Ambrosine running towards them.

″Mother, Father, be careful!″ She tried to push them out of the way in time, but the ghostly apparition simply passed through them. Willow’s eyes widened and she shook her head. Enyo smiled and nodded, somehow she had seen it too. Circe appeared from behind them, her flowing dress drenched in coagulated blood. She walked over to the sisters and exchanged pleasantries for a moment, before turning to Willow.

″I always knew you were special child. I hope you trust me enough one day to let me teach you how to harness the sight.″ She squeezed her arm and walked back to the battlefield, cleansing the air with a stick of incense. All supernaturals with powers were walking around, either helping heal the wounded or assembling the good souls left to brief them on what transpired.

*Three days later, Aeaea Island *

The Dryas went about their days in peace, a peace unlike one they had never seen. They were even thinking about leaving the confines of the Island, hoping to one day venture out into the unknown. Many of them had never set foot out of the village doors. They spoke about it for quite some time before deciding that those who wanted to leave, would have the full support of the elders. All the elders knew was the Island, so they were of the few that would remain. Circe and Pasiphae decided to return to their hometown in Macedonia, where their father Helios had decided to take up residence.

*One week later, Oracle of Trophonius*

Mnemosyne walked along the familiar damp hallways, but instead of dreading the outcome, she knew this was the last time she would ever have to grace the demon with her presence. Since the day good had won the battle, the entire underworld was in shambles. All the warriors that had fought, were now dead and those left over were not fit to rule. Trophonius had not taken part in the battle and he had been more than relieved when he had found out what had happened to his friends who had helped.

''Mnemosyne, long time no see.''

The giant looked down at Hades and a deep frown altered her stoic façade. What the hell is he doing here?

''I have come to offer you a deal. Trophonius has been promoted and I need someone to help the souls cross over. This would become your home if you decide to stay, you can have visitors any time and are free to come and go, as long as you are here when a soul needs you.'' Mnemosyne didn't need to think twice, it was the best offer she had ever received. The supernaturals agreed on the terms, Hades vanished and the happy giant sat down on her new throne. Might need to get a bigger chair.

*One year later, Cupid & Psyche's Palace*

Cupid and Psyche felt like they had missed out on Willow's entire childhood, which they had. They tried to make up for the lost time as much as possible. Almost every waking hour was dedicated to spending time together and getting to know each other. Willow also stayed in contact with Circe to continue her seer lessons, it was something that she always looked forward to. She was getting stronger day by day, her powers evolving into something even she couldn't control.

Zeus decided to send them extra protection to guard over Willow, since she was something many evil beings would want. There hadn't been a hybrid in so long, most supernaturals had no idea it even existed. The God felt that it was his duty to make sure nothing bad ever happened to her ever again. He wanted to ensure that the realms lived in peace, but he knew it was only a matter of time before the evil ones tried to take over again. Evil always tried to weasel it's way back in.

*Entrance to Melissani Caves*

A robed figure inched out of the caves, shielding its face from the blistering sun. It walked slowly towards the outer cave wall and found a fragmented mirror leaning on its side. The figure pulled back the hood inch by inch, until its face was visible. It grinned when the charred skin began to rejuvenate and repair itself across its hunched body. A slow smile formed when it saw the bald spots on its head filling with healthy lustrous locks. The black robe fell to the ground and was replaced by an embellished golden gown. Its hands came up to touch the fabric and a shrill scream escaped its lips. The scream was transformed into a sensual laugh and Aphrodite felt the transformation complete.

That'll teach them to mess with me.


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