Cupid's Psyche

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Bloody mess


As I stared at the face of what seemed to be an Angel, I couldn't for the life of me remember what had led me to this moment. If you asked me what my name was, I'd be drawing a blank right this second. The human goddess standing in front of me was the most beautiful thing I had ever laid eyes upon. And that was saying a lot. I watched as she had about the same reaction as me, for my human form was almost as beautiful as my immortal one. It was a curse to be this beautiful on earth. I came to realize that really quickly after a few days down here. Women and men alike lusted after my appearance, I was quite taken aback at first. Oh wait, I remembered something from a few days ago. Progress. I heard something shatter and was quickly snapped out of my thoughts. I looked down as the heavenly creature's eyes opened wide.

I remembered everything that led up to this moment. I heard the door chime and heard the small woman behind me walking away. I had to keep my eye on her and the delivery man that just walked in. How did I know who it was without turning around you ask? Let me get to that. This morning had been pretty uneventful, I had anticipated having less humans to match, this wasn't The big apple after all. While I walked along the main street, I could see the different halos surrounding each person I encountered, young and old. I could even detect that of animals, but I didn't even want to begin creating love matches there. The beasts could decide on their own, it was humans who needed a little help. A person's halo changed intensity and color depending on their attraction, what they were thinking and so many other variables came into play.

I heard humans talking about auras a few days back and decided to eavesdrop into that conversation and it is quite similar to the halos I see. The major difference is where the halo is and what different colors mean. For me, I saw halos in hues ranging from pure white to deep red. The whiter the halo, the less love the person was feeling, the deeper the red, the deeper the love. It was quite easy to tell how someone was feeling, I was able to navigate quickly towards those that needed my help. It took a lot of time to match people though, I couldn't just shoot an arrow and be done with it, I wasn't up in the skies anymore, able to observe and hear everything. I needed to assimilate into the conversation, observe from afar, or even sneakily catch words here and there to see if I should use an arrow. I didn't have an unlimited amount of them, so I used them prudently. The quantity was determined by the Council, they offered what they thought was a fair amount and it was up to me to use them wisely.

After not finding anyone to match, I had walked out and was getting ready to call it a day, when I noticed the delivery man's halo growing redder. It dimmed when he got closer to his truck and it got brighter when he looked towards the gift shop windows. I decided that I needed to investigate, passing quickly beside him and making my way inside the shop. And that is why I was here, completely stunned by the sparkling clear blue eyes of a beautiful stranger.


Have I lost the ability to talk? Speak Psyche, speak! Oh my God, he's going to think I'm a freak.

After staring into his golden eyes for too long, I was finally able to command my body to move, bending down to pick up the broken pieces. I caught a few big chunks before I felt his presence beside me again, helping me clean the mess. I wanted to tell him there was no need, but no words seemed to form. We were silent until a shard on the figurine caught my pinky, the same one the hammer had and I cried out.

''Damn you, Cupid!''

The man looked up at me, probably weirded out by me already and then he zeroed in on my hand. My finger was starting to bleed droplets onto the cream floor. He reached in his pocket, retrieved a handkerchief and brought it to my hand. As soon as I felt his skin graze mine, I yelped and fell flat on my ass. It felt like a bolt of lightning traveling through my body, I was stunned silent. He looked just as confused as me, yet he reached for my hand to help me stand up. I didn't want to take it, yet for some strange reason, I wanted to see if I would feel the tingle again. I took his hand slowly, and then a feeling of warmth spread from my hand to the rest of me. I couldn't believe such a thing was possible, what did it mean? He was just a man after all, one drop dead gorgeous man, but man just the same. What on earth was happening to me? I knew he felt it too, his eyes reflected the same concern as me. As I stood, he held the piece of fabric against my hand, not letting me go. For the longest time we stood there, just staring at each other. Willow finally broke the silence when she appeared and saw my hand.

''Oh my goodness Psyche, what happened?''

The stranger's eyes grew even wider as he looked between the both of us. I heard him gasp and he spoke in a hushed whisper.


I nodded, not knowing why it was of any importance. His brows furrowed and he seemed lost deep in his thoughts. I shrugged my shoulders and found my voice to answer his inquiry.

''My dad was a history professor, he specialized in folklore and mythology.''

The stranger nodded, but my answer didn't seem to completely register. I felt his hand let go of mine, the handkerchief still hanging onto my bloody finger. The warmth that had taken over my body was now absent. He stepped back, stumbled on his own feet, regained his composure and looked back at me.

''Excuse me.''

He stalked out of the shop at lightning speed, leaving me totally unsettled by the entire interaction. Willow walked to my side and looked down at the floor again, accessing the situation.

''Are you okay?''

I nodded, still not sure how I felt about the stranger. Now that I thought of it, his touch had felt so familiar, yet I knew I had never met him. I didn't know how to process everything yet, so I let Willow help me to the bathroom slowly. I ran some water on my finger, thinking what it was I was going to do about the stranger. I didn't even know his name, let alone have any way of contacting him. I would probably never see him again. I didn't know how wrong I was with that train of thought.

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