Cupid's Psyche

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As I opened my eyes, I was greeted by the leafy branches of a majestic oak tree. I felt the mossy wet grass under my naked body, its essence was sticking to my skin. I needed this. My soul craved the nature that surrounded me, leaving me yearning when I was away for too long. I picked up my dress and stood up, careful not to harm any of the vegetation that I noticed around me. Wild mushrooms grew at the base of the tree and I spotted a patch of wild raspberries nearby. My stomach let out a deep rumble, communicating its emptiness. I slipped my dress over my head, finding the garment constricting. I didn't like human clothes. I would much rather be in my natural state, naked as the day I was born out of nature. As I walked back home, I felt the snow melting beneath my feet, leaving puddles in my wake. I didn't need to wear anything, my body was made to be naked, yet I needed to assimilate to this life, so I dressed like everyone else.
It began to snow, I stuck my hands out as I walked and caught a few snowflakes. I magnified what I saw on my hand and marveled once again at Mother nature. She was my mother, yet she never ceased to fascinate me. Winter was my favorite season on earth, never having experiences it in the heavens before ascending. I was happy that I had been able to find this place, secluded on the outskirts of town. I couldn't live confined indoors like humans did, I needed to connect with nature, it was a part of me. As I neared my temporary home, a warm smile crept up on my face. If I had to spend an indefinite amount of time here, at least I had a beautiful place to live. The house I built was high up in the trees, I made it entirely of wood, hoping it would disappear within its environment. It did just that.
I used the roots of fallen trees to weave a natural staircase that led to a platform around a small tree, from there there was a wooden bridge that led to the main structure of my house. I used everything from the forest, bark, sap, roots, the feathers of deceased birds, leaves, you name it, I used it. If its essence was gone, I made it into something entirely different and beautiful. My kind had a way of breathing life back into things, just not literally. I wished I could, it would right so many wrongs, but life was all about balance. As I grabbed a hold of the stairs, I heard a branch crack behind me. No one can get past my barrier, what could it be? I slowly turned around, preparing for the worst. I was relieved when I saw the most beautiful fawn staring straight at me. It moved closer to me, its tail waging from side to side happily. It could sense that I meant it no harm, never would I hurt a living thing. When it came close enough, I reached out my hand slowly and petted its firm and muscular body.
''Where is your mother, young one?''
I perceived that it was a female, she was small but she felt strong and agile. She was probably used to fending for herself since she seemed to be on her own. She answered my question by lowering her gaze and let out a low wavering cry. I hugged her to me and petted her in circular motions to try and comfort her. She nuzzled my neck and we stayed close for a moment before her ears pricked up and her tail went flat. Danger.
I let her go slowly and turned to where her head was pointing up in a sign of alert. A pair of clear blue eyes stared back at us from under a black hood, long stark white hair cascaded down one side in a loose braid. I was so stunned, that I didn't know if I could will my limbs to move. I couldn't believe she had found me. Had found us. I petted the fawn slowly, letting her know that she didn't have to worry. I was the prey, I was the hunted. I waited for what seemed like an eternity, my feet firmly planted to the dewy ground, making sure I saw her every move. She was far enough in the forest for me to make it up into my home, yet I had no phone, and who was I to call anyways? I didn't think I could make it into town, I lived pretty secluded from everyone for a reason. I didn't want to be found, and here she was, but where was her sister? And did she get to Psyche already? I had so many questions, but for now, I just had to figure a way to escape. The fawn kept its eyes on the hunter as well, her stance not moving one inch, she was breathtaking in her fierceness. She didn't leave my side, and for that I was grateful.
As soon as I saw the blue eyes moving, I made a run in the direction I knew I could find the town. She wouldn't try and make a move there, for fear of being discovered by humans. I willed my feet to move, as I saw the fawn take off and jumped gracefully beside me. We ran together as fast as our legs could take us, I didn't stop to look behind me. I kept my eyes forward and spotted a stream that had iced over from the cold, I made my way towards it, the fawn not leaving my side. As we ran towards it, I summoned as much power as I could. I felt it blazing inside of my core like a volcano ready to erupt. As my foot left the last patch of ice, I stopped and turned around, long enough to see my attacker touch the frozen water. I held out my palms in front of me and began to sing a sweet yet sordid song. Blue mist flew out of my hands, engulfing the entire stream in an impenetrable haze. The ice split under her feet as she looked at me with fierce determination. She tried to move towards me, but a large shard of ice threatened to impale her if she did. I smiled, knowing that it would hold her long enough for me to get away. I spun around, came face to face with the fawn, smiled at her and ran at lightning speed towards town.
She had found me, I could not go back to my beautiful home. I had to find Psyche and make sure she was unharmed. I thought I had more time. I thought I could get her to trust me again before dropping a bomb on her like this. I didn't know what would happen. I had to make her remember or we were both as good as dead. Shit! Damn! Fuck! Pardon my French.
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