Cupid's Psyche

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Who sent me?


I was practically running towards the Council before I even felt my feet graze the clouds. I had to get some answers, I had to know what was going on. Why did I feel such a strong pull towards Psyche? Why did I feel like she was the missing piece of me? My mind was reeling, I felt as though my whole world was crashing down around me. I had never felt such feelings, they were overwhelming even to me. I approached the dais in haste, stopping only long enough to summon the Gods. The thrones began to fill, one by one, until all Gods and Goddesses sat in their rightful place.

″What is the meaning of this?″ Zeus held my gaze, as I blinked rapidly, my mind still not sure about the new information it had received.

″I’m sorry to summon you all in such a way, I didn’t have time to properly prepare my arrival.″ It seemed to appease his stern look a bit, the corner of his mouth lifting into a smirk. We were as good of friends as two Gods could be, yet I still feared him. He was after all the King of all Gods and Goddesses. I cleared my throat before I continued.

″I have some new knowledge that I find quite disturbing. But first, I would like to know why I was sent to this specific town?″ I waited to see if I was being clear in my questioning. I didn’t want to reveal anything yet, for fear of the Council sending me away.

″Don’t play games Cupid, out with it!″ I turned to Ares, who had a permanent scowl plastered on his face. Did he never smile? I chuckled silently when I thought of what that might do to his hard facial features. He might crack. I answered him as politely as I could, I didn’t want him to wage a war against me.

″I am not playing games.″ I turned back to watch Zeus, as he stood up and rounded his throne. He made his way next to me and gestured toward the town in question.

″We were instructed to send you by your mother. She said you were in danger, we have no other information than that.″ I heard Athena gasp behind me, I quickly turned to face her.

Her eyes were glazed over, her knuckles were turning white from the force with which she held her throne. She spoke to herself in a language I couldn’t quite decipher, her body stiffened and she let out a piercing cry.

″Clear blue eyes, stark white hair, she is close, she is danger.″

Athena’s eyes shot open, her body sagged onto the floor and a light blue mist floated away from her body. I stared in shock, never had I experienced one of her visions up close. It was frightening to say the least. Zeus walked over to her, reached down and kissed her softly on the forehead. I heard him whispering to her that everything was going to be okay. She stood up with his assistance and they walked over to me. I had never been so close to her, she radiated power, even in her current state. She thanked her father and whispered something I couldn't hear. He nodded, letting her go and he walked back to his throne.

''You need to do to Mnemosyne. She is the one who took your memories, she is the one who can restore them.'' My mouth fell open and I felt like I was going to pass out. My memories? Mnemosyne took my memories? Why? How? I felt my knees grow weak beneath me, it had never happened before. I was a strong God, not some fainting weak human. I did not get sick, nor did I get weak in the knees. I regained my composure and tried my best to sound confident.

''Where can I find Mnemosyne?'' Athena looked glad that I was contemplating visiting this taker of memories.

''She reigns over the hills of Eleuther, you must summon her on the peak of Mount Olympus.'' I was shocked at her response, Mount Olympus? I had not trekked to the top of that blasted hill since I was a young boy, and I still cringed at the thought of repeating the journey up. It was heavily cloaked in magic, the barriers around it were strong as well, if one was brave or stupid enough to climb it, the journey was perilous. It was only as a last resort that you attempted to tame that beast. I remember having nightmares for twenty years after my excursion, I had been permanently scarred by the trials I had endured.

Athena saw my resistance and nodded her understanding. She took hold of my hand and tried to reassure me.

''This is the only way to get back what is lost. Psyche needs your help, she is in danger.'' I don't know why her words scared me so much, I felt the fear travel all the way to my very being. Just hearing that humans name made something inside me come alive. It felt like ... happiness, true happiness. I didn't know what to make of it. Could it be possible that the legends were true? Could Psyche and I really have been together like the stories told? If so, who was the blue eyes white haired woman chasing after her? Did I really want to find out? I scolded myself for even hesitating. Of course I did! I needed to unravel this mystery and I knew just where to begin. It was about time I pay mother and father a well-deserved visit. Mother was the one that had requested I be sent down to Winterhaven, she knew more about this and I was soon to find out what. As I willed my wings to take flight, I zeroed in on my destination and prayed to the Gods that I would get some answers quick. It seemed that Psyche's life depended on it.

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