Cupid's Psyche

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I walked quickly towards my mother’s gardens, I knew she would be tending to them. I didn’t want to waste precious seconds when a life was in danger. The information I had received about my life today was daunting. First I meet Psyche and feel like she is familiar to me somehow, then I hear my memories have been wiped clean by a Goddess I have never even heard of. Or maybe I had, she just erased those memories too. I sighed, I was feeling completely unsure of what to do. I knew that I had to find her and get my memories back, but at the same time Athena had said that there was a danger. A blue eyes, white hair woman specifically. I couldn’t recall anyone I knew who fit that description. Again, probably erased from my mind. I was beginning to get mad now, I felt my power surging towards my fingertips. I couldn’t lose control completely or there would be one hell of a mess to clean up. You see, I might be the God of love, but when my emotions get the better of me, anything can happen. Anything bad can happen. To my recollection, I have only let my powers take over completely when I was a child and I couldn’t control them. Let's just say that it was enough of a disaster to ground me through puberty.

I reached the colossal garden that kept my mother busy for centuries, made my way past the golden arch and entered the maze. My father had constructed it for her as a wedding gift, something she had always dreamed of having. I did find it quite intriguing at first, but now it just felt like another obstacle to get to my answers. I wanted nothing more than to soar over the maze and be done with it, but my mother had put up an invisible barrier overhead. I knew the maze perfectly though, so at least I could run in the direction of the exit. After a few minutes of making the right choices in the twists and turns, I found myself under the exit archway and was relieved. I saw my mother tending to her rose bushes, her hair flowed behind her in the wind and she sang sweetly to her flowers. I loved when my mother sang, her voice had lulled me to sleep countless nights as an infant. It had a way of calming me down and right now I needed it more than ever. I walked slowly as to not bother her, getting my answers quickly was now at the back of my mind. She sensed me however and she turned her head while I closed the gap between us. She hugged me close, like all mothers do, and sang softly in my ear. She pulled back and I smiled, glad to see she was happy.

''I know why you've come home my sweet boy.'' She took my hands in her own and led us to sit on a nearby carved stone bench.

''You need to go Mount Olympus, it is the only way to get your memories back.'' I looked down at the green grass and sighed.

''Can you tell me and save me the trouble of going?'' I felt like I was asking for the impossible, I knew that. Didn't hurt to try, right?

''We had a conversation before you went to see her. You didn't tell me what it was about, but you promised that when you came, and you knew you would, not to tell you anything. You made me swear.'' She squeezed my hands and warmly smiled at me. I simply nodded and tried my best to smile back. I felt like I should know the answers, but my brain didn't want to access them. Damn you Mnemosyne! Mother turned towards the house and jumped up to go greet my father.

''Hermes, your son has come to visit us at last!'' I stood and walked to her side. My father laughed, as he twirled her off the ground and set her back down. They kissed, while I shyly looked away. They were always displaying their affection towards each other. Even after multiple centuries, they seemed to be completely in love with each other.

''It hasn't been that long!'' My mother and father turned to watch me after my outburst. I felt like a small child again, being scolded by his parents. My father laughed again and held out his arms. I willingly walked into them and we hugged for a moment before pulling away.

''Brother!'' I turned around and saw Anteros striding out of the maze. He seemed happy to see me, which was the strangest thing I had ever seen. Why on earth was he smiling at me? We were always feuding against each other, our ideas never the same. Neither of us conceded to the others way of things, we would rather butt heads than give in. Who was this, and what had he done with my brother? When he reached me, he pulled me in for a hug. I stood speechless, my body stiff and unresponsive. He felt it right away and pulled back, staring at me with a questioning gaze.

''He doesn't remember anything to do with Psyche. It seems the memories of your reconciliation were among the ones erased.''

When our mother finished explaining, Anteros looked furious, he pointed a finger in my face and started yelling at me. At least I recognized this version of him.

''How could you erase your memories of Psyche! You can't just erase someone! Why? Were you too happy? Did loving someone else scare you that-'' He was cut off by our father's arm, grabbing him and pulling him off towards the house. My mother shook her head and let out a sigh.

''Your reconciliation was truly magnificent Cupid. Your brother loved you so much, please go and try to talk with him. It has worked once, it can work again.'' I thought about it for awhile, I truly wanted to be on good terms with him, however, I had more pressing matters to attend to.

''I'll meet with him after I've figured everything out. Anyways, when I get my memories back, I'll remember the good about him.'' She nodded, understanding what was unsaid between the lines. I kissed her softly on her rosy cheek and bid her farewell. It was going to be a rocky road ahead, I was mentally preparing myself for the worst. Mount Olympus had been hell as a child, but it would be much, much worse as an adult.

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