Cupid's Psyche

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Trust me


I flipped the open sign to closed, locked the door and started my daily evening routine. I found the broom and started sweeping the floors thoroughly. It had been a busy day, yet even with all the customers, I still had time to obsess about a certain angelic man. I couldn't believe it was only yesterday that I had met him, yet he seemed to be imprinted in my mind. I felt like my body was buzzing with electricity even now, it was so strange. Surreal. Weird. Call it what you like, I was so confused about it. Okay, I am not very experienced in matters of the opposite sex, but I have kissed a few someones and nothing had ever come near what I had felt with him. And he had just touched my hand! I still couldn't wrap my mind around it, when I heard a loud banging on the back door. I made my way to the back, not really knowing if I should open it or not. It was Willow's day off, so it couldn't be her, could it? Maybe she had forgotten something and couldn't call to let me know? I know she hated technology, even the idea of a cell phone seemed too alien to her. She was weird, but a good weird. The banging continued and this time I heard her voice pleading with me to open up. Was she in trouble?

I opened it as quickly as I could and when I saw her, I gasped. She was wearing a thin dress, no shoes, no jacket, no nothing really. She must be freezing! I pulled her inside and tried to close the door. When it didn't budge, I body slammed it like she had and got it to shut. I locked it quickly and grabbed her into a close hug. I needed to warm her up slowly. When I felt her arms go up around me, I felt warmth radiating out of her. What the hell?

''What's going on?'' She pulled away and seemed to be searching for the right words.

''I can't explain Psyche, you forbid me to. I just need you to trust me. We need to leave. Now.'' She said the statement with such fierceness, I couldn't help but stare with my mouth open wide. What did she mean when she said I forbid it? What on earth was she talking about? When she saw that my mind was turning a mile a minute, she took my hands in hers. Again I felt such warmth against me, I felt safe. Another weird feeling again. What on earth was wrong with me?

''We have known each other for a very long time. I am here to protect you Psyche. You are in danger.'' Again, I heard the words she was speaking, but I just kept staring. Was she completely crazy? Why on earth would I be in danger? Try as I might, I couldn't shake the feeling that she was right. I don't know why, but I felt like I could truly trust her. I must be crazy, right? I hoped that the words coming out of my mouth would make sense.

''Where do we go?'' She smiled warmly, but I could see the fear in her eyes . Fear of what? I still didn't know, but my senses told me to trust her.

''As far away from here as possible.'' I thought about my shop, about the things I would be leaving behind. It was Christmas in a matter of weeks, I couldn't just up and leave! Who would I leave in charge of the shop? I guess she could sense my questioning mind, she squeezed my hands softly and offered a weak smile.

''I know I am asking an awful lot. This is all you know. I wouldn't be asking you to give it up if it wasn't life or death.'' I nodded, somehow comprehending the gravity of the situation. The only thing I couldn't understand was why I had told her not to tell me about it. And why couldn't I remember doing it?

''Can you tell me who wants to cause me harm?'' She shook her head, stating the fact that I forbade her to tell me anything. I was so curious to know, but I still feared the answer.

I walked over to where my winter clothes hung and started putting them on. When I was fully dressed, I turned to her and pointed to her body.

''Why aren't you cold? You don't even have any shoes on!'' She laughed and walked to stand next to me again. She held out her hand and touched my cheek, it warmed me up almost instantly. I felt like I was sitting next to a cozy fireplace, the warmth flickering towards me. I felt calm, cocooned in a soft cover, drinking a glass of hot cocoa.

''Wow.'' I couldn't say anything else. How could she do that? It was as though the warmth made me remember something. I just didn't know if it was true or not.

''That was one of my favorite memories. I can't access yours unfortunately.'' Who was this woman? How on earth did she appear so normal, yet possess whatever it was she possessed? Was it magic? Could she do things with her touch? What was she?

''How did you do that?'' I touched my cheek. It was still warm.

''My mother taught me how to transfer my memories to others.'' She talked about her mother with a mix of joy and sadness in her eyes. ''She taught me how to do everything I know.'' I placed a hand on her shoulder and squeezed lightly, trying to console her. She smiled, took my hands in hers and suddenly her eyes grew large.

''I have an idea!'' I felt the warmth pouring through me again and I immediately understood what her idea had been. I felt as though I was soaring through the skies, the wind grazing my skin, my hair flowing behind me. I felt weightless, I felt free, I felt like I was home. I felt a small hand take hold of mine and I knew it was Willow's. I smiled as we flew around, not a care in the world. I felt Willow remove her hand and I was back inside the shop.

''What the hell was that?'' I was so shocked, did that really happen? Did she just transfer a memory of us together? Flying!?

''That is my favorite memory of us. I was hoping it would help you believe me.'' I nodded, taking a moment to let the memory sink in. I didn't need it to believe her, I already felt that I did before. Now I was confused about it, yet I didn't doubt for a second that it was reality. An alternate reality maybe, but I knew I had been in that moment with her for real.

I was about to tell her that I believed her, when the back door flew open, ripped off its hinges and was thrown against the wall beside us. Willow pushed me behind her and I turned to see the frightening hooded person standing in the doorway. The eyes, I will never forget the eyes. The same ice blue as mine. The person pulled out what seemed to be a dagger and stalked slowly towards us.

''Hello dear sister, my how I have missed you.''

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