Cupid's Psyche

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I barely had enough time to raise my arms and shield us from the blow. The dagger pierced the invisible barrier and split in two, rendering it useless. I didn’t feel any sense of victory, this battle was far from won. I felt Psyche trembling behind me, she probably thought she was going to get stabbed. Not on my watch. I pushed the barrier forward and held onto her hand as we walked slowly towards the now door-less opening.

″Your magic can’t save you forever Helike.″ I felt Psyche pull back a little, wondering why she had not called me Willow. I would have to explain later that Helike meant Willow, it was just too supernatural to use on earth. As we passed under the archway, I held onto her hand tightly and whispered to her. I just hoped that our attacker wouldn’t hear me. I had no idea how she made it out of the Underworld alive and I didn’t intend to stick around to find out. All I knew is that she was somehow back, but her sister wasn’t with her. Maybe she hadn’t been able to make the journey back. I hoped to the Gods that it was true, that way we would only have one lethal killer trying to send us to our graves. I still had my powers here on earth, but I was limited to the human body I had chosen. Being here for so long had caused me to become weaker, earth had a way of doing that to a God. That’s why not many of us decided to settle down here.

″I need you to run as fast as you can when I squeeze your hand.″ I didn’t wait for her response, I squeezed and we took off hand in hand. I felt like I was pulling her along, but I transferred some of my energy to her and she soon was able to follow me. I couldn’t use my magic out in the open, for fear of being caught by humans. Who knows what they would do to someone they couldn’t understand? I shuddered at the mere thought of being a test subject. We made our way towards an open field, it led us to a secluded beach, surrounded by trees. Perfect. I could harness the power of our surroundings to help me with the next part. I knew Psyche would love what was going to happen, I just needed to be sure we weren’t seen.

As we stopped next to the lake, Psyche brought her hands up to her face and started crying. Oh no. We had no time for human emotions, but I knew everything was probably overwhelming her in her human form. I held her in a close hug, she whimpered a bit and sighed. She pulled back and looked at me, I could tell she wanted to know what we were doing.

″You will like this next part, I promise.″ I smiled, as she wiped away her tears and looked at the blue mist appearing around us. I saw her eyes fill with amazement when my wings slowly opened behind my back. I was proud of my wings, they weren’t your typical soft feathers, no, they were made from vines, leaves, bird feathers, moss, grass, everything natural that the forest offered. They were also encrusted with Phantom Quartz, a powerful crystal that helped bring clarity to your journey. We needed as much clarity as we could get now that we were being hunted.

The mist surrounded us completely, my wings began to move gently, I didn't want to scare her by taking off like we used to do together. She had her own set of wings, yet without her memories, they were useless. She didn't know that she was the owner of the most beautiful pure white feathered wings.

''I need you to hug me tightly Psyche. Can you do that for me?'' I saw her nod softly, her eyes still full of wonder at my real appearance. I didn't want to tell her that I was usually naked when I was flying, she would find out when she got her memories back. I laughed to myself, thinking that she would remember all the crazy stuff we did in our youth. She was my best friend and I wanted her back so much, I had almost cracked and shown her who she truly was. Try to jog her memory. But I had sworn not to and I would keep my promise. I really hoped things could be like they were before. It was nice to have hope. I would need it.

She held me tight and gasped when we lifted off the ground. I knew she loved flying in her true form, it was when she was at her freest. I remember her telling me that if she could, she would spend her days in the skies. I hoped that she would like it just as much now, if only it could chase away the fear for just a moment. I propelled us further in the sky, as she clung to me tighter. She probably thought she was going to plunge to her death. I heard a shrill scream in the distance and saw her sister running towards us. She was too late. We were already too high for any arrows or other weapons to harm us. We were safe for now. But we wouldn't be for long. Psyche saw the woman coming towards them, she closed her eyes as though she didn't want to see what was going to happen to us. I took that as my cue to soar faster and higher. After a few minutes, I saw her slowly open her eyes to see how high we were. As we came close to a cloud, I told her to look to her right and she shrieked.

''Wow! This is unreal!'' She breathed deeply and looked in shock, but I could tell that it made her happy. Her eyes never betrayed her, even in her human form. She had forgotten about the sister that was hunting her, about her memories being lost, even about the perfect man she had encountered at the shop. She forgot about it all, while they soared through the clouds. They both needed to let go for a little bit and be happy, for the journey ahead would be one of much pain and suffering.

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